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Thursday, 16 February 2006
Isn't That Their Job?
You hear the phrases these days, "Must Read", "Daily Read" applied to some Blog or Pundit.

Before Blogs and the Internet really took off I had Must Reads,and Daily Reads, for many years one of the major ones was Mike Royko of the Chicago Tribune.

"His columns often targeted city hall, and other bullies who pushed around, as he put it, the people without clout. Information on his life and career.'

You can keep your Cronkites and your Rathers, Royko is the one I remember from that era.

A newspaper man of the Old Style, cigar chewing whiskey swilling shoot'em right between the eyes Mike Royko of the Chicago Tribune.

Mike could never be confused with Political Correctness, I recall after some public figure, I think it was Ann Landers got into a lot of hot water for using the word Polack and the current Pope in the same sentence, Royko who was of Polish descent himself wrote a BLISTERING article pointing out to the ignorant, that the Polish word for someone from Poland WAS Polack.

Of course in a time when MADD was coming into their own the whiskey swilling did have eventual consequences. Mike got himself a DUI.

Which was big news, an old style newspaper man had one too many.

So there came the day, the hearing and as Royko walked down the steps of the Court House, afterwards a perky little blonde media figure, cameras running, rammed a microphone in the direction of his face and asked, with a big bright smile,

"Mr Royko! Can you tell us what just went on in there?" (Like NO ONE watching had ANY idea?)

Mike looked down at her and replied.

"You are supposed to be a reporter, isn't that your job. Then walked right by leaving her standing there with her mouth open. ;-)

Alas there are not too many Mike Roykos left anymore, but there are plenty like the perky little media figure.

You know the ones I mean. You have seen them in Press Conferences. They don't ask questions, they make policy statements.

They sometimes seem like a flock of Chicken Littles running around flapping their wings cackling, "The Sky is falling, the SKY is FALLING!"

Then when it doesn't fall, they find something else to get hysterical about, in the certainty that the American People will not remember that they were hysterical about the complete opposite thing happening not to long before.

Recently instead of Chicken Little the Washington Press Corps has been acting like a flock of Broody Hens having a Hissy Fit, because someone hasn't given THEM the eggs. That is what reminded me of Mike Royko's famous statement, "you are supposed to be a reporter, isn't that your job?

It seems the VP was in a hunting accident and he did not rush to tell THEM. Instead a report was filed with the local Sheriff and a local News Paper was given the story! COVERUP!!!!!!!

Oh and Scott McClellan it turns out knew that one of the pellets entered a blood vessel and caused a cardiac problem and HE did not tell the Press!

Let me see if I understand this, the Press is demanding that a Government Spokesman deliver to them confidential medical information of a Private Citizen??

Oh and to add insult to injury the VP gave an exclusive interview to Brit Hume of Fox News,.

Now that was a real surprise wasn't it?

Michele Malkin has much more on this latest development in FOX DERANGEMENT SYNDROME


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 7:35 PM CST
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Updated: Thursday, 16 February 2006 8:00 PM CST

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