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Wednesday, 10 August 2005
From This Side of The Window
Topic: Islamic Jihad
A Small Spot of Light

A few days ago, I linked to a In Saudi Arabia Blog, since I feel blogs from other countries give a unique view and since my former must read Saudi Arabian blog The Religious Policeman resurfaced in England after a years absence.

Of course I am limited to the English portion, but this did catch my eye. I find it of interest. I also take note of the manner in which it is introduced.

Any of us who complains about the problems we encounter in our daily lives read the dedication and consider yourself fortunate indeed if you have never had to preface a post in this manner.

Muhammad?s Example. (It?s ok reading what this controversial woman wrote today, but with utmost caution!)

posted by Prometheus @ 4:11 PM

DO follow the links, and recall WE do not have to exercise extreme caution when we read this.

Noticed that in the last 2 days since I also got added onto the Blogroll on From This Side of The Window
I have had quite a few visitors from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Al salaam a'alaykum

May we all meet someday where we can speak and think as we please and children are safe from bombs.


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 5:28 AM CDT
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Updated: Sunday, 3 June 2007 6:33 AM CDT
An Afghan-American Woman Speaks Out
Topic: Islamic Jihad
An Afghan-American Woman Speaks Out
"If the world had "listened" and paid attention to Afghanistan before, then the trade towers might have been standing today"..

Valentina Marano

Washington, DC—By most accounts, women did quite well in post-conflict Afghanistan. The new Constitution recognizes their standing as equal to that of men, they can both vote and run for office, even as the head of state. There are women broadcasters as well as television and radio programs dealing exclusively with women’s issues, NGOs run and geared towards women, women professors, and women ministries. However, many challenges remain if all Afghan women are to fully and freely reach their potential within the Afghan society.

On August 1, Washington Prism met with Ms. Maryam Qudrat Aseel to discuss challenges and opportunities facing Afghan women today, her experiences as a successful Afghan-American woman, the future of Afghanistan, and the many misunderstandings challenging relations between the East and the West. Hers is a message of hope.

Ms. Aseel is an activist and spokesperson in the Afghan-American and Muslim communities. She founded the first high school chapter of the Muslim Students Association, and has recently founded the Afghan Institute for Development. Ms. Aseel got her Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Southern California. She is currently working as Director of Education and Women's Affairs at the Afghan Embassy in Washington, DC.

Washington Prism: What are the main challenges facing Afghan women today?

Maryam Qudrat: The women of Afghanistan have proven themselves to be resilient as they have worked through decades of war and strife to secure the sanctity and normalcy of their families. Prior to the wars, Afghan women were given many opportunities and occupied seats in Parliament and were appointed to the cabinet during the 1960s. Under the new administration led by President Karzai, Afghan women are once again guaranteed fundamental rights by the new constitution and they are working to bring those rights to life as they are currently running for seats in the upcoming Parliamentary elections scheduled for September 18, 2005.

The main challenges facing women today vary across a wide spectrum ranging from health, education and employment arenas. Afghan women continue to experience the highest levels of maternal mortality rates and are in need of greater access to and availability of quality healthcare. There is also a need for more female healthcare providers and a more effective maternal care system. As for education, more schools are needed in order to increase women’s access to education throughout the nation. In addition, appropriate curricula needs to be devised to assist the unique challenges of Afghan women who have been deprived of schooling, and to reintegrate them into academia so that they can compete for jobs against all applicants, including Afghans who lived abroad during the wars. In terms of employment, Afghan women are gaining many opportunities in society, and they are often preferred over male applicants. Although there is an upward trend towards progress in women’s condition in Afghanistan, snapshot indicators point to the fact that current women’s conditions still require the greatest support.

WP: The improvement of women’s life conditions is a fundamental aspect of Afghanistan's reconstruction process. Has this vigorous approach to gender issues ever been perceived as too Westernized and, therefore, in contrast with Afghan cultural traditions?

MQ: Afghan women are concerned with meeting basic human needs and wants. They want to lead hopeful lives in neighborhoods that are safe with access to schools for their children, clean drinking water and job opportunities. Essentially, they aspire to live dignified lives again now that there is a revival of an effective state. These aspirations transcend culture and ethnicity as they are basic human needs of all people. Women of Afghanistan are focused on these matters first and foremost. Matters of cultural dress, burqas, and veils are not their priority as they are striving for educational and economic empowerment. It is important to judge Afghan women’s achievements in relation to their own framework, paying attention to those issues that they themselves assert as their primary concerns. What the women of Afghanistan are truly in need of are the skills and tools necessary for them to be able to meaningfully translate their theoretical rights into practical experiences. After being pushed out of society for so many years, Afghan women need to be educated on what their rights mean and how to exercise those rights. Afghan women require the training and the empowerment tools necessary to be able to emerge as leaders in this new and hopeful era of their country.

WP: In your book Torn Between Two Cultures: An Afghan-American Woman Speaks Out you write: “My own life is a testimony to the fact that ideologies of the East and West are not truly at war – only their people are. And these people are at war because they don’t know each other. If they don’t know each other how can they understand each other?” What does the West fail to understand about the East (and vice versa) today? How can this “comprehension gap” be successfully bridged?

