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If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.
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Hot Issues From Linn County Iowa
Thursday, 9 June 2016
Brother Third Party's Magical Revival and Political Healing Camp Meeting


Yes Brothers and Sisters Come on IN!
To  Brother Third Party's Magical Revival and Political Healing Camp Meeting
Let the Hand of the Libertarian ease your brow.
If you have
If you
Your afflications will be lifted From You!
No longer will you have the burden of choosing between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton!!!!!!!!!
You can Vote for a Third Party
And a Candidate who
Agrees with 73% of what Bernie Sanders Says!!! 
Yes it is going to be an Interesting (In the Chinese manner) Election
 And who shall wear the starry crown?
Maybe we need to Go Down to the River to Pray for Guidance 

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 6:20 PM CDT
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Saturday, 4 June 2016
Elections Are Binary

Or perhaps Trinary. 

I have not figured out who will come out ahead on the Democratic side.

In any case there are a lot of upset people out there.

There are those on the Left who voted for Bernie,

There are those on the Left who voted AGAINST Hillary,

They are not however of the same mind,

There are those who used to be on the Left who plan to vote for Trump

UMW members are among that group.  The Democratics insistence

that the Coal Industry be destroyed has had consequences.

There are those on the Right who do not like Trump at all,

Despite the FACT that the GOP nomination is all but over they still insist on explaining why he is not qualified to be President

I have no earthly idea what their goal is.

Third Party candidates in the past have only been a gift to the Left.

 In fhe end to paraphrase the Highlander


Yes folks afer Tuesday, November 8, 2016

There can be only One

President Elect.

Maybe you did not get what you wanted,

You might get what you need

Or not,

I don't want to hear anything about Trumps qualifications from a Conservative

Just answer ONE QUESTION

Of the AVAILABLE choices?


Would be the Worst outcome for the Nation?

If you truly believe that would be Trump

Then you have no Ethical choice but to do what you can to prevent that,

If you believe other than that?

What is your Goal?

If years from now my great or great great nieces and nephews ask me

What did YOU do Uncle Danny to try to prevent what would be the Worst Outcome for the Nation?

I do not intend to tell them

I stayed home and pouted

Because the person I wanted to get the nomination Lost

YOU have to decide what YOU will tell those that come after what YOU did, 


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 3:46 PM CDT
Updated: Saturday, 4 June 2016 3:57 PM CDT
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Thursday, 10 March 2016
Letter from the chair/ The Rest of the Story

My Responce to some comments by our Chair to the New Members


To all new LCRCC members, I want to welcome you to the Linn County Republican Central Committee and introduce myself

My Name is Dan Kauffman. I understand the Chair sent out an email also welcoming you and made a few statements that
I believe concern me,

This is my response for those who think it is wise to hear more than one side of a Story

Let me put the Crux of the matter that the Chair sent here now

For too many years a small group has bullied and harassed the Linn County Republican Central Committee (LCRCC) body, and, in some cases, even the guest speakers who came to address the members.  They have used the ruse of Roberts Rules to intimidate those who are trying to conduct the business of getting Republicans elected. They twist and manipulate the intent of Roberts Rules to the point that we must engage a parliamentarian at every meeting. 
This process has repeated itself every two years for more than the past decade.
1)    The first 2 meetings after caucus bring many new faces.  This small band of detractors makes these meetings so unbearable that many leave. 
2)    The 2 months before the general election, they do something outrageous to either attract negative media attention to the Republican Party or to disenfranchise members of LCRCC who are volunteering to help elect Republican candidates.  
3)    They use blogging, anonymous emails, and fabricated “infractions”, attempting to destroy the reputations of those who dare stand up to them.
4)    One of their group has “threatened to sue” the LCRCC executives, Republican Party of Iowa, and anyone else who tries to hold him accountable. 
5)    Well-intentioned volunteers who have dared attempt to “lead” this organization have left – vowing never to return.
This cycle is now in the process of being repeated. It must be stopped or we all lose!
We need a change of attitude if LCRCC has any hope of being relevant in the effort to elect Republicans in Linn County.  We need you to participate to help heal and move us forward.

