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Monday, 12 September 2005
I'm not here to point the finger of blame
Topic: Out of Flyover Land
Howard Dean graced the American People with that statement recently.

Of course it came at the END of
Dean: U.S. must face 'ugly truth' about Katrina
"(CNN) -- Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said that in Hurricane Katrina's wake Americans need to face the "ugly truth" that race and class played a significant role in who lived and died"

I submit that has, is and will be the definitive model of the Democratic Party's tactics.

When the situation is in flux, information is incomplete or lacking, hysteria, extreme rhetoric, appeals to emotion and most definitely all the "finger pointing of blame" that they can muster.

Then when the situation stabilizes,when information is more complete and accurate, and when the fingers start pointing in directions that the DNC feel uncomfortable with, there will be an attempt to deflect the attention of the public and assume a position on the moral high ground by phrases such as

"I'm not here to point the finger of blame"

followed by a sometimes unspoken, but resounding


At the last they will utter platitudes that we need to find solutions, begin healing and find closure.

Sound familiar? It's been used time after time.
The events leading up to the Gulf War Phase II, had how many hysterical rants about the tens of thousands of US GIs who would die, the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. It didn't happen that way did it?

Katrina did not happen the way it has been portrayed either, and there are some VERY unpleasant "ugly truths" emerging,

Not about the President, nor the Federal FEMA effectiveness, but about the Local Authorities
in Louisiana, who happen to belong to a Party, I do not feel I have to name.

How many times have witnessed the same?

During the days leading up to the start of the Gulf War Phase II, do you recall the hysterical mantra of the tens of thousands of GIs we would lose, the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis that would die.

Didn't happen that way did it?

Then when our troops out ran their supplies because they had had overwhelming success, they paused and immediately the cry went out "quagmire"? And it wasn't was it?

Sometimes it seemed like the Democratic and the Mainstream Media Talking Heads were reading from the same page as Baghdad Bob. Didn't it?

9/11 happened on President Bush's watch so it was all his fault. That is until the information started coming out about the Wall that had been erected between our intelligence offices and our criminal departments.

Then just like clockwork, now is not the time to point fingers of blame, now is the time to find solutions and closure.

There is nothing new under the sun and we have seen all this so many times.

The Democratic Party plays the same games over and over again and like a broken clock that tells the correct time twice a day, there is always an element of truth in their litany.

But it is always a carefully selective truth.

Witness CNN's latest expose from Michelle Malkin in


The Baton Rouge-based Shaw Group, CNN tells us, is a major corporate client of Joe Allbaugh, President Bush's former campaign manager and a former head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Among its Katrina-related contracts are this one valued up to $100 million from FEMA; and this one also valued up to $100 million from the Army Corps of Engineers.

But in their zeal to embarrass the Bush administration, CNN overlooks one very fat and inconvenient fact--and embarrasses only itself.

The Shaw Group, a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate, is headed by Jim Bernhard, the current chairman of the Louisiana Democratic Party. Bernhard worked tirelessly for Democrat Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco's runoff campaign and served as co-chair of her transition team. Another Shaw executive was Blanco's campaign manager. Bernhard is back-scratching chums with Blanco, whom he has lent/offered the Shaw Group's corporate jets to on numerous occasions.

Nice try wasn't it? Want to bet that as more and more comes out they will try to divert attention from any hint of corruption in the rebuilding effort with,

Now is not the time to point fingers of blame now is the time to rebuild?

First denunciation then deflection.

They are not engaged in Battle of Ideas with us. They are engaged in an attempt to create an image.

When one strawman is knocked down they will shift to another one.

The name for this is the Big Lie. Say anything loud enough, long enough, people will accept it as the truth.

I am willing to bet on the American People;s thirst for the truth and sense of fairplay. They seem to be betting on us being so Stupid that we won't notice what is really happening.

One of us has to be wrong.

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 3:05 AM CDT
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