MQ: I believe that this new relationship that Afghanistan and the international community have embarked upon has afforded the entire world an opportunity to engage in dialogue and mutual understanding of values that share so much in common and yet are so often mistakenly perceived as incompatible. I do believe that the sources of our conflicts are rooted not in religion or culture but in politically motivated extremist ideologies which were injected into Afghanistan from the outside. These external forces are what the country has been fighting to free itself from and this fight against extremism is what President Karzai has often outlined as a common interest between Afghanistan and the rest of the world. The President has also said that if the world had “listened” and paid attention to Afghanistan before, then the trade towers might have been standing today and the bombings in London could have been averted. Understanding Afghanistan and the lessons that come from it is essential to the success of today’s global strives toward a more peaceful world.

WP: At a speaking engagement during his visit to Washington, DC, President Karzai stated that "Afghanistan needs to speak more money and less politics," meaning that Afghanistan should concentrate on its economic development, rather than on regional power politics. How does the newly created Strategic Partnership with the United States help Afghanistan to achieve this goal?

MQ: The signing of the Joint Declaration of Strategic Partnership between President Karzai and President Bush was a great achievement for Afghanistan, as much as the signing of a Strategic Partnership between President Karzai and Tony Blair. These are long term safety nets that will prevent our country from being plagued by new external negative influences. As a result, they are historic achievements that will remain intact for generations to come and their effects will manifest themselves over time and not just in the single or isolated efforts of today’s immediate post-conflict reconstruction of Afghanistan.


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 2:20 AM CDT
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Updated: Sunday, 3 June 2007 6:34 AM CDT
I don?t regard it as a grim task at all.
Topic: Islamic Jihad

Christopher Hitchens is one of America's and the English speaking world's leading public intellectuals.

On The Persian Edition of Washington Prism

By Christopher Hitchens is one of America's and the English speaking world's leading public intellectuals. He is the author of more than ten books, including, most recently, A Long Short War: The Postponed Liberation of Iraq (2003), Why Orwell Matters (2002), The Trial of Henry Kissinger (2001), and Letters to a Young Contrarian (2001). He writes for leading American and British publications, including The London Review of Books, The New Left Review, Slate, The New York Review of Books, Newsweek International, The Times Literary Supplement, and The Washington Post. He is also a regular television and radio commentator.

For many years, Hitchens was seen as one of America's leading leftist commentators. Shortly after the September 11 attacks in the United States, he began publicly criticizing fellow leftist intellectuals for what he viewed as their "moral and political collapse" in their failure to stand up to what he saw as "Islamo-fascism". He publicly feuded with many of America's leading leftist intellectuals about the war in Iraq, which he supported, much to their anger. He subsequently resigned from his position as a columnist for the Nation, America's leading leftist magazine, in protest.

Born in England, Hitchens has lived in the United States for more than twenty years. He is one of America's most recognizable intellectuals and has taught as a visiting professor at the University of California, Berkeley; the University of Pittsburgh; and the New School of Social Research. He spoke with Washington Prism at his home in Washington D.C.

Q - Your much-discussed separation from the American left began shortly after the September 11 attacks. What prompted your displeasure with the left?

A - The September 11 attacks were one of those rare historical moments, like 1933 in Germany or 1936 in Spain or 1968, when you are put in a position to take a strong stand for what is right. The left failed this test. Instead of strongly standing against these nihilistic murderers, people on the left, such as Noam Chomsky, began to make excuses for these murderers, openly saying that Bin ladin was, however crude in his methods, in some ways voicing a liberation theology. This is simply a moral and political collapse.

But its not only that. It’s a missed opportunity for the left. Think of it this way: If a group of theocratic nihilists drive planes full of human beings into buildings full of human beings announcing nothing by way of a program except their nihilism and if they turn out to have been sheltered by two regimes favored by the United States and the national security establishment, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to be precise, two of only three countries to recognize the Taliban, and if Republicans were totally taken by surprise by this and if the working class of New York had to step forward and become the shield of society in the person of the fire and police brigades, it seemed to me that this would have been a good opportunity for the left to demand a general revision of all the assumptions we carried about the post cold war world. We were attacked by a religious dictatorship and the working class were pushed into defending elites by the total failure of our leadership and total failure of our intelligence. The attack emanated partly from the failure of regimes supported by that same elite national security establishment– Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. If the left can’t take advantage of a moment like that: whats it for? whats its secularism for? Whats its internationalism, class attitude, democracy for?

You don’t get that many measurable historical moments in your life, but you must recognize them when they come. This was one of those moments and the left collectively decided to get it wrong and I realized at that moment that, to borrow a slogan that slightly irritates me, but is useful: "Not in my name.” I'm not part of that family. I wanted to force a split, a political split on the left to which a small extent I think succeeded. Today, there is a small pro-regime change left and I'm a proud part of it.

Q - It seems that the left had less difficulty accepting the war in Afghanistan as they did the war in Iraq.

That is true, but of the hard core left it isn’t true. They also opposed the removal of the Taliban. When it came to using force, the least they did was predict a quagmire. By the way, there weren't alone. The New York Times did so too. They said at minimum we would witness another Vietnam, which is a pretty serious charge to make as someone who believes that then and now the Vietnam war was a war of aggression and atrocity and racism. When someone says something is another Vietnam, they better be serious because that’s a serious charge.

