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Monday, 5 September 2005
Wir sind Berliner nicht
Topic: Eurabia
We are not Berliners, not to some Germans, not anymore

During the Berlin Airlift, President John F Kennedy stood facing East and said "Ich bin ein Berliner."

Times have changed. West Germany faced threat and destruction, by human power. We have faced destruction by the power of Nature.

There are many Germans who feel the same as most might have all those years ago, but some Germans feel differently. To them we are no longer Berliners.

President Bush has been accused of losing us Allies.
I read the following and I think, such Allies we are better off without. Let them go their way, and we will go ours. We do not have to be enemies, but we are no longer friends.

But then I remember that this website in Germany IS our friend, The people they quote are not by a long shot. But they still do not speak for the whole.

So read the following, I would expect your reaction will be fury, but keep in mind not they do not speak for ALL Germans.

TAZ on Hurricane Katrina: Philipp Mausshardt's Sick Schadenfreude

(By Ray D.)

We knew this would happen. We knew some sick member of Germany's extreme left-wing media would express their deep joy at the tragedy in New Orleans. Of course, we hoped that such twisted outbursts of Schadenfreude would simply never happen. But this is Germany. This is the same country where 31% of Germans under 30 believed the US government could have been behind September 11. So, in a way, we weren't shocked to see the following piece by Philipp Mausshardt in the Tageszeitung (taz). But the article, entitled "The True Catastrophe" is shocking nonetheless. The concluding paragraphs read:

"Yet joy and sympathy beat simultaneously in my chest. I am, for example, joyful at the moment that the latest hurricane catastrophe hasn't again hit some poor land, but instead the richest country in the world.

Yes, I even see in that a form of balancing justice for that which the inhabitants of that country have done to others through their war in Iraq.

I would, however, be even more happy, if I knew that only the houses of Bush voters and members of the Army had been destroyed.

I feel genuinely sorry for all the rest."

What an enlightened thing to think: It's just fine if people suffer, suffocate and starve, as long as they are political opponents or have a different worldview. It's just fine if people lose their homes and drown in their own feces, as long as they are members of the US military and red-state Bush voters. It isn't so bad that an entire city has been flooded and thousands killed and displaced because it is somehow "balancing justice" for this to be happening to the United States and not some poor nation.

One last thought. This author has people who agree with him, HERE in this country.

You know who they are, the ghouls who are trying so hard to put this tragedy to use to gain more political power.

So don't spend too much energy railing about the spiteful words in publications from other lands.

Let's put our energy into cleaning our own house
in 2006

60 in '06 is my motto.

THEN we can tackle 2008


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 10:46 PM CDT
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Updated: Sunday, 3 June 2007 7:06 AM CDT

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