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Possum Trot-Sharpe Fire Department

Extrication class 2002


Following are pictures and a brief summary from an extrication class held at Station 1 during the fall of 2002.



Truck 1100 is being set into position. This truck carries our extrication equipment, it responds to vehicle accidents or vehicle fires. This truck is equipped with the combination cutter/spreader (jaws of life), rams, and Cobra cutter.



Instructor Mike Brady, from Resque-Tek, explaining the proper procedures for stabilizing the vehicle and scene size-up.



Firefighters here making an access opening, also known as a "purchase point" for the jaw's tips. The window glass has been removed before this step was taken.


Once the "purchase point" had been made, the combination cutter/spreader, also known as the "jaws", can easily start to remove the door. Also, note the yellow blocks in the photo, this is known as "cribbing", and helps stabilize the vehicle, and keep it from moving around.


Demonstrated here is the Cobra cutters, these are a smaller version of the jaws. These can be put into tighter places, and can easily cut brake pedals, latches, shift levers, and steering wheels.





The tool shown here is the larger of the  two rams we carry on truck 1100. This tool is being used here to push the dash and steering column away from the "patient".


Every tool was used during this training session, and everyone that attended gained "hands on" training and a better understanding of the tools. We would like to thank Mike Brady for coming out and putting on this class.