But lets look at the case of Iraq and the left. If you asked someone who has the principles of a 1968 leftist the following question: what is your attitude to a regime that has committed genocide, invaded its neighbors, militarized its society into a police state, that has privatized its economy so it is owned by one family, that has defied the non proliferation treaty in many ways, that sought weapons to commit genocide again and cheated on inspections, that has abolished the existence of a neighboring arab muslim state? What is your view of this as anyone who is a 1968 leftist? For me, I would be appalled if anyone knew me even slightly would not guess my attitude. Iraq should have been taken care of a long time ago. Instead, when I made my view public, I was berated by the left and my view was seen as an insane eccentricity.

I should also note that I have friends and comrades in the Iraqi and Kurdish left going back at least till the early 1990s. For me, supporting the war was an elementary duty of solidarity. I said: I'm on your side and I’ll stay there until you’re in and they’re out.

Q - If there was a Democratic president on 9/11, would there have been a difference of opinion in the American left about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq?

Not from people like Michael Moore (the American film director and strong critic of President Bush), who makes a perfectly good brownshirt [fascist].
Or Noam Chomsky. No, it would not. To them it would have been further proof that the ruling class just has two faces and one party. But I think, in the mainstream of the democratic and Republican parties, you would have seen an exact switch. Richard Holbrooke’s position (Holbrooke was Clinton's UN Ambassador and is a leading Democratic foreign policy thinker) would be Dick Cheney’s position. The ones in the middle would have just done a switch, finding arguments to support or criticize the war. In fact, I remember that people in the Clinton administration spoke of an inevitable confrontation coming with Saddam. They dropped this idea only because it was a Republican president. That is simply disgraceful. It is likewise disgraceful how many Republicans ran as isolationists against [former Vice-President] Al Gore in the 2000 elections. The only people who come out of this whole affair well are an odd fusion of the old left – the small pro regime change left – and some of the people known as neoconservatives who have a commitment to liberal democracy. Many of the neocons have Marxist backgrounds and believe in ideas and principles and have worked with both parties in power.

Q – In your book, Why Orwell Matters, you noted that Orwell once refused an invitation to speak at the League of European Freedom on the question of Yugoslavian freedom – a cause he believed in. He refused to speak because he felt that the organization failed to condemn British imperialism in India and Burma. He saw that as a fatal flaw. Do the neoconservatives have a fatal flaw: on the one hand supporting Middle East democracy, on the other refusing to condemn Israeli policies that stifle Palestinian freedom aspirations?

A – Orwell said, at the time, that he would not speak for any organization that was opposed to tyranny that did not demand British withdrawal from India and Burma. He also noted that the liberation of Europe did not include the liberation of Spain from the fascists or Portugal. He also noted that it had included the enslavement of Poland.

In the case of the Palestinians, it is generally true that United States political culture doesn’t care about the Palestinians. We are taught to think of them as an inconvenient people who are in the way of Israel and a regional settlement. They are people about whom something should be done or, more condescendingly, for whom something should be provided.

I've spent three decades writing about the Palestinians and publishing a book with Edward Said [leading Palestinian intellectual and critic of Israel] about it. All political factions in this country have been lousy on this issue, but none lousier than the Democratic party. The Democrat party truly is what some people crudely say: a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Israeli lobby. It is one thing it has never deviated on: that and abortion. The only two things the Democrats have never flip flopped about.

The neocons are honorably divided on Israel. Take Paul Wolfowitz, for example. He is very critical of settlements and the whole idea of Greater Israel. Whereas Richard Perle (a prominent neoconservative thinker) doesn’t regard the areas known as Judea and Samaria (the West bank) as occupied territory. He regards them as part of a future Israeli state. I'm looking forward to the neoconservative split on this getting wider.

Q - Some have said that only columnists and public intellectuals can afford principles, whereas politicians sometimes must succumb to realism. In your book, Why Orwell Matters, you admired Orwell because you said that he understood that that politics are fleeting but principles endure. In our day, can a politician rule by principle?

A - It depends on what the principle is. If the principle is that all men are equal or created equal, I don’t think its possible to observe that principle in practice. But if the principle is, say, something cruder such as: can we coexist with aggressive internationalist totalitarian ideologies, then I think you not only can but you should act consistently against that. Never mind the principles for one minute, but the lesson of realism is: that if you don’t fight them now you fight them later.

They [Islamist radicals or, as Hitchens calls them, Islamo-fascists] gave us no peace and we shouldn’t give them any. We can't live on the same planet as them and I'm glad because I don’t want to. I don’t want to breathe the same air as these psychopaths and murders and rapists and torturers and child abusers. Its them or me. I'm very happy about this because I know it will be them. It’s a duty and a responsibility to defeat them. But it's also a pleasure. I don’t regard it as a grim task at all.

I have been trying without succes to think of something I could add to the above without detracting from it, so I won't


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 2:05 AM CDT
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Updated: Sunday, 3 June 2007 6:34 AM CDT
Saturday, 6 August 2005
The Religious Policeman

Topic: Islamic Jihad
After an absence of about a Year!

