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Tuesday, 29 August 2006
What Time Of Year Is It The Warmest?
Topic: Global Warming
I want you to take a GOOD look at the following graph.

Now Children that little graph is "Earth Ice over the last 750,000 years."

See where we are now? In an INTER-glacial cycle, close to the end of an average interglacial cycle to be exact.

Approximately every 100,000 years Earth's climate warms up temporarily. These warm periods, called interglacial periods, appear to last approximately 15,000 to 20,000 years before regressing back to a cold ice age climate. At year 18,000 and counting our current interglacial vacation from the Ice Age is much nearer it's end than it's beginning.

Take a GOOD look at that graph. It shows Climatic CYCLES. That is how Nature works, not Linear but in Cycles. This a phenomenon that is found time and time again in Nature, not just in Weather or Climate.

There has been much comment in the News about Global Warming. Oddly enough it is by the same groups that were commenting a generation ago about Global Cooling.

What we are witnessing is BAD Science, Political Science, Junk Science, Propaganda if you will to develop hysteria and establish political and economic control of the general population.

Science deals with DATA, not just Computer Models that can be tweaked with different assumptions to derive desired results.

It is getting Warmer? Yes and it has done so before.

Example of regional variations in surface air temperature for the last 1000 years, estimated from a variety of sources, including temperature-sensitive tree growth indices and written records of various kinds, largely from western Europe and eastern North America. Shown are changes in regional temperature in ? C, from the baseline value for 1900. Compiled by R. S. Bradley and J. A. Eddy based on J. T. Houghton et al., Climate Change: The IPCC Assessment, Cambridge UniversityPress, Cambridge, 1990 and published in EarthQuest, vol 5, no 1, 1991. Courtesy of Thomas Crowley, Remembrance of Things Past: Greenhouse Lessons from the Geologic Record

Earth's climate was in a cool period from A.D. 1400 to about A.D. 1860, dubbed the "Little Ice Age." This period was characterized by harsh winters, shorter growing seasons, and a drier climate. The decline in global temperatures was a modest 1/2? C, but the effects of this global cooling cycle were more pronounced in the higher latitudes. The Little Ice Age has been blamed for a host of human suffering including crop failures like the "Irish Potato Famine" and the demise of the medieval Viking colonies in Greenland.

Today we enjoy global temperatures which have warmed back to levels of the so called "Medieval Warm Period," which existed from approximately A.D. 1000 to A.D. 1350

So yes we HAVE seen global warming trends before and I note that the last one PREDATES the Industrial Age and the use of Fossil Fuels.

That was not the only time either. The following graph is the last 18,000 years of THIS Interglacial Cycle.

The idea that man-made pollution is responsible for global warming is not supported by historical fact. The period known as the Holocene Maximum is a good example-- so-named because it was the hottest period in human history. The interesting thing is this period occurred approximately 7500 to 4000 years B.P. (before present)-- long before human's invented industrial pollution.

CO2 in our atmosphere has been increasing steadily for the last 18,000 years-- long before humans invented smokestacks ( Figure 1). Unless you count campfires and intestinal gas, man played no role in the pre-industrial increases.

As illustrated in this chart of Ice Core data from the Soviet Station Vostok in Antarctica, CO2 concentrations in earth's atmosphere move with temperature. Both temperatures and CO2 have been steadily increasing for 18,000 years. Ignoring these 18,000 years of data "global warming activists" contend recent increases in atmospheric CO2 are unnatural and are the result of only 200 years or so of human pollution causing a runaway greenhouse effect.

Incidentally, earth's temperature and CO2 levels today have reached levels similar to a previous interglacial cycle of 120,000 - 140,000 years ago. From beginning to end this cycle lasted about 20,000 years. This is known as the Eemian Interglacial Period and the earth returned to a full-fledged ice age immediately afterward

Now maybe all this talk of Ice Volume, Interglacial Cycles is confusing. But there ARE weather cycles we are all familiar with the Seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. We have seen the Seasons come and go. We are all familiar with that Natural Cycle.

Let us do a small thought experiment.

Suppose there were a world exactly like ours, with a Race much like ours but their Life Cycles were 100,00
times more rapid, there days and night came 100,000 times more rapidly BUT their year was the same length as ours and their Seasons progressed the same.

100,000 years to 1 year, 4000 generations, each month would be about 9,000 of their years less than 400 generations. Each month would be about the same length of time as our Historical Era.

The Scientists of this Civilization have for sometime noticed an alarming trend, Their World is getting WARMER. Left unchecked Life on their planet will become extinct.

They determine the cause is the release of Carbon Dioxide into their atmosphere by the use of Fossil Fuels.

The only solution is to De-Industrialize their Civilization. That will require a reduction of their population by about 90%, because a Pre-Industrial Society can only support that number.

They will instituted Draconian Population Controls, tests will be run and only the top 10% will be allowed to reproduce, the remainder of their population will be sterilized.

The Cost will be worth it, their Race, indeed ALL of Life on their Planet will be spare the impending inevitable Doom.

Of course from our viewpoint they are WRONG. The warming trend will NOT increase Linearly, In fact in a few of their Centuries it will become COLDER.

It may become so Cold that their new Civilization will not survive, and their Society will collapse into small bands of Hunter Gatherers.

That is because they were only looking at a small part of a Natural Cycle and assumed incorrectly that trend would continue in the same direction.

Sounds preposterous? Well Big Lizards in Ya Fallow? informs us that:

Extree, extree, read all about it! Now "global warming" makes glaciers grow bigger...!

Global warming could be causing some glaciers to grow, a new study claims.

Researchers at Newcastle University looked at temperature trends in the western Himalaya over the past century.

They found warmer winters and cooler summers, combined with more snow and rainfall, could be causing some mountain glaciers to increase in size.

Buster Block at InMuscatine in Scientist Predicts Global Cooling tells us

United Press International - NewsTrack - Russian scientist predicts global cooling:

A Russian scientist predicts a period of global cooling in coming decades, followed by a warmer interval.

Khabibullo Abdusamatov expects a repeat of the period known as the Little Ice Age. During the 16th century, the Baltic Sea froze so hard that hotels were built on the ice for people crossing the sea in coaches.

The Little Ice Age is believed to have contributed to the end of the Norse colony in Greenland, which was founded during an interval of much warmer weather

So the next time you read or hear hysterical pronunciations that Global Warming, excuse me Climate Change, is facing us with impending Doom, ask yourself, "What time of the Year is it the warmest?"

Hint it is now August and in the Northern Hemisphere this means September, October, November and December will be what?

So hot that Life as we know it will be threatened?

PS If you liked this post, you will LOVE

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Der Mythos der Globalen Erwarmung
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Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 9:24 AM CDT
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Updated: Saturday, 7 April 2007 5:56 PM CDT

Wednesday, 30 August 2006 - 7:55 PM CDT

Name: The Troll

Dan good luck the wackos that believe the sky is falling, or freezing, or warming, whatever the case may be it's all the fault of the nasty combustion engine boo hoo hoo. Never mind that the data doesn't back that up. All I know is give me a nice 68 caddy with a v8 and no anti polution crap a long stretch of road and maybe Elvis on the radio Thats Heaven....

Thursday, 31 August 2006 - 7:04 AM CDT

Name: kentuckydan

Now Troll, you left out the good looking lady who should be sitting beside you with the wind blowing through her hair. ;-)

Tuesday, 15 November 2016 - 11:18 AM CST

Name: "Jane"

Thanks. Your articles are very good café  

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