I do believe I will fit under the Blogging, Parliamentarian and I feel like I may have been accused of  "fabricating" infractions.

But First let us look at the "This process has repeated itself every two years for more than the past decade."

I first started attending meetings in the Fall of 2004 I have seen 5 Chairs, Abolons (sp?) Conklin, Palmer, Armstrong and Golding

To the best of my recollection the only administrations that had much controversy during meetings were that of Palmer and Golding
So IMO the claim that this problem repeats itself every 2 years is either a "fabrication" or an exageration

As for "They twist and manipulate the intent of Roberts Rules to the point that we must engage a parliamentarian at every meeting. "

The role of Parliamentarian was introduced by the Chair Before Ms Golding a Mr Armstrong

The Committee was emerging from one of the periods of controversy which did exist and there was a general feeling by some
that the previous chair had abused his power and used Roberts Rules of Order ---when we felt like it

Mr Amstrong made a commitment to the Body to follow the Rules of Order, the County Constitution and the By Laws

As an expression of Good Faith he appointed a Parliamentarian


A Post I held for close to 4 years I have also bee Parliamentarian for Special Meetings, County Conventions and I have been Sgt at Arms
at Two State Convetions

I will also be Head Sgt at Arms at the County Convention Saturday

I wish to State categorically that I have never IMO "bullied and harassed the Linn County Republican Central Committee (LCRCC) body"

I HAVE pointed out those times when our Executive strayed from the path.

Which brings us to the charge that I " fabricated “infractions”

Our By Laws State that expenses above a certain amount, not budgeted must be approved by the Body they also State that all checks must
be Co-signed by EITHER the Chair or Co-Char AND must ALL be signed by the Treasurer

Sometime back the Chair came to the Treasurer to sign a check and was told the Body would have to approve the expense

Rather than do that she browbeat the Co-Chair into signing with her

This is NOT a fabrication  there exists a check used by the Chair to pay an expense without the authorization of the Body or the signaturue
of the Treasurer., Violations of our By Laws

Our County Constitution States that the Executive Committee is under the ORDERS of the Central Committee and NO decision of the Executive Committee shall conflict with one of the Central Committee

Some time Back the Committee voted to reward volunteers for certain functions,. We had some young people who took that challenge
and ran with it

Then we discovered that the Chair did not FEEL  like paying them and would not sign the checks,.

Our Treasurer at that time had the Co-Chair Sign the Checks  this was brought up in a meeting

It is not a fabrication it happened

Some time later the Treasurer was asked to step aside while some issues were being dealt with the Temp Treasurer and the Chair thus
become responsible for the Rewards Program and


At a later time when it was brought up in a meeting that one of our Young Volunteers was owed a payment

The subject was stonewalled and the Chair did nothing

I and another member of the Committee later decided it was disgraceful that the Committee had not paid this young person
for their efforts dug into our pockets and made them whole

I could give other examples but that would make this too lengthy

I do not know anything about anonymous emails. 

I myself have gotten a few emails ;-)  they were not anonymous

I have also gotten mail from someone who cared enough to by stamps they are quite amusing

The last item I wish to discuss is the Welcome Package you may have gotten at the first meeting

In it there is a Roadmap to Victory in 2016

Part of it says "To accomplish this the Executive Committee moves to accept the following plan for 2015-2016

That is not completely True

This is the THIRD Version I have seen 

There was the Version we DID vote on and pass,

There was another version where I guess they decided they did not like the Team Leader who was Voted by the Body and tried to change it

The Body rejected that attempt

Now this version where they have changed the wording

The Truth is all of the versions are the same EXCEPT for the Section Called Membership & Meeting Setup

The Truth also is that when presented there were something that in hindsight were not right

The Executives told the Committee that

ALL motions and decisions made before the Executives Election were VOIDED by that Election that Robert's Rules of Order said this

AND that they had been told this by a gentleman who is in Iowa Republican Circles one of THE Go To Persons for Parliamentary Procedure

The Problem is?