I was going through my bookmarks and adding some of my favorite blogs to a blogroll and came to him and thought, it doesn't matter that he has taken a long leave of absence, the perspective of a man living in Saudi Arabia is VALUABLE.

Then when I went to his site to add him I discovered he had returned?

Back again
Here I am, back again, just like the proverbial bad coin.

Why? Well, in the last 12 months, events took me to the United Kingdom, where I was once schooled, and where I now work. I am much freer to post in safety, but it wouldn't have been very smart to do so the day after I arrived, so I've only just started up now. I will be returning to the Magic Kingdom from time to time, and so there will be gaps in my posting, which may or may not coincide with these intervals, just in case our heroic security forces are keeping track. As there are several thousand of us working here at any one time, and several hundred arriving or leaving each year, I am satisfied enough that I can maintain my anonymity.

I thought I'd got away from terrorist attacks but obviously that was a mistake. As someone with an obvious Asian appearance I feel a bit wary but that's not surprising. I think the British are starting to wake up to the "dark side" of Islam that we see so much in Saudi Arabia but is something new to them over here. Life as a moderate Muslim is getting increasingly difficult. Perhaps I should become a Christian, but where I come from they call that Apostasy and you get your head chopped off for it.

Thanks for all the comments in the meantime, which I'm always interested to read.


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 8:40 AM CDT
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Updated: Sunday, 3 June 2007 6:25 AM CDT
Friday, 5 August 2005
The Women of the WORLD Need US!
Topic: Islamic Jihad
Wow talk about Synchronicity.

When I read in


The Women of Iraq Need Us
The women of Iraq need our help now more than ever, as the Iraq Constitution is being drafted. It’s no secret that the state of women’s rights in the Arab/Muslim world is abysmal, but there is an historic opportunity now to begin setting things right by making sure the Iraq Constitution does not incorporate the repressive 12th century code of shari’a. The Middle Ground is fighting to get these issues noticed.

I almost wished I had named my earlier post yesterday

"The Women of Iran Need Us" instead of Submission

THEN the post I was planning to write about
Ayaan Hirsi Ali Could have been named
"The Women of Holland and Somalia, Need Us"

Quite some time ago before 9/11
I was aware
that someone could write

"The Women of Afghanistan Need Us"
I got that Idea from the
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

Meena (1956-1987)
RAWA's martyred founder
If you are freedom-loving and anti-fundamentalist, you are with RAWA. Support and help us

I am also aware and have been for some time we could write.

"The Women in Malaysia Need Us"
From the Website of Sisters in Islam we read about their dismay
at the thought of Strict Shar'ai being imposed upon them instead of Secular Law.

Hudud in Terengganu - A Law to Protect Rapist
9 May 2002

The Hudud Bill drafted by the Terengganu state government
constitutes a gross violation of the principles of justice and equality in Islam.

For those of the opinion that Iraq, Afghanistan,Malaysia,Somalia, and Iran
are far away and none of our busines,
let me point out these issues now
hit VERY close to home.

"The Women of CANADA Need Us"

Islamic group against Ontario use of sharia law

Canadian Press

A Canadian Islamic group is trying to prevent the word shariah from being included in Ontario's Arbitration Act on the grounds it creates a "slippery slope" that blurs dangerously the lines between family and criminal law.

Currently, the law provides for voluntary faith-based arbitration, which allows Muslims, Jews and members of other faiths to use the guiding principles of their religion in settling private disputes such as divorce, custody issues and inheritances outside the court system.

But the Council on American-Islamic Relations Canada is worried that including the word shariah in the legislation would enshrine in law so-called shariah tribunals, which they say are a violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Critics of sharia tribunals say they permit Islamic jurisprudence to swell beyond the scope of family law, potentially exposing vulnerable groups, particularly women, to unjust treatment in the eyes of the Charter.

"They say women will be coerced and pressured and will be oppressed," said CAIR-CAN director Riad Saloojee.

"The differential treatment under Islamic law in certain circumstances will basically affect equality rights."

In addition to the Qur'an, shariah is based on the Hadith, a complementary collection of sayings, and the Sunnah, which are practices of Islam's founder, the Prophet Muhammad.

The scope of a traditional shariah tribunal is extensive and includes a canon of criminal law which, for the most part, is incompatible with the Charter, Saloojee said. The debate has polarized Canada's Muslim community, he added.

"There is enough by way of controversy in the Muslim house to make it interesting."

While CAIR-CAN supports faith-based arbitration as an alternative to litigation, Saloojee and others say safeguards are necessary to ensure that vulnerable groups, especially women, are not "coerced" into using the practice.

Ontario's Arbitration Act is mainly used for commercial arbitrations, where the parties are typically represented by lawyers who can protect their rights.

Those who want to take advantage of faith-based arbitration are typically less sophisticated and don't enjoy the same protection, Saloojee said.

"Many people feel very comfortable resolving their issues on faith-based principles," he said.

"If you were to give many (Muslims) a choice of resolving them in the legal system or resolving them quietly, quickly and according to faith-based principles they already believe in, and tend to expedite the process, they will do that."

