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      KY's Mighty P2 Page
                      "NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT
                        YOU DO TO LIVE RIDE AND SURVIVE
                        THERE ARE STILL THINGS THAT MAKE 
                        US ALL THE SAME YOU, ME, THEM,
                                EVERYBODY... EVERYBODY...
                                     -ELWOOD BLUES  
                      My name is really Daniel although my friends
                     call me Ky (it's a long story and it is'nt 
                     what you think).  I am relatively new to 
                     the world of scootering.  I bought my first 
                     Vespa P200 at the beginning of last summer but 
                     then found another "Belladonna 13" and decided
                     to sell my first scoot to my mate Dave in Omaha.
                          I am a senior majoring in Art at Fort Lewis 
                     College in Durango Colorado U.S.A.  I dig a lot of
                     things but twisted art, bottomless cups of coffee, 
                     good music,checkered scooters and my girlfriend
                     (Alyssa) are definitely in my top ten, though not 
                     necessarily in that order.  But this page is only 
                     for the scoot. 

                    This is her story as I know it...
                    Two Scooter boys, Scott Vermiere and Daniel Reike, were driving 
                    through the desert of northern 
                    New Mexico when they came across an old rusted sign
                    that said "SCOOTERS".  Behind the sign there was an old 
                    shed,and inside there were two white Vespa P200s in 
                    mint condition for sale for $2000 each.  Daniel and 
                    Scott spread the word of their discovery to a certain  
                    man known only by the alias "Zelda" from Santa Fe
                    who bought it for the asking price.     
                         Now "Zelda" had watched Quadrophenia too many 
                    times (if that's possible) and called a certain 
                    mail order scooter shop that wishes to remain 
                    nameless (though the owner is an unpopular subject
                    in certain circles, which, for matters of security, 
                    will too remain nameless) and exclaimed...
                     "Give me stuff to make me MOD!"
                        The afore mentioned but unnamed scooter shop
                    proceeds in sending him the ten mirrors, crash bars
                    St. Christopher mud flap, Checkerboard decals, 
                    fly screen.etcetera etcetera....  
                         Zelda then appropriated some blue fog lights
                    and strips of blue lights for the floorboard from a
                    Pep Boys Auto parts store.  The custom black diamond
                    seat was commissioned from B&M Upholstery for $75.
                    She still has all this stuff to this day.
                    The scooter was once used in a flyer for "Boom," a 
                    Mod night at a Santa Fe club.
                         The Scoots name, "Belladonna,"  came from a 
                    Vargas pin-up that was stuck to the fly screen, 
                    which has long since ben replaced with another.
                         I felt that Belladonna was an appropriate name,
                    as it means "beautiful lady" in Italian (Vespas are 
                    Italian made).  Belladonna  is also another name
                    for the poisonous plant Deadly Nightshade. 
                    Deadly Nightshade is nick-named Belladonna because
                    Italian women used the poison-plant to dilate their 
                    pupils, which was considered very sexy and in fashion 
                    for the time...
                         While enjoying a cup of coffee at Fred's Bagels
                    in Albuquerque, NM, a bad Polaroid of a white scooter
                    with more mirrors than horse-power attached to a 
                    flyer which stated it's many attributes, low mileage
                    and price caught my eye.  
                         After a week of playing phone tag I met 
                    "Zelda" and Belladonna in a Santa Fe mall parking 
                    lot. Within twenty minutes we exchanged money and 
                    title and she came home with me.

                    I added some goodies like chrome grips, tinted turn 
                    signal covers and new tires.  I had the engine tuned
                    with a malossi 210 kit, a slightly larger carb, cut crank,   
                    amd PM evolution exhaust.  Scott Vermiere of the Nomads S.C.
                    did his magic with the matching and porting not to 
                    mention cutting the crank. 
                    Daniel Rieke, of the Young Ones Scooter Society, helped 
                    me stick the monster back together,fine tune the jetting 
                    ect...All that is left is to think 
                    of kick ass paint job. 
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                       good tunes nice guys
                             and great brews
                        if I could be any one
                                     in the world I'd be
                                   Sean Connery  
               e-mail me dewright@f