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Thursday, 25 August 2005
Los Zetas Update
Topic: Immigration
Sometime in the late 90s by accident and due to my insatiable curiosity, I stumbled up a small, less than 200 member, Discussion Group whose emphasis was

"Open Discussion of Intelligence (Academic)"

I rarely ever post there, because most of the members are NOT amateurs or hobby theorists but ACTUAL Intelligence members in Academia and International Intelligence and Security Corporations. Some of them got their experience in a manner they are not allowed to discuss.

So in my research of Los Zetas I did one of my rare posts to that list asking for information.

I have been answered so far by the List Moderator.

I will post here a censored version of their reply.

Why Censored? Because my website has already been accessed once to my knowledge by someone who used a specific keyword search to locate a thread on DailyKos. I was the second link and from the comment left on that post he was not pleased with the content of my blog. LOL.

So that being the case, and since this source of information is one I place a high value on, I am NOT going to take the chance that I might be responsible for a flood of Kossaks arguing with the regular members and ruining the List for everyone.

Anyone who wishes the URL and Join information, leave a comment and your email address. It goes without saying that any of my regular blog links I have no qualms trusting. Others, leave your blog address if you do not have a blog leave the URL of a blog you regularly post comments to. For those I deem trustworthy I have no hesitation sharing my information sources.

Those I choose not to share with, grit your teeth and bear it.

XXXXXXXXX Open Discussion of Intelligence (Academic)"


Subject: Re: Zetas

No library databases seem to be indexing much yet. All I have seen has been news coverage. However, a June 2005 Homeland Security report has a short article on Los Zetas:

The New York Times published a report in 2004:

FOREIGN DESK | October 30, 2004, Saturday

Mexico Arrests Man Suspected of Leading Drug Cartel's Assassins

By JAMES C. MCKINLEY JR. (NYT) 428 words Late Edition - Final , Section A , Page 6 , Column 3

Also you might try these:

And School of the Americas watch page:

I'm not really tracking this. I did note, however, a dearth of scholarly interest. Also, the US Congressional resources that can be accessed online did not produce any ongoing research projects.


The Homeland Security report came from a website that is supported by MDB, Inc.:


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 5:29 AM CDT
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