Moderate Muslim cleric Ahmad Kutty, one of two Canadian imams who made headlines a year ago when they were kicked out of the U.S. on suspicions of terrorism, said he supports leaving shariah out of the act.

"Shariah is a loaded word; it includes all of the civil, criminal and other institutions associated with the Islamic legal system," Kutty said. "No one in his right mind would propose implementing this system of laws in Canada."

But Kutty said he still supports the concept of faith-based arbitration, so long as "sufficient safeguards and checks and balances" are in place to protect the rights of "those who are often vulnerable to exploitation."

Saloojee said the use of faith-based arbitration is on the rise for Canada's burgeoning Muslim community.

Islam is Canada's fastest growing religion, with 579,640 Muslims enumerated in the 2001 census, more than twice the number in 1991.

Some 61 per cent, or 352,500, live in Ontario.

As a result, the province has asked former attorney general Marion Boyd to conduct a review of the province's arbitration processes.

She is expected to deliver her recommendations in September, but said she has yet to decide whether to recommend using the word shariah to describe faith-based arbitration for Muslims.

"I haven't made up my mind yet," Boyd said. "I can tell you that CAIR-CAN is not the only group that has suggested that it is inappropriate to call this shariah."

Other groups, like the Institute of Islamic Law in Canada, have expressed support for the term shariah, Boyd said. The institute could not be reached for comment.

Cross Reference - Islamic Law in Canada

(Note the following will be active links on the website above)

Headline Index:


Politicians in Quebec Urge Against Shari?ah Law (Canada)


Shari?ah Law Proposal Supported by B?nai B?rith, Sparking Ire of Islamic and Jewish Feminists (Canada)


Ontario Muslims Should Be Allowed to Use Shari'ah Law for Civil Disputes, Report Says (Canada)


CAIR-Canada Says Use of "Sharia" Law Creates "Slippery Slope," Muslims Divided Over Issue (Canada)


Concerns Continue Over Oppression of Women in Islamic Law Courts (Canada)


Islamic Law Courts Test Boundaries of Tolerance in Canadian Society (Canada)


Ontario Government to Review Plans for Use of Shari'a Law (Canada)


Women Speak Out Against Approval of Shari'a Law Tribunals (Canada)


Group Fights Islamic Law in Canada, Citing Infringment of Women's Rights (Canada)


Law Provision Allows for Use of Islamic Law Courts to Settle Civil Disputes (Canada)


Opinion: Islamic Tribunals Would Decrease Burden on Judicial System and Save Tax Dollars (Canada)


Canadian Muslims Able to Use Shari'a Law in Civil Disputes (Canada)


Editorial: All Canadians Should Abide By Same Laws (Canada)


Muslim Leaders Elect Council to Establish Shari'a Judicial Court (Canada)

First They Came for the Jews

First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Communists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.

Pastor Martin Niemoller


they come for Muslim Women
are you going to


Or just wait for them to come for


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 11:47 PM CDT
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Updated: Sunday, 3 June 2007 6:24 AM CDT
Topic: Islamic Jihad

Is the title of the Theo Van Gogh Movie which cost him his life, from a script written by

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

who is now in hiding with a Death Fatwa on her head.
If you want to see what the controversy was all about you may view it

Or through the website of the Author

To Ayaan Hirsi Ali's Submission

Another Link on the Ayaan Hirsi Ali Blog

Behind the Quran Curtain there are other Women who refuse to Submit.

Their Stories are not known or remembered beyond the Veil of Subjection.

Woman immolates self to avoid return to Iran jail
Tehran, Iran, Jul. 26 ? A 30-year-old woman set herself on fire outside a justice department office in southern Iran on Monday evening, eye-witnesses reported.

The unidentified woman was on temporary parole from prison in the southern city of Marvdasht and had gone to the justice department to request an extension of her prison leave. When her application was rejected, she attempted to commit suicide by setting herself on fire. She is reportedly in critical condition.

A Marvdasht resident reached by telephone said it was rumored in town that the woman had been brutally treated by prison guards.

Prison conditions in Iran have become the focus of international concern after the publication of a report by an internal investigative body of Iran?s judiciary. The report discovered serious cases of torture, solitary confinement, long-term detention without trial, and other abuses.

Iran police arrest women for ?un-Islamic? dress
Tehran, Iran, Jul. 31 ? Iran has deployed squads of women-only vice police in a new crackdown on ?un-Islamic? dress.

Eight women were arrested in the northern province of Gilan as part of a new clamp-down on ?social corruption?, the semi-official Jomhouri Islami reported on Sunday.

?The women were arrested for disrespecting Islamic virtues and for having repulsive and immoral attire?, the hard-line daily added.

The daily added that women police officers in patrols belonging to the Directorate to Fight Social Corruption were roaming the streets to find women violating the stringent dress code and ?to fight public displays of corruption and mal-veiling?.

Kurdish women?s rights activist arrested in Iran
Tehran, Iran, Aug. 04 ? A prominent women?s rights activist in Iranian Kurdistan was arrested during a gathering organised in protest against the murder of a young Kurd by Iran?s State Security Forces, a Persian-language website reported.