Neither of those two statements are TRUE

When asked by myself and others the gentleman denied ever telling them that, 

Which is not hard to understand because?  It is NOT in Robert's Rules of Order and in addition one of their circle
actually WENT to the Official Online Roberts Rules of Order Forum and ASKED that 
question and was told NO

I can SHOW that online to anyone who really cares about the Truth

In Conclusion, I don't do Anonymous nor do I do Fabricate

If you want to look at more details the link to the Evil Blog is Below

You now have two narratives it is up to you to determine what the Truth is

The Truth is also the only person who can keep you from helping elect Republicans is YOU

In the last year I have actually supported the LCRCC monetarily more than any other Committee Person
I have also supported fund raisers in about 3 or 4 counties and donated to  7 or candidates in both 
the 1st and 2cd Districts and I am not finished when I was preparing this missive I added everything
up and discovered to Conservative Orgs and Local Candidates I have for the last year donated
about 10% of my income



Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 3:03 AM CST
Updated: Thursday, 10 March 2016 3:07 AM CST
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Thursday, 3 March 2016
But The Truth Can Be Positive



Recently the Republicans of Linn County Iowa were introduced to a concept on our Linn County Face Book Pages

Yes it is best to stay away from negativity.

The Truth however can be very Postitive and even Liberating 


Todays lesson on truth concerns a document presented in the New Members Package purported to be the Team Structure Voted upon and passed by the Body of the LCRCC

The problem is that so far the Exectutives have presented 3 versions

They are identical in all respects EXCEPT for the portion which concerns the

Membership & Meeting Setup  Team 

There is the original version that was actually Debated, Voted upon and passed


Membership & Meeting Setup – Membership records, meeting setup, credentialing for voting  (Justin Wasson, Mike Dupree, Deb Dupree) 

 Which had Justin Wasson as the Team Leader

There was a second one, where it seems the Executives decided THEY could alter and change what the Committee Voted on and Passed

Membership & Meeting Setup – Membership records, meeting setup, credentialing for voting (Mike Dupree, Deb Dupree, Justin Wasson uncommitted)  


Then the final version in the New Members Package that did not have the members (not that important)

But DID have an alteration of the wording

Membership & Meeting Setup – Membership attendence records, meeting setup, credentialing for voting


There being a difference between Membership records and Membership attendence records, that was rather important.

Call me funny but I think that when presenting what the Body Voted on and Passed one should restict oneself to what actually happened rather than  what one would prefer to have happened

The Secretary has presented his case for his grab of power in the comments to the previous Post,.

I reccomend those reading this pull up another window and look through his claims

As to his claim about how things were done in the past?

That was voided by the vote establishing the Membership & Meeting Setup Team

As to his claim stated previously that Robert's Rules of Order lists Membership records as a Duty of the Secretary?

That is TRUE

Our By Laws however State

 IX. RULES OF ORDER Robert's Rules of Order Revised shall prevail unless modified by these by-laws.

 It is that last Clause Mr Ellis over looks

 unless modified by these by-laws.

 You see the By Laws are very specific about the Duties of the Secretary they state


 3. The duties of the Secretary are to keep the minutes of the meetings and read them at the following meeting, unless waived.

They don't state

 And all other duties listed in Robert's Rules of Order 

The Body rejected the Secretary's claim of authority over the Membership & Meeting Setup up Team

And DESPITE the Section of the County Constitution which states


The Executive Committee is subject to the orders of the Linn County Central Committee, and none of its acts shall conflict with actions of the Linn County Central Committee. 

He keeps making the Claim

I just wish he would refrain from trying to rewrite history and work with the Team

They are willing to work with him 

But his "Work together" 

Seems to consist of them doing what He tells them to do.


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 12:01 AM CST
Updated: Saturday, 5 March 2016 3:53 PM CST
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Thursday, 18 February 2016
What It Doesn't Say

On the Linn County Republican Central Committee, there are times when we have trouble with what things say.

