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Friday, 11 November 2005
Peace Has Come To Dafur
Many of us have been playing close attention to the events in France these last few weeks, because we believe it is one of the battle fields in a Global Conflict.

Other battles have been waged in Bali, Madrid, London, New York, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, but of all the battles of the Global Jihad the dearest cost in human lives has been in Sudan.

During a previous episode in Southern Sudan between 1 and 3 million African Pagan Animists and Christians were slaughtered, but the recent conflict has been in the Northern Dafur region waged against African Sufi Sunnis by Arabic Wahhabi Sunni Jihadists.

I read an article by Christopher Hitchens last night, it appears Peace has come to that bloody and torn land.

In Iraq the United States was accused of arrogant and unilateral action, but

this time

"the administration did everything that could have been asked of it. Abandoning any sort of "unilateralism," it pedantically followed the Kofi Annan script of multiparty negotiations and patient diplomacy. It allowed the inspectors more time. It exhausted all avenues short of war and never even threatened the use of force. By the use of sanctions, it kept Sudan "in its box." And it has got exactly what anyone might have predicted for such a strategy. Perhaps that's why there is so little protest. After all, we know that "war is not the answer." And now Sudan has Darfur province in its box."

After all, we know that "war is not the answer.

So Peace has come to Dafur, because? Because there is not really anyone left to protect. The same Peace came to Dafur, that came to Rwanda. It is cold comfort that instead of at the cost of 700 to 800,000 lives it cost this time only about half as many.

"By some reliable estimates, the Sudanese government or "National Islamic Front" has slain as many as 400,000 of its black co-religionists?known contemptuously as zurga ("niggers")?and expelled perhaps 2 million more. This appalling achievement has been made possible by a very simple tactic: The actual killers and cleansers, the Arab janjaweed militias, are a "deniable" arm of the Sudanese authorities. Those authorities pretend to negotiate with the United Nations, the United States, and the African Union, and their negotiating "card" is the control that they can or might exercise over said militias. While this tap is turned on and off, according to different applications of carrot and stick, the militias pretend to go out of control and carry on with their slaughter and deportation. By the time the clock has been run out, the job is done."

The lesson we have given to the world is? That genocide works. All a regime has to do is mouth the words, go through the motions. History isreplete with those who willingly acquiesce to such tactics, Stalin called them useful idiots.

"t looks as if the realists have won the day in the matter of Darfur. Or, to phrase it in another way, it looks as if the ethnic cleansers of that province have made good use of the "negotiation" and "mediation" period to complete their self-appointed task. As my friend Johann Hari put it recently in the London Independent: "At last, some good news from Darfur: the genocide in western Sudan is nearly over. There's only one problem?it's drawing to an end only because there are no black people left to cleanse or kill."

So Peace has come to Dafur.

"the Sudanese government might have gotten away with the whole thing. But we have more than enough filmed and photographic evidence of Sudanese planes and helicopters, flying close support to janjaweed operations, to say with certainty that the relationship between the two is the same as between the Rwandan authorities and the "Hutu Power" mobs who destroyed the Tutsi population. In other words, a Rwanda in slow motion, and in front of the cameras and the diplomats."

For those who protested against the War in Iraq, for those who claim that Diplomacy and Containment should be the only method used to address incidents such as this, for those who truly believe that---

War is never the answer.

I can say to you, that your wishes have been accomplished, Peace has come to Sudan and the only Price is the one that always accompanies the path of appeasement.

It is measured in the slaughter of the innocent, 400,000 this time.

Nonintervention does not mean that nothing happens. It means that something else happens."

Peace has come to Dafur, it should not feel so sickening.

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Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 7:51 AM CST
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Updated: Saturday, 12 November 2005 7:36 AM CST

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