The website Rooz reported that Roya Toloui, the editor of Rassan, a monthly based in the Kurdish city of Sanandaj, was arrested after being summoned by the intelligence unit of the SSF on several occasions in the past few months on charges of ?disturbing the peace? and ?acting against national security?. She had also been accused of ?inciting ethnic division?.

Toloui?s monthly Rassan had so far published three issues all of which mainly discussed the plight of female Kurds in Iran.

Born in 1966, Toloui holds a postgraduate degree in practical science and, with her husband, owns a medical laboratory in Sanandaj. She is a founding member of the Association of Kurdish Women in Favour of Peace in Kurdistan. She has a daughter and a son.

On several occasions, the authorities had warned Toloui not to carry out interviews with foreign radio stations.

Iran?s restive Kurdish population have been the victims of systematic oppression by the Iran?s clerical leadership since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 7:13 PM CDT
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Updated: Sunday, 3 June 2007 6:24 AM CDT
Tuesday, 2 August 2005
Thoughts for Today
Topic: Islamic Jihad
"Pacifism is objectively pro-fascist. This is elementary common sense. If you hamper the war effort of one side, you automatically help out that of the other. Nor is there any real way of remaining outside such a war as the present one. In practice, 'he that is not with me is against me.'""George Orwell

At the end of Fahrenheit 9/11 Michael Moore has a quote by Orwell. One wonders if he ever read much by the man or actually understood Orwell's Thoughts and Philosophy.

More Orwell:

"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf"

"War is evil, but it is often the lesser evil"

"There are some ideas so wrong that only a very intelligent person could believe in them."

"The quickest way to end a war is to lose it."

"So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don't even know that fire is hot."

"There is hardly such a thing as a war in which it makes no difference who wins. Nearly always one side stands more or less for progress, the other side more or less for reaction."

"For the ordinary man is passive. Within a narrow circle (home life, and perhaps the trade unions or local politics) he feels himself master of his fate, but against major events he is as helpless as against the elements. So far from endeavoring to influence the future, he simply lies down and lets things happen to him."

"The high sentiments always win in the end, the leaders who offer blood, toil, tears, and sweat always get more out of their followers than those who offer safety and a good time. When it comes to the pinch, human beings are heroic."

Michael Moore has stated the Terrorists in Iraq are Modern Day Minutemen, I think this quote by Orwell is quite fitting

"One has to belong to the intelligentsia to believe things like that; no ordinary man could be such a fool."

Orwell is considered by some to be one of the Great Western Thinkers of the 20th Century, celebrated and acclaimed as such.

Let us revisit what he said and I quoted at the start of this Post?

"Pacifism is objectively pro-fascist. This is elementary common sense. If you hamper the war effort of one side, you automatically help out that of the other. Nor is there any real way of remaining outside such a war as the present one. In practice, 'he that is not with me is against me.'""
George Orwell

Those were the words of one of the Great Thinkers of the West.

For Extra Credit what 21st Century Thinker uttered These Words

Our response involves far more than instant retaliation and isolated strikes. Americans should not expect one battle, but a lengthy campaign, unlike any other we have ever seen. It may include dramatic strikes, visible on TV, and covert operations, secret even in success. We will starve terrorists of funding, turn them one against another, drive them from place to place, until there is no refuge or no rest. And we will pursue nations that provide aid or safe haven to terrorism. Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.


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Thursday, 28 July 2005
Coallition of the Willing
Topic: Islamic Jihad
History will some day record that when Civilization was attacked by an implacable and vicious foe, some mounted the barricades in its defense and some jeered and threw rocks at the backs of those defenders.

We hear enough of our Foes and their Apologists, Let us think for awhile of those who have mounted the barricades in the defense of Civilization.

Some may claim that the Enemy is Islam and that has some truth to it, but in the sense that if Christianity of a thousand years ago, were suddenly transported to the present, fanatic members of that creed would be our equal enemies.

The Truth is our Implacable Foe is a from of Islam from Medieval Times that has remained unchanged, equally true is that some of the strongest supporters of Civilization and Foes of Terrorism lie in those Muslim Sects which like Christianity have grown, evolved and changed from those early days.

When news of Genocide in Dafur, Sudan started to breach the surface of the Mainstream Media, my first reactions were. "its about TIME" and "What TOOK you so LONG?"

The truth was genocide in Southern Sudan had been ongoing for quite some time to on the order of 3 million deaths. That is a story for another time.

The Dafur atrocities are being committed upon a Muslim Sect called Sufi. By fanatics Islamic Jihadists. To the Jihadist, Sufi are Apostates, to be put down with all the fervor as they would put down an infidel, for the Sufi Sect of Islam is NOT the same as the bleak creed from a thousand years ago the Jihadist follow.

As a matter of fact one of the leading spokesmen for Sufi Islam in the US has been very outspoken about the dangers of Terrorism Abroad AND here in the Us.

His name is Shaykh Hisham Kabbani, of The Islamic Supreme Council of America.