For instance, in the "New Member" handout, there was a document titled:

Roadmap to Victory 2016 

2015 - 2016 Plan for the Linn County Republican Central Committee 

Start Here: 

Organize > Caucus>> Conventions >>>Primary >>>>2016 Election Victory 


It was presented as a plan moved by the Executive Committee, and voted on and accepted by the Central Committee.

It is one of three versions I have seen so far.

The problem, however, is that none of them are the same.

The differences seem to occur in the section for the 

Membership & Meeting Setup Team.

In the first two versions, the team leader was listed in bold type.

Version 1 said:

Membership & Meeting Setup – Membership records, meeting setup, credentialing for voting (Justin Wasson, Mike Dupree, Deb Dupree)  

Version 2 read:

Membership & Meeting Setup – Membership records, meeting setup, credentialing for voting (Mike Dupree, Deb Dupree, Justin Wasson [uncommitted])  

Version 3 is the version that was inserted into the yellow folder containing the new member handouts.  It read:

Membership & Meeting Setup – Membership attendance records, meeting setup, credentialing for voting 

I suppose it does not make a lot of difference in Version 3 that they left off the names of the team members and Team Leader.

But if you are going to present something as an item of business that has been voted upon and passed,

Maybe you should not add and/or omit words. 

Because if you do, you run the risk of appearing to be corrupt in your intentions.

We can also see that between the time of the 1st version (the one that was actually voted upon, and passed) and the second, they have evidently "reconsidered" who they wished to be Team Leader.

This attempt to"reconsider" was rejected by the Central Committee, since the Committee had voted for Justin Wasson to be Team Leader. 

Then, they made the most interesting discovery.

They informed the Central Committee that in Robert's Rules of Order, it says:

It is the duty of the Secretary to keep a register or roll of the members.

So, by golly, it was, according to them, the SECRETARY who should be the Team Leader.

Notice how they discovered this only after their first attempt to displace Mr. Wasson failed.

This attempt by the Executives to usurp the authority of the Membership & Meeting Setup Team Leader was also soundly rejected by the Central Committee.

Now, we have a mostly NEW Central Committee.

And that might be why our Secretary kept making the claim that he is in charge of the membership records. 

Now, I could point out that the Secretary also keeps the record of the minutes of the general meeting, but does not run the meeting. 

This, however, is not necessary.

While our By Laws DO say,

IX. RULES OF ORDER Robert's Rules of Order Revised shall prevail unless modified by these by-laws;

Our by-laws, as it should happen, are also pretty specific about the duties of the Secretary.

3. The duties of the Secretary are to keep the minutes of the meetings and read them at the following meeting, unless waived. 

Do take note that in our By-Laws, the duties of the Secretary do NOT say:

3. The duties of the Secretary are to keep the minutes of the meetings and read them at the following meeting, unless waived. and any other duties mentioned in Robert's Rules of Order.

 So, despite the desires of our Secretary, Mr. Gary Ellis, and the rest of the Executives, the legitimate Team Leader remains the one elected by the Central Committee.

That Team Leader happens to be Mr. Justin Wasson.

To paraphrase the late Justice Scalia, the By-Laws

"Say what they say and don't say what they don't say." 

And never should the past be altered to reflect what one should wish it would say. 

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 12:01 AM CST
Updated: Friday, 19 February 2016 1:00 AM CST
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Monday, 15 February 2016
The Caucus Behind The Curtain

We live in an era of Revisionist History.

Everything seems to be rewritten to fit an agenda.

Those of us who experienced the recent Linn County GOP caucus,

Came away with certain impressions that the Executive Committee do not share.

They have been broadcasting how excellent they were.

To quote our Chair:

 "After our record-breaking Caucus, we are on our way to a successful 2016 Republican Election victory." 

I must say it was record breaking, if the records you wanted to break were in: Chaos, driving people away in frustration, and total pandemonium.

If those are the records to break, then the Mega Caucuses at the Double Tree, and to a lesser extent, at Kirkwood, were roaring successes.

I have some video clips of the crowded conditions and a couple of opinions given by people who attended--and who don't seem to agree with our leadership. 

Crowd 1  Crowd2    Interview 1   Interview 2

Just click on the link to download the clip and then open the file.  

