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Monte Carlo SS

Page 2: The mods

Stock ride hight

Heres a pic of the stock ride hight before the dropped spindals.

Stock ride hight

Heres what the Monte looked like with just the 2" dropped spindals and stock coils in back. Whole lotta rake here. Special thanks to Jeff Davidson for the spindals and help with the install.

rearwhl8.jpg (61246 bytes) rearwhl6.jpg (133212 bytes) rearwhl4.jpg (166810 bytes)

BFG 275-60-15. The rim has 4inch backspacing and are 15x8

A better shot of clearance.

The fenderwell 'lip' had to be rolled because of rubbing

rearwhl3.jpg (78155 bytes) rearwhl9.jpg (34520 bytes) monterear.jpg (39402 bytes)

With this shot you can really see how much clearance you have with a 28inch tall tire

Fits like a glove. The front tires are mounted on the same Prime rims (15x7)and are 245-60-15

I have installed these rims on all four coners. Looks good, need to take some new pic's.

batintrk.jpg (161914 bytes) batintrk2.jpg (153606 bytes)

Battery in the trunk. I needed to fab a lid so it could be air tight. Its a 1/4 inch Plexiglas siliconed to a piece of thick rubber

Its a little hard to get the bat. in and out but how often do you have to move a battery?

10inchers.jpg (154490 bytes)

I got tired of having my trunk space being taken up by my lame kicker box (see above bat. in trunk pic) so I went to Ace and picked up aluminum strips made myself some brackets and mounted my speakers. With the amp on the rear seat turns into a vibrating cushion :-P

10inchers2.jpg (160205 bytes)

I had to be careful where I mount the speakers because the back of the cushion has a bar that runs down the back of the seat. I had to measure the speaker travel then mock up a speaker to make sure that everything cleared. BTW the speakers are Super Pro 12s.

rearspeak3.jpg (40527 bytes)

I know what your thinking 'those look so tacky' but if you heard how they sound it may change your mind. These speakers aren't hooked to the amp only the 10s are. This system kicks inside the car but you can hardly hear it outside which makes me happy as well as the neighbors :)

Other mods not shown: 3 core radiator,hi torque mini starter, remote solenoid,rebuilt 200r4 trans,rebuilt 2100 stall converter,'87 ECM and ZZ4 PROM,Removed smog equipment, Pioneer SuperTuner CD/AM/FM stereo and 10 CD changer in trunk,re-routed vacuum lines and some electrical wires(need to get off my butt and finish it),re-located sensors for a more cleaner look.

More mods and pics to come, stay tuned..........:)


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