Another is Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi Director the Cultural Institute of the Italian
Islamic Community Rome

Radical Islamists have perverted the traditions of Islam

By: Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi


[Republished (October 10, 2001) from the "Middle East Quarterly"
on the web site of the association called "Islamic Supreme Council of AmericaIslamic Supreme Council of America",
lead by Sheikh Hisham Kabbani]

The danger is that radical groups could become the official representatives of Muslim immigrants in the West

WESTERN observers, both among the general public and the media, commonly make the mistake of thinking that Islamism is the same as traditional Islam. Even Western researchers describe Islamism as a resurgence of traditional Islam. In contrast, moderate Sunni Muslims are characterized as those whose faith is mitigated, influenced by syncretism, or diluted by a certain amount of secularisation and .

But this turns reality upside-down. In fact, Islamists depart in important ways from the Islamic tradition. Indeed, some outstanding traditional Muslim scholars see Islamism as a symptom of secularisation and as a reshaping of their religion into a modern, ideological totalitarianism. I share this view. The distinction between traditional Islam and Islamism can be seen in many specifics. Tradition attributes to the ruler the right to appoint competent scholars as interpreters of the Islamic law; Islamists do not any authority apart from the leaders of their own groups. Tradition makes the authority of a scholar dependent on the possession of written documents of appointment signed by his predecessor; Islamists regularly install people bereft of any theological or legal education into positions of Islamic authority.

Another point: Sunnis do not see Islam as an dependent on a leadership; Islamists, on the contrary, see their leading militants as the Islamic leadership, thereby cutting out the need to refer to traditional scholars for guidance. Perhaps most important of all is the Islamists' subordination of religion to politics. Khalid Duran notes the distinction between traditional Islam and its political counterfeit by underlining their different understandings of the relationships between religion and politics: "Whether Islamists like the term fundamentalists or not, their understanding of religion resembles the fundamentalists in other religions. This is not to say that Islamists are more religious or more genuinely Islamic than other Muslims . . . Islamism is a late 20th century totalitarianism. It follows fascism and communism, picking up from those and seeking to refine their methods of domination

Can anything be plainer spoken let me repeat that last part Islamism is a late 20th century totalitarianism. It follows fascism and communism, picking up from those and seeking to refine their methods of domination

You would expect to find those words on a Neo-Con website they fit in well here, but I TELL YOU.
Islamic Supreme Council of America IS along beside us on the barricades in defense of Civilization.

There are other stranger still fellow warriors you have not heard of. Oh yes you have heard and read much about Chechnya. BUT in any form shape or manner have you EVER heard the words of the Mufti of Chechnya?

One would think the Spiritual Leader of Islam in that region might be of interest to the News Media, his thoughts his views. But maybe its because he does not have the CORRECT views? Do I need to mention he is a Sufi Muslim and HIS thoughts are:

Because of lack of reliable information, some Muslims are supposing that the Chechen people are involved in "jihad" against Russia. The reality is quite different: all the area of Muslim former-Soviet Republics has become a central point in the project of Wahhabi expansion. Because of the inner weakness of most of those countries, some Wahhabi terrorists are trying to conquer them by force, and to install there a Khawarij, Taliban-like dictatorship. Those people are, as always, trying to extinguish Allah's light, and to export Wahhabism in countries where it never existed before.

Chechnya has become a battlefield since Wahhabis want to occupy it "spiritually", by corrupting the Islamic 'aqidah and impose heresy by force. Sunni Muslims are - as in many other cases - the main victims of this tragedy. May Allah Ta'ala help them to free themselves from this menace, and may He grant them relief after hardship.

Praise be to Allah and Allah knows best.

May Allah accept your fast and salawat and grant you a Ramadan mubarak.

Wa-s-salamu 'alaykum wa rahmat-Ullahi wa barakatuH.

By the way the above can be found on the website of

Italian Muslim Association

All know and it has been reported over and over again that for the most part the rabid beasts of 9/11 were Saudi. Are there OTHER types of Saudis? Yes there are here is one very brave Saudi. The Religious Policeman

A Saudi man's diary of life in the "Magic Kingdom", where the Religious Police ensure that everything remains as it was in the Middle Ages.

In Memory of the lives of 15 Makkah Schoolgirls, lost when their school burnt down on Monday, 11th March, 2002. The Religious Police would not allow them to leave the building, nor allow the Firemen to enter.

I said brave and I meant it. Certain thoughts spoken can have fatal consequences behind the Quran Curtain and The Policeman lives in the heat of Wahhabi Jihadism.

His last post was. Tuesday, August 10, 2004 where he wrote: Back, but inactive
Asalaam aleikum, everyone.

I'm back and rested after a fine vacation, and well.

However, for reasons I don't want to go into here, I won't be actively blogging for a while.

Let us hope he did not attract to much attention.
The last execution for Apostasy in Saudi Arabia was only In September 1993, Sadeq Mallallah, 23, was beheaded in Qateef on a charge of apostasy for owning a Bible.

Let us be clear about this. These Gentlemen do not equivocate, do not excuse, they state plainly that in this world there is a Great Evil and some of them make these statements not from the Safety of the Western World at home, secure at their computer, but in the Heart of Darkness itself and at GREAT PERIL.

We ARE at War, if you should ever meet one of these men, say "Advance Friend, and be RECOGNIZED"


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Wednesday, 27 July 2005
We Are Not Alone

Topic: Islamic Jihad
It is nice to find friends.
Our enemies may be Legion,
but our friends are as well.