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 7:14 PM CST
Updated: Monday, 15 February 2016 9:21 PM CST
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Sunday, 14 February 2016
From The Same People Who Brought You Mega-Caucus

The Founding Fathers were concerned about tyranny, that of the despot and that of the majority.

Which is why they set up our government with checks and balances and formed a constitutionally based Representative Republic.

Our Linn County Republican Central Committee is also set up with checks and balances, a constitution, and bylaws.

One of the foremost tools to prevent abuse of power is found in the section on the Executive Committee in the County Constitution:

The Executive Committee is subject to the orders of the Linn County Central Committee, and none of its acts shall conflict with actions of the Linn County Central Committee.  

Regretfully, we have an Executive Committee which is convinced that due to the purity of their intent.

If there is a section of the County Constitution, the By-Laws, or the Rules of Order which forbid their actions,

Such strictures are optional.

They are not adverse, either, in creating a faux crisis and engaging in what one might term "creative reality" to achieve their goals. 

Last year, during the first meeting of the Committee after the officers' election they, breathlessly informed the body that

Robert's Rules of Order stated that all actions--motions, committees, etc., established before the officers' election were voided by it and had to be replaced.


The also informed the body that a gentleman who is in Republican circles in Iowa, the "go-to guy" for parliamentary procedure, had told them this.


And of course, all of this meant they we had to completely redo all these things they claimed that were NOT TRUE,


And that there was not time to think about it and debate it at a later month's meeting.

So, we adopted their motion, which contained a few poison pills.

The thriving sub-committees, including Finance, which handled all of the budgeting decisions; Communications, which included web activities and press releases; and Credentials, which ensured that the voting was consistent with the by-laws and limited to only elected committeepersons; were all eliminated, and replaced with "Teams."  

Previously, anyone could join a subcommittee and have voting rights, but the "Teams" were limited to five voting members, including the "Team Leader."  The "Team Leaders" had already been appointed by the Executives, and most of the voting members had already been chosen by the Executives, the Team Leader would decide who could be on a team.   

Then at a later meeting, they presented their opinion that the Executive Committee Secretary should replace the "Team Leader" of the "Membership & Meeting Setup" team.

This was, of course, AFTER they tried to edit the original motion to replace the Team Leader voted in with someone else, and were called on it.

Did I mention they engage from time to time in creative reality?

I have a copy of the second version which includes the wording:

To accomplish this, the Executive Committee moves to accept the following plan for 2015-2016 Election Cycle: APPROVED BY VOTE OF THE LCRCC 3/17/15 

The problem was this section:

 Membership & Meeting Setup – Membership records, meeting setup, credentialing for voting (Mike Dupree, Deb Dupree, Justin Wasson uncommitted)  

You see, the version that was actually VOTED on,

Had Justin Wasson as the Team Leader.  Not Mike Dupree. 

Now, they have found a section of Robert's Rules of Order which states that the Secretary keeps the records of the membership list.

So, they decided to replace the Team Leader again with someone else this time--the Secretary.

The Central Committee, by a resounding margin, rejected this and reaffirmed Mr. Wasson as the Team Leader.

This was almost a year ago.   

Yet, it now seems they have decided upon a new tactic.

We had recent precinct caucuses, and the Form As have all the new committee persons listed.

The Executive Committee has not seen fit to deliver this information to the Membership and Meeting Setup Team, which was given the duty by the Central Committee to handle:

Membership records, meeting setup, credentialing for voting  

Recall that this is the wording of their own motion to the body, which was adopted, and now they do not wish to abide by it.

I head some muttering that the Form As need to be..."credentialed?"

Anything resembling "credentialing" is accomplished when the Caucus Chair and Secretary sign them.

No, this is yet another blatant power play by the Executive Committee, which chooses not to follow the County Constitution, where it says:


The Executive Committee is subject to the orders of the Linn County Central Committee, and none of its acts shall conflict with actions of the Linn County Central Committee.  

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 10:21 PM CST
Updated: Sunday, 14 February 2016 11:29 PM CST
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Friday, 12 February 2016
Is That The Ice Cracking I Hear?



