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Wednesday, 1 November 2006
Based on immigration issues -- WHO SHOULD GET YOUR VOTE NEXT TUESDAY?
Roy Beck, President, NumbersUSA

1 p.m. EST

Based on immigration issues -- WHO SHOULD GET YOUR VOTE NEXT TUESDAY?

"When you listen to all these political ads, it sounds like everybody is going to get tough on immigration. But you need to let everybody know who has a record that shows they can be trusted to do it."

----------Gary, Chicago

"Whom does NumbersUSA support in the upcoming elections? This information would be extremely valuable to me as a voter."

----------G. Kidd

"God bless you for what you are trying to do. I am trying to prepare for the upcoming election and although you are not partisan, and I appreciate that, I think we need a voter guide. Is it possible that you could do it or send us to a place where we could find out the truth about a candidate's position? The media is very crooked and the issue we care about is being covered up and neglected on purpose."

----------William Schroeder

"Why don't you tell voters to vote for those people in Congress and the Senate WHO OPPOSED AMNESTY AND GIVE THEM LISTS? Otherwise the tiny progress we've made thus far can be flushed away."

----------M. Schiele


Almost everything you need to know can be found by going to:

Immigration Grades and Candidates Pages at

Which candidates would refuse to reward illegal immigration? Who would punish outlaw businesses who hire illegal aliens? Who would fight to protect American workers from having their occupations collapsed by foreign labor importation? Who would oppose the federal government using high immigration to force massive population growth and congestion?

Your NumbersUSA staffers have provided you with the best immigration campaign guide you can find anywhere.

We have all kinds of information to help you know which candidates (1) have a record of responsible immigration decisions and/or (2) have pledged to take responsible immigration actions in the future.

I hope you won't go into the voting booth next Tuesday without at least checking on our special web pages to know exactly how the candidates for the U.S. House and Senate, and for your state's Governor, compare on immigration issues.

A scientific national poll released last week found that 53 percent of likely voters said immigration was either their most important issue or one of their top three issues -- while just 8 percent said it was not at all important.

If you are one of those 53 percent, our information about who is GOOD, WISHY-WASHY or a FRAUD in toughness on immigration is of essential importance before you decide how to vote.

NumbersUSA is known for being doggedly non-partisan. We employ on our staff committed Democrats, Independents and Republicans -- Conservatives, Moderates and Liberals.

Our registered membership also covers the entire political spectrum (and includes immigrants and children of immigrants from every continent).

We are united on only one issue -- and only one issue gets our action -- reducing annual illegal and legal immigration from more than 2 million a year back toward America's traditional average (before 1970) of only a quarter of a million a year.


Most Americans do not realize that there is such an easy way to know which candidates truly favor the American majority's wishes for cracking down on illegal immigration and halting increases in foreign labor importation.

Please send this email to everybody who may looking for an easy way to check on candidates related to immigration issues.

You know how the internet works. We will send this email to the 1.1 million American voters on our email list. If half of you on that list send to 10 people on your email list, we're up over 5 million. And those of you who are getting this email as a pass-along, can incredibly increase the exposure by sending it on to YOUR list.

Many people say it is too late to make a difference.

But what if we make sure that the 53% who really care about getting immigration under control see which candidates can do that? And we do it over the next few days?

Let's do our best to reach 70 million people just before they go into that voting booth.

How to Reply

Please do not click 'Reply' button to respond to this message. To make a general comment or request tech help, click here and fill out our Help Form.


Your NumbersUSA staff has kept track of every single immigration action of all 535 Members of Congress since 1989 or when they arrived in Washington after that.

Click on the state on the map of the Member of Congress whose record you wish to inspect.

If you are considering an incumbent, probably nothing is a better indicator of what he/she will do if re-elected than the Immigration Grades each of the Members of Congress has earned.

Unless the Challenger in a particular race is demonstrably better on immigration, it is very important to our issue that every Incumbent with a grade of A+ down to even a B-minus gets returned to Congress to continue to help us in our fight. They are proven entities.

But most incumbents with below a B-minus probably have forfeited any claim on returning, as far as our hopes for overall illegal and legal immigration reductions are concerned. In fact, a case could be made that it might be okay to elect somebody who seems even worse because of the political lessons it would show by defeating incumbents who try to get by with C or below efforts.

