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God's Death Toll


People and cities slaughtered by God or on his orders.


And NO! I don't hate god because he killed a bunch of people. Do you hate Jason Vorhees because he
killed a bunch of people? You cannot hate things which do not exist.

The number dead if stated is listed to the left. I have starred my personal favorite "acts of God,"
as far as
meanness and utter disregard for innocence or guilt. Anyone who thinks TV is violent should read
book. The random unjustified slaughter is amazing.

Killed by God:

? -- Drowned everyone in the whole world except for Noah and his family (Genesis 7)
1 -- Saltified Lot's wife (Genesis 19:26)
? -- Burned all of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah (except for "good" Lot who offered his virgin
daughters to a mob of men and then slept with both of them himself later)* (Genesis 19:24)
1 -- Slew Er, Judah's firstborn son (Genesis 38:7)
1 -- Er's brother, Onan (38:10)
? -- The firstborn in all of Egypt* (Exodus 11:4)
? -- Drowned the pharoah and all of his gang in the Red Sea
2 -- Nadab and Abihu for making a fire
? -- Burned some Jews for complaining
? -- Sent a plague against Jews for being greedy
11 -- Sent a plague on Jews who gave the chosen land a bad report (Numbers 14: 36-37)
? -- Korah and other Jews who didn't like Moses
14,700 -- Sent a plague on Jews apparently for the hell of it
"many" -- Sent serpents on Jews
? -- Philistines
50,070 -- Jews who looked in the ark of the covenant*
1 -- Nabal for scorning David
1 -- Uzzah for touching the ark when trying to keep it from falling*
1 -- David and Bathsheba's child
70,000 -- Sent a pestilence because David sinned*
102 -- Sent fire down on Ahaziah's men
42 -- Sent bears to kill children who mocked Elisha*
? -- Sent lions to kill invaders
185,000 -- Assyrians
80,000 -- Lots of bad Israelites



Killed on God's orders by the Jews:

? -- Jacob's sons killed every man in Shechem
3,000 -- Jews worshipping the golden calf (Exodus 32:27)
1 -- Man gathering wood on a Sunday
? -- Canaan
? -- Took the city of Heshbon from the Amorites
? -- All of the people of Bashan
24,000 -- Jews who followed Baal
? -- All Midianites except for the virgin girls
? -- Everyone in Jericho but Rahab, a hooker who betrayed her city
? -- Achan and his family(who had nothing to do with it) for stealing
? -- Everyone in the cities of Ai, Makkedah, Libnath, Jarmuth, Geder, Hormah, Arad, Addellam,
Tappuah, Hepher, Apheh, Lasheron, Madon, Tasnach, Megiddo, Kedesh, Jokneam, Dor, Goiim, Terzah,
and all of the Amorites.
10,004 -- The men of Bezek
? -- The people of Jerusalem, Sheshai, Ahiman, and Talmai
? -- The people of Zephath, Gaza, Ashkelon, Ekron, and the king of Moab, Eglon.
? -- The army of Sisera and the men of Karkor
? -- Jephthah destroyed 20 cities
? -- Samson killed 30 men who solved his riddle, the Philistines, and tons of people when he died
50,100 -- The men of the tribe of Benjamin
? -- The tribe of Jabesh-gilead
? -- The Ammonites, the Philistines and the Amelekites
331,269 -- killed by David for various reasons
3 -- Solomon killed a few people too
? -- All of Jeroboam's extended family
? -- All of Baasha's extended family
450 -- Prophets of Baal
793,000 -- All Jewish Baal-followers
127,000 -- Arameans
1 -- Man who wouldn't strike a prophet
? -- Moabites
172 -- Jezebel, Ahab's sons, Joram, their priests, and their friends
142 -- Ahaziah's relatives
? -- All of Baal's followers
1 -- Athaliah for killing sons
1 -- Mattan the Baal priest
10,002 -- Edomites and two servents
? -- All of the pregnant women in Tirzah*
20,000 -- Hezekiah killed a bunch of people
500,000 -- Israelites killed each other
50,000 -- Ethiopians
23,000 -- Seerites
510 -- Haman's army
75,300 -- More of the army


Grand Total:

more than 399,933 people killed by "God"

...going only on the numbers listed (not counting, oh, say, the entire population of the world at
the time
of Noah, 3 cities, and other such things that were not enumerated in the Bible).

more than 2,017,956 people killed by followers of God

...not even counting the 65 cities they destroyed without seeing fit to give any numbers.


Oh, and we don't want to forget...

? -- Satan killed Job's children after God told him that he could.

Whew!... what a bad guy in comparison with our just and merciful Lord God.