I just got an interesting  IM on Facebook


Xxxxx wants to know when the next GOP central

committee meeting is so he can go talk about caucus

fiasco. I showed him your blog this morning. I don't know

if he had time to read it thoroughly. Yyyy 


So we have somone who has never read this blog and because they need to know when the Linn County Central Committee meet is, they have not much experience with the Committee meetings
I do not know how much experience they have had with Caucuses but from the wording of the message they are not pleased with what they have had.
I for one would be interested in they have to say, Shoud they attend.
Our meeting may be a tad like Fat Tuesday



Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 10:46 PM CST
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Thursday, 11 February 2016
Byzantine Book Keeping


The Numbers associated with this Years Caucuses certainly were as convoluted as any complex book keeping in the Byzantine Empire 

From someone associated with the last Caucus I got the news that this one only took in 12K which meant it was 10K below what was in the bank account when our Present County Chair took over

But then someone associated with the Present Caucus said No it was the 2012 Caucus which took in 12K.


Dan Lincoln bag donations increased about $7000 from 4 years ago and exceeded the 1.50 per person threshold.  You may want to correct your recent post.  I believe the Lincoln bag number from 4 years ago was around 12k.  The number you are thinking of includes delegate fees that were collected caucus night 4 years ago.


 What they had in common was each was wrong about the other Caucus

I did get some accurate figures on this Caucus from the Treasurer


 Total funds depostited after the Caucus $27,503.17 and he

informed me the split in funds were about 19K for LCRCC donationa

and 8K for the Convention Fees. 

My Correspondent for this years Caucus did provide me with the DR-2 forms for the 2012 Caucuses.

You can access them HERE 

He also informed me there were more Cedar Rapids Sites than I mentioned in a previous article

Also there were 6 sites with Cedar Rapids precincts.  In addition to the 3 you listed you have New Covenant, New Life Church, and King of Kings. 

I stand corrected on the number of Cedar Rapids Caucus site, but in truth I do not think that has any bearing one the pandemonium and chaos of he Mega-Caucus sites and I recall NO ONE who was happy with the situation

As a matter of fact I was almost not elected to be a Central Commitee Person because one person made the claim that anyone who had been previously on the Committee should not be re elected

I told them I had nothing to do with the Disaster of the Double Tree Caucuses and had tried to prevent it. 


A young friend who has been active in the Central Committee weeded out the information for the 2012 Caucuses from the DR-2s for me, for which I gratefully sprung for a steak dinner

The results from 4 years ago were 


The following is information regarding financials from the 2012 caucus:

    • Unitemized pass the hat money on caucus night - $16,113.26
    • Itemized pass the hat money on caucus night - $2682
    • Total contributions on caucus night - $18795.26
    • Total paid on caucus night for conventions - $4950
    • 25 people paid for convention at the following monthly meeting. Many paid shortly after that and we accepted payment at the door.

Also something worth noting, pass the hat in January of 2012 was $225.81 which was a fairly typical amount every month back then.


It would appear donations to the Committee were about the same.  Pre-paid Convention fees were up

That latter point is very welcome because this time any unused seats of the 167 allocated for Linn County must be paid for,

I am however confused on what we will pay,  I seem to remember the State figure for the District and State Conventions being $50 and what was collected for that Feb 1 was $60 .

So do we owe RPI $60 per seat or did our Executives just decide to charge our members an extra $10 for collecting the State's Fees?

We can find out how much we got stuck for at next weeks Central Committee meeting

It will also be interesting to see how close we come at the meeting to the bucket collection of 4 years ago of  $225.81

That's about 3 times what the bucket has been collecting

And yes I know we have made the $125 dollar room fee for quite a few months.

But I also know there is a member of the Committee who each month writes a check to cover what the bucket does not and that is why I say $225.81 is about 3 times what the bucket has been collecting. 

Still we need to keep in mind the real problem is not that we did not take any more money in than 4 years ago while we spent at least 10K more but it is the total chaos that ensued

And the number of people who got frustrated and left

If anyone needs to be reminded or was fortunate enough not to Caucus at a Mega site let me remind you.


