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Friday, 7 July 2006
Why can't our nation read, write, cipher or THINK?

This fits so well with my previous post.

"You are from the Midwest. You are culturally deprived, so you would not understand it anyway."

That I intend to buy the book. I believe it was this quote that made up my mind.

The Seven Deadly Principles "After sober and judicious consideration, and weighing one thing against another in the interests of reasonable compromise, H. L. Mencken concluded that a startling and dramatic improvement in American education required only that we hang all the professors and burn down the schools. His uncharacteristically moderate proposal was not adopted."

Those who actually knew more about education than Mencken did could see that his plan was nothing more than cosmetic and would in fact provide only an outward appearance of improvement. Those who knew less, on the other hand, had somewhat more elaborate plans of their own, and they just happened to be in charge of the schools.

Why can't our nation

read, write, cipher or THINK?

The Underground Grammarian takes on

the American Educational Establishment.

Praised by critics across the nation,
The Graves of Academe is Richard Mitchell's angry and brilliant
tour through America's bloated public school system--whose mangled,
self-serving language and policies would make Orwell wince. Stamped
with vintage Mitchell wit and laced with stinging examples from
The Underground Grammarian, The Graves of Academe pinpoints
the historic sources of the mind-boggling "educationist"
bureaucracy and reveals why today's schools are riddled not only
with illiterate students but with illiterate teachers and administrators
as well.

THIS book started out to be a large collection of pieces from The Underground Grammarian, a dissident if tiny journal that has achieved notoriety if not fame

Read the Book, don't wait for the Movie.
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Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 6:55 PM CDT
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Updated: Friday, 7 July 2006 7:29 PM CDT

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