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Possum Trot-Sharpe Fire Department

Open House 2002

    We hold our Open House each year on the second Saturday of October. This is the last day of national Fire Safety Week.  During Open House we display our equipment, have food and games available, and provide fire safety information for our community.  Despite the weather, we estimated over 500 people came by during our Open House in 2002. Below is a small sample of pictures of the activities.

The balloon toss is very popular.

Kids can pair up with their parents, or choose a firefighter to compete with.
The competition was tough, here are two winners that prevailed.

The most popular event is the bingo game.

The Fire Safety Trailer is on hand during Open House. This trailer is owned and operated through the Marshall County Emergency Alliance and is made available to schools, organizations, or businesses who want to promote fire safety.

Chef Gizmo and his famous BBQ trailer.

Thanks again to our members and our community for coming out making this a success, be sure to come for this year's Open House, scheduled for 10-11-03.