 And if a picture is worth a thousand words, I wonder that a video is worth


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 2:22 AM CST
Updated: Thursday, 11 February 2016 2:26 AM CST
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Friday, 5 February 2016
Pig In A Poke

 It will not come as a surprise to anyone that the Tea Party was not the first to object to excessive Taxation.

 In order to avoid taxation on piglets farmers and their customer used to rendez-vous in the dead of night to make the transaction,

The pig was often in a poke,

Problem was sometimes it was not a pig but a cat that got let out of the bag later. 

The Linn County Republican Central Committee just recently had a similiar experience with the outcome of our Leadership's new concept of how the Presidential Caucuses should go.

I refer to the Pig in the Poke meme because with the exception of two of our members almost everyone who had REAL experience with setting up Caucuses was shut out of the planning

The rest of the  Committee was also shut out,

We were told that the Caucus Team Leader was invoking his "Singular Authority" to declare the Caucus Team Meetings closed.

Oh and  two member that did have experience?

It was not deemed necessary to allow them to have a vote on the Team

Central Committtee members will recall when the new Team Organization was rushed through committee hidden was the detail that only 5 Team members on a Team could vote and it seemed like the Exectuives decided who they would be. 

 That describes the Pig we thought we were buying

And what can describe the Cat that was let out of the Bag during the Caucus debacle? 

Well first as our Chair Cindy Golding told us at our last meeting before Caucuses

There WAS a rumor that all the Precincts would meet in ONE location

That was NOT the case as our Chair Cindy Golding pointed out

But like Mark Twain's description of the "Best Way to Tell A Lie"

Ms Gokling left a few things out.

Which was for the first few months of their deliberations the rumor that all  of the GOP Precinct in Linn County would met in a single location came from

The Caucus Team

Who were asked that quesiton on several occasions

Until another rumor emerged that to have it in one location would cost several times what we had in the Bank account. 

So we ended up with quite a few locations in the County most having 2 or 3 Precints in one location

And 3 for ALL of Cedar Rapids

One at Bethany Lutheran.

Some at Kirkwood

And 30 Precincts at the Double Tree (in 3 rooms) 

Other things which emerged like Cats being let out of a bag was  the intense frustration many felt at the crowded and chaotic conditions.


 There were thousands of people at the Wreck of the Double Tree who were very upset with the process. Among the problems were the inability to check-in, trouble finding your caucus location, way too few seats available, starting more than 30 minutes late, not getting to break out into your precinct until 8:30pm, no one could hear their caucus chairs because of all the surrounding noise, no place to count ballots, limited to no handicap and elderly accessibility, poor signage, too few check-in people, and the list goes on.



I sure hope you do not do this horrible caucus system again
for a presidential caucus. It was too disorganized, did not
start on time and many potential caucus goes left because
they could not get registered to vote? More than anyone
would want to admit.


If anyone wants to know if the statement many potential caucus goers left because they could not get registered to vote is an exageration.

Well they do way a picture is worth a thousand words


 And if a picture is worth a thousand words, I wonder that a video is worth


What is really sickening is to run the numbers for this event

Last time we spent about twice what Johnson County did which is not surprising as we have twice their population

THIS time we spent about TEN THOUSAND Dollars more than we did last time

To put that in REAL perspective we spent around One Thousand Dollars TOTAL last time. 


And what did we get for our extra Ten Thousand Dollar expendature?

The Buck Bags we sent around for donations were





Yes our Pig in the Poke  Mega Caucus Media Event

Cost 10K more and took in 10K less.

You do the rest of the Math 

The ONLY thing that keeps Linn County Iowa from being the laughing stock of the Nation is what happened in Polk County

The lets decide a Precinct Caucus by flipping a coin. 

For those involved in the planning of Monday Night there is one bright light

That this was an event held by the Linn County Republican Central Committee.

Had it been run by say the Mafia?

Those responsible might be resting at the bottom of the Cedar River with brand new shoes on. 

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