You may not hear about them
on TV, or read about them in
the Newspapers, or Magazines.
But they ARE out there IF you
LOOK for them.

In an earlier post I mentioned
a website named

Unite Against Terror

After I signed the Petition I found
there I looked at the others who
had done so as well and found
Daisy Miller from Italy, and HER

We should stop by, visit and say
Hello, Thank You or Ciao La Ringrazia
since the site is totally in Italian.

But thanks to the miracle of Modern
technology and websites like


Of COURSE it is not the same as
being fluent. but we CAN understand
many things she has to say.

We can translate text and even the
entire webpage in one click.

Then we can read of her mother telling
her stories as a girl of the GIs
who gave HER and other children
chocolate when she was a girl and what
she thought we she hear of the children
in Iraq who were killed by terrorists
because once again American GIs were
handing candy out to children


My mommy that had 15 years when arrive the
Americans will have told me thirty times of
the chocolates that distributed from the jeep
when arrived at Modena: hearing about those
that demolished twenty children irakeni that
took the candies from a navies yesterday the
other annotated: "to take them and to kill
has been not them enough"

Yes it was nice to find this website. It is
nice to find kindred spirits and allies in
this world we find ourselves in.

But Dan some may say, she is ONLY one person.
Yes she is only one person but on her
website she has THREE Screen fields
of Pro-American Italian Blogs!

Wonderful. The Committees of Correspondence
have gone global they no longer are
confined to their Revolutionary limits
of only our shores.

I will post another time of others I have
chanced upon.

And if you who read these words are from another
part of the Globe, leave a message??

Let us know you were here?

Of course I DO know some from distance places
have paused here. I see the record HERE

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Tuesday, 26 July 2005
The World
Turned Upside Down

Topic: Islamic Jihad
According to Legend the Air Played at Yorktown when the troops of Cornwallis laid down their arms. Ironically
Cornwallis opposed nearly all of the British policies that led to the American Revolution.

Indeed the World was Turned Upside Down that Day. One of the Preeminent Military Powers of Europe defeated with the aid of the French by a ragtag collection of Colonials.

In the next few years that New Nation was to engage in its first military land action against of all things a Muslim Terrorist NGO known in those days as the Barbary Pirates. Europe of the Day was content to pay tribute, the answer to that demand by the United States was,
"Millions for Defense, not One Red Cent for Tribute!"

Shortly thereafter as History turns, our former enemy the British and we were at War, During that conflict out Capital was burned and sacked.

History runs in cycle and in 200 years The World has Turned Upside Down once more. Our Former enemy is now our closest ally, in a struggle once more against a Muslim Terrorist NGO this time known as Al-Qaeda.

One personal political front the World has also been
Turned Upside Down. Former Liberals are now called Neo=Cons, what was the Reactionary Conservative Party has become one which supports the advancement of Democracy and Egalitarian Liberty abroad. The Former Radical Liberal Left now supports or trys to support Fascist Dictators in a futile attempt to achieve stability in a chaotic world.

Myself I have found myself in what in the past would be strange company.

My Political Heros today include, Ronald Reagon, Daniel Patrick Moynahan, William F Buckley, George Herbert Walker Bush, George Walker Bush and by the Great Harry has the World Turned Upside Down?

Christopher Hitchens.

I will admit Mr Hitchens would be horrified to be grouped together with some of the above figures and I will admit if you were to go back in the Past and tell my younger self that one day I would avidly read with approval the works of one of the most potent spokesmen for the Left and a Trotskyite, I would have told you that would be insane,

But today we live in an INSANE world and all other differences aside there is one defining concept that Christorpher Hitchens and I agree on TOTALLY and that is the immanent danger of the Jihadists.

So when, reading some of his works, I stumbled upon the following, what he wrote struck a chord of truth to me and I joined him and other strange bedfellows and signed this Petition and I encourage others of like mind to do the same.

Communities United Against Terror

Now I did not need much persuasion, none actually, but had I need it I think these words would have downt ehe trick.

"Why I Signed Christopher Hitchens"

Association with this statement and with many of its fellow-signatories involves two commitments. The first is the elementary duty of solidarity with true and authentic resistance movements within the Muslim world, such as the Kurdish guerrillas in Iraq and the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan, who were fighting against Ba'athism and Talibanism (and the latent alliance between the two) long before any American or British government had woken up to the threat. It should go without saying that, though the suffering of their peoples was intense, neither Jalal Talabani nor Ahmed Shah Masoud ever considered letting off explosive devices at random in foreign capitals. I have my political and ideological differences with both groups, but these differences are between me and them, and are not mediated through acts of nihilistic murder.

My second commitment is equally elementary. The foreign policy of a democracy should be determined only at election times or by votes in Congress or Parliament. It is one hundred per cent unacceptable even to imply, let alone to assert, that a suicide-murderer or his apologists can by these means acquire the right to any say in how matters are decided.

Both of these observations, and indeed this very statement, would be redundant if it were not for the widespread cultural presence of a pseudo-Left, and an isolationist Right, both of whom have degenerated to the point where they regard jihadism as some form of "liberation theology". The old slogans are often the best, and "Death to Fascism" is life-affirming in these conditions

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