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Twin Branch


Our motto: "Bred with care, raised with love, shown with pride."
TWIN BRANCH SAINTS 770 Twin Branch Rd. London, KY. 40741 (606) 843-6262

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Our Noble Friends

SAINT BERNARDS, Our Noble Friends, "Powerful, proportionately tall figure, strong and muscular in every part, with powerful head and most intelligent expression".

 First record of life-saving work by the Great Saint Bernard was recorded in 1774, at the Hospice in the Swiss Alps.

 Dogs of Giant Size were used to help travelers and served as guides. Many times during snow storms these wonderful giant dogs perished while attempting to save lives. Their nose is so accurate as to scent a person eight feet under the snow.

 The most famous Saint Bernard of all time "Barry" (1800-1814) who was credited with saving forty lives.

 A most romantic history surrounds the Great Saint Bernard Dog, they definitely can carry the title, our noble friends.

 Saints are loyal companions and generally good with children provided children are taught to conduct themselves properly. Saints are not indestructible they should be treated as any normal size dog.

 Saints would love to be friends to all. Their size and deep bark will discourage most, however, do not be surprised if he holds the flashlight while the burglar gets safely away with the family treasures.

 Saint Bernards go through growth stages, and spurts the most awkward being between eight and fourteen months of age. At full maturity, the adult male will weigh between 150 - 180, and a female, between 130 - 160 pounds. Some males can reach 200 pounds, but that is rare, and the person who tells you that his dog weighs 250 or better is usually mistaken. The longhaired Saint Bernard does appear heavier usually. The Saint Bernard Club of America has issued a statement that there is no such thing as a "dry mouthed" Saint Bernard.

 A Saint Bernard sheds his coat twice a year, once in the spring and fall. Frequent and thorough brushing will keep your Saint relatively free of loose hair.

 Training a Saint Bernard at a very young age is recommended as it is easier to train a young smaller puppy than a 150 pound dog. Saint Bernards are know to be protective of their family and home, certain individuals have a very strong fear of large dogs, it is thought these humans emit an odor that is readily picked up by Saint Bernards. As with any dog a Saint Bernards commands when training should be as short as possible, a Saint has a very strong desire to please it's owner. Every Saint Bernard that is mentally and physically sound can be taught good manners and simple obedience by any normal individual. Certain criteria should be met by the dog and trainer if the training is to be enjoyable and effective. Everyone involved should be calm and rested. The trainer must be gentle, patient, firm and persistent. Remember a well trained well-mannered Saint Bernard saves it's owner money, embarrassment and heart-ache. Elementary exercises and obedience training of heeling, staying, laying down, and sitting can keep a frisky Saint Bernard out of trouble in most cases.

 There are many raising Saint Bernards that are leaning toward a vegetable, meat diet for their Saint Bernards vs. the packaged or dry meals - food for thought, there are a lot of good books on the market that covers just this subject, one I recommend is "Give Your Dog A Bone". Like all other animals, the Saint Bernards diet should be made up of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins, and of course water.

 Twin Branch Saints is a small breeding/show kennel located in south eastern, Kentucky in the foothills of Appalachia. We continue the efforts of those breeders who have always strived to produce a better Saint Bernard with each generation, paying close attention to detail. We evaluate pedigrees and individual dogs and always do breeding for breed improvement. The art of breeding, rearing and showing pure bred Saint Bernards requires constantly striving toward visions of perfection.

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