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Tuesday, 6 September 2005
What We Can Expect Next
I will not be surprised to find sometime soon in my email inbox, a letter asking my help to relocate funds from Accounts in New Orleans.

Dear Sir, I am the personal assistant of X who was a resident of New Orleans, there exists a Bank Account in the amount of X million dollars, that I would like your assistance relocating.

The Vultures alway circle around disasters in this manner, why should Katrina be an exception?

Though truth be told, compared to the Political Vultures circling these frauds are a minor nuisance.

To see REAL Vultures?

Just check out DailyKos's plans to reave political advantage from this Tragedy.

The Perfect Storm: Strategies for the Coming Weeks

by bmaples
Mon Sep 5th, 2005 at 08:01:50 PDT
I keep seeing discussion about the "strategy" Dems and progressives should be adopting in re the Katrina/FEMA/BushCo disaster. The problem is, you won't get the right answer because you're not asking the right question.

The question is, What are the strategies we should be using?

bmaples's diary :: ::
On the one hand, some people are griping because Dr. Dean and leading Dems in government are not holding press conferences, demanding impeachment, or pushing for investigations. Others claim that doing those things would actually take the heat off the BushCo crowd by "politicizing" the tragedy. Finally, still others respond that it's not right to let this administration off the hook, yet again. And through it all, we continue to be concerned and agitated about the people who need help actually getting it.

The answer is found in all of these comments, and it is simple: a multi-pronged, multi-level strategy. What you do depends on who you are and where you are.

1. Everyone, everywhere. Find a way to help: donate money, donate supplies, open your home. whatever you can do. I read more than one poll yesterday where 40% or more had yet to do anything. If we care as much as we say we care, the donation rate among Dems and progressives must be 100%.

This is actually a very worthy statement. I really don't care WHO gets credit for donations as long as they are made. I have. Have YOU?

2. Everyday folks, inside the disaster: Share your stories, good and bad. All that is needed is the truth. If, as Haley Barbour said, the situation on the ground in Mississippi is much better than NO, we should hear that. If you were at a checkpoint and they turned away relief supplies, we should know that, too. There is nothing more powerful than first-person. (I started to put something like "Take care of yourself" at the top of this section, but everything I wrote sounded trite. In no way do I mean to imply that people affected by this tragedy should first think of politics; their first task, and our first wish, is for them to be safe and cared for. But, the country still needs to hear from them, especially if there is beginning to be a media blackout.)

3. Everyday folks, outside the disaster: Continue to raise hell. Write LTEs, contact your reps. Be direct, be concise, be respectful, but also be up front about your anger and disgust. Be sure to ask your reps, when are THEY going to speak out? As one state senator told me, "I've often wanted to speak out, but based on the lack of communications from my , I figured no one had my back." Let them know we have their back.

4. Mid-level politicians: Keep the buzz growing. Begin to call for action, change, investigations. When interviewed, raise the tough questions. Start some buzz in the halls of power, even with your Repub counterparts. Focus on "competence" and "lack of national security." And, be sure to ask the local leaders in the areas you represent, how well are WE prepared, and how do we feel about counting on FEMA after this?

Well since FEMA followed the Emergency Blueprint while New Orleans and did not? What's the beef? Notice above they admit

"Haley Barbour said, the situation on the ground in Mississippi is much better than NO"

Well DUH! Mississippi DID live up to their . Recall that it was THERE that the MAIN FORCE of hit. Same FEMA worse impact, Local Authorities.

5. Top-level politicians: Wait for the moment, then strike. Focus for now on the relief effort, and be quiet for now on the political ramifications. Give the nation's anger a little more time to build. Hold back, hold on, hold it, hold it -- then in one large, joint press conference (I can see Reid, Pelosi, Nagin, Blanco, and about twenty more), call for the resignation of Chertoff and Brown, and the censure of the President by Congress. List the reasons (should be a fairly hard-hitting list) and have a handout with sourcing and documentation.

Loose translation, pretend to care then lie to the American People, rabble rouse with baseless agit-prop. I would expect a new Moore Fiction.

If this builds like I think it might, and if we follow the steps above, it could be a political Perfect Storm.

It's all in the marketing

I think (without any first-hand knowledge)

Oh I am rolling in the floor laughing, yes the most important requirement for DailyKos polemics,

NO first-hand knowledge!

that something like this is what has kept the Reids of the world quiet for now. They can't make a big play until they feel that the national political will is ready to be moved in that direction. That preparation work is up to us, and to the mid-level pols.

That's what you call real leaders, if the marketing poll say no, fold.

So, keep up the groundswell, and let's hope that when the mayors and governors and back-seat/middle-seat congressfolk give their statements to the media, that along with the "here's what we're doing" and "here's what you can do" parts, they also have a "Why?" part, definitely an "I'm concerned for what this lack of federal competence means for our community/state/region" part, and maybe even an "I'm angry and I want action" moment as well.

Loose translation. This President we keep calling Fascist, did NOT overstep his Constitutional Authority!

We want a Democratic President who will DO THAT!

Picture a pyramid. The people at the point can't take action until the base is wide enough and the middle has followed. Keep making the base bigger, and start trying to get the middle to follow -- that's our tasks for the next few weeks.


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 6:06 PM CDT
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Updated: Tuesday, 6 September 2005 7:33 PM CDT

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