You can take a look at the whole list of Incumbents With Good Immigration-Reform Records for the current Congress.

Nearly half of the incumbents have grades of B-minus up through A+ during the current Congress. Many of them have much better grades this Congress than in previous Congresses because of constituency pressure.


Click to See List of True Immigration-Reform Candidates for Congress & Governor

We made multiple requests of every single congressional and gubernatorial candidate since spring to fill out our immigration survey.

Most campaign offices declined.

But the candidates (shown in bright green) who filled out the form and met our minimum standard for being declared a TRUE IMMIGRATION REFORM CANDIDATE do indeed deserve a close look from you.

These are people who proactively have sought to get our seal of approval and to publicly tie themselves to some very aggressive reform positions.

You can still make a big difference for a True Immigration Reform Candidate by volunteering to help him/her get out the vote next Tuesday.

You can find out how to call or email each candidate by simply clicking on his/her name in the list of True Immigration Reform Candidates.


The Washington, D.C.-based U.S. Immigration Reform Political Action Committee (USIRP) announced last week that it is endorsing 304 candidates in contested races for the House of Representatives, after endorsing in a number of Senate races earlier.

The list of House endorsements includes 194 incumbents 95 challengers and 15 candidates for open seats in the November election.

NumbersUSA never endorses candidates. We only help voters know which candidates might do the best job in reaching NumbersUSA's immigration goals (our only issue is immigration reduction).

But you can see what this immigration PAC has done in endorsements at:

Click here, and then click on "06 Elections" in the navigation bar, and on the next page click on links for House and Senate endorsements.

USIRP communications director Phil Kent said the endorsements were based on three criteria: incumbents’ immigration report cards, ten-question candidate surveys USIRP mailed out to several hundred challengers, and public positions taken by the candidates on campaign websites and in statements to the media.

Kent said, "The cat is out of the bag as far as the immigration issue is concerned. Americans increasingly realize that uncontrolled immigration is a major cause of many of the ills that afflict their society from the rising cost of health care to the quality of education, traffic congestion, urban sprawl, pollution, and the threat of terrorism and crime."

"Regardless of which party controls Congress after the election, regaining control of our borders and restoring common sense to our immigration policies are going to intensify as political issues until our elected leaders find the courage to deal honestly with the problem," Kent added.


Click for list of endorsements

The Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee (of Raleigh, N.C.) decided to give only a few endorsements to incumbents who have not disappointed and challengers with an aggressive reform stance.


Most of you know that I spent most of my adult life in journalism -- primarily in newspapers. I'm a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

All of that makes me pretty embarrassed, if not downright ashamed, of the unprofessional coverage of immigration issues by most news media.

The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and other elite media are unabashedly passionate in their promotion of (a) citizenship for illegal aliens, (b) opening the gates to massive additional flows of foreign labor, and (c) using immigration to force even faster population growth and congestion in our local communities.

Whether liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat, the overwhelming majority of opinion leaders agree on virtually open borders, in opposition to the overwhelming majority of American voters who do not.

Those elite media have been pounding a theme the last few days that Americans will not vote on the basis of wanting tougher enforcement of immigation laws and reduced flows of foreign workers. They say gleefully that the next Congress will be far more open to legalizing illegal aliens and drastically increasing the flow of new foreign workers. They say they are confident that voters will go into the polling booths next week and vote out enough True Immigration Reformers so the next Congress can pass the Senate's open-borders legislation.

You know that I know that many of you have one or two issues that are more important to you than immigration. That may cause you to vote for a candidate who is not the best immigration-reform candidate in a race. Still, I hope you will consider very carefully before you vote for somebody who might be the deciding vote in passing an amnesty and doubling foreign workers next year.


To send free faxes over the internet to your Members of Congress to make sure they know how you feel, click on the following link:


Some of you have already sent all the faxes that were available, but more will go up soon.

If you have never sent a NumbersUSA fax, you will find it is very easy. And NumbersUSA has never broken its promise (in 9.5 years of operation) that it will not share, rent or sell any names, email addresses, etc. of anybody who uses its faxing system.



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**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate.

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Updated: Wednesday, 1 November 2006 7:47 PM CST

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