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Friday, 21 October 2005
The De Paul Brand
Supression of Freedom of Expression is DePaul's newest "Brand"?

I found this tonight on Powerline,

DePaul Invites Churchill, Suppresses Republicans

DePaul University in Chicago has invited Ward Churchill to its campus to speak on--of all things--human rights. The college's Republicans have tried to mobilize opposition to Churchill's visit, but have been blocked by the college's administration. Amazingly, the Republicans were denied the right to post flyers criticizing Churchill's visit on the ground that the flyers were "propaganda"!

Filmmaker Andrew Marcus has set up a terrific web site to follow the controversy, called Mental Ward. The site contains a wealth of information, including a video interview with the President of DePaul's Republicans. This is a great example of a single-purpose web site

Part of my reaction is prompted by the fact that De Paul has an alumni who is a modern day American Hero.

DePaul Alum Todd Beamer-Does Ward Churchill think Todd was a "Little Eichmann?"

Marathon Pundit ^ | October 7, 2005 | Marathon Pundit

Posted on 10/07/2005 9:03:20 PM PDT by Land_of_Lincoln_John

Heroic Todd Beamer was not in the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. But he led the famous "Let's Roll" charge into the cockpit of Flight 93, which crashed that same day in Pennsylvania after being hijacked by al-Qaida terrorists.

He was a DePaul grad, earning his MBA from the Chicago school in 1993.

So, does October 20 and 21 DePaul speaker Churchill think Todd was a "Little Eichmann?"

Now Andrew Marcus does have some excellent contact addresses on his website, but before I went to there I had already found the department of De Paul to which I wanted to send a letter expressing my own emotions.

The De Paul Brand

Why "brand" DePaul?

In an environment filled with so many higher education options and alternatives, the benefits of articulating a consistent, clear message of DePaul's unique advantages are apparent. Our key audiences need to be able to understand quickly and clearly who DePaul is and what the university can offer them.

To me the message is quite clear, Politically Correct Dogma will be defended by the Inquisition against heretical views. Free Speech does not include the right to shout Bigot and Fraud at a Bigot and Fraud.

INNOVATIVE: DePaul is never content with the status quo. DePaul's educational tradition is marked by innovation, by creativity and by a persistent pursuit of novel solutions to meet the educational needs of the marketplace and society.

Have Torches and Pitchforks Will Travel We Burn Neo-Con Books too?

DIVERSE: DePaul provides access for all to higher education, regardless of

class, race, ethnicity or economic barriers.

The DePaul community is a welcoming one, marked by its inclusivity, diversity and openness to a wide range of students, faculty and staff.


notice how that does not appear in the regardless of statement above?

RISK-TAKING: DePaul dares to take a chance. Historically, the university has stepped outside tradition and beyond conservative approaches, consistently demonstrating an adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit.

Well they are honest, no conservatives need apply, wonder how they jive entrepreneurial spirit with Socialist Rhetoric?

VALUES: DePaul's mission is visible to all. Its education is grounded in values of personalism, holistic education and the commitment to creating opportunities for the disadvantaged and disenfranchised in society.

Those they deem advantaged and enfranchised better not try to step outside their place if they forget this little rule they will be reminded.

Why do we need brand guidelines?

A brand is only as strong as the consistency of the communications materials that convey it. Messages that deviate from the brand essence will be confusing to the audience. They will weaken or muddy the brand. (Imagine if Nike didn’t dictate how its advertisers and sponsors used the official "swoosh" logo.)

There you have it folks obviously the message of the Republican Club deviates from the brand essence is not consistent with the Brand Image De Paul wishes to disseminate.

Who needs these guidelines?

Everyone responsible for the creation or implementation of new communications materials—brochures, print ads, signage, electronic messages or others—needs the information on this site. If you have further questions about these guidelines, please contact:

Assistant Vice President
Marketing Communications

Enrollment Communications

Can we say Intellectual Censorship?

So I sent this department this letter.

Suppression of Freedom of Expression is your newest "Brand"?

There was a time that center's of higher learning were considered without
thought or question to be bastions of freedom of speech and expression.

It now appears that you differentiate some versions of speech and expression
as "propaganda" and ban them?

What books are you planning to burn in the future?

To think that the institute of higher learning attended by such heros
as Todd Beamer could sink so low, could forget meaning of Freedom and Liberty.

Could ban dissent in opposition to someone who called those like your famous
alumni "Little Eichmann's".

Perhaps you have no shame, then I hope you enjoy the newest Brand you have

I am trying to decide what an appropriate symbol for De Paul's new brand would be, should it include images of Fascists burning books or Inquisitors burning heretics?

Anyone have some ideas? Put them in the comments or an URL to a design.

I was thinking of something like this


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 11:27 PM CDT
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Updated: Friday, 21 October 2005 11:51 PM CDT

Sunday, 13 November 2005 - 6:33 PM CST

Name: Chris mankey

Heroic Todd Beamer was not in the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. But he led the famous "Let's Roll" charge into the cockpit of Flight 93, which crashed that same day in Pennsylvania after being hijacked by al-Qaida terrorists.

He was a DePaul grad, earning his MBA from the Chicago school in 1993.

The "Let's roll " charge? Don't you mean the LET'S ROLL(trade mark) charge? How about the WHERE'S JESUS charge. That seems more to the point.

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