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HEY Everyone!! I am thinking about totally revamping this site, deleting most everything and starting over because a lot of my links aren't working anymore and I don't like it!!! I started this webpage when I was just starting High School and was about 15 years old, so I"ve been maintaining it for about 13 years now!! That's why some of the links no longer work...Plus I have tons of new pictures to post, at LEAST as many as angelfire space will allow! Let me know if you are interesting in me redoing the site! Posted 8-22-09...I have some great links that you can check out that have easy ways to make money. I use them all and have made some money from them over the years being a homemaker or I wouldn't post them.

PLEASE check out my links below for TONS of pictures and my other websites.

Click Here to Purchase My Picture CD's or to Purchase Custom Photos in my *Made For You* Shoots and Advertisements!

Just click above and send me an email and we will discuss options and payment arrangements!

My new e-mail address is .

I have 7 CD's, and 4 twenty minute videos, and I am working on my 8th CD. It's all artsy type photos, nothing too special, but since I am not working, other than taking care of my little boy and girl, I can use the money. I did loose everything when my computer crashed but was able to recover it and should still be able to do these if anyone is interested.

CD 1 is 2 hours, pictures of me from age 17-24.

CD 2 is 1 1/2 hours me 2-5 months pregnant.

CD 3 is 1 hour me 6-7 months pregnant.

CD 4 is 1 hour, me 7-8 months pregnant.

CD 5 is over an hour, me 8-9 months pregnant.

CD 6 is the shortest with pictures of me after the birth of my first child.

CD 7 is over an hour. It has pictures before, during, and after my second pregnancy.

I accept Paypal, cash, and money orders for anyone interested. Thanks so much!!!


Hello everybody out there!! My name is Karen and I am a 28 year old living in Northern Kentucky. I was a senior at Eastern Kentucky University and was awarded the Who's Who in American College Students for all 4 1/2 years that I attended. I still have 27 more hours to go. WHEN I finish I will have a degree in English & Communications and a minor in Computer Science. I just started classes online at Kaplan University, so wish me luck on that!! I will need it trying to take care of a 3 year old and a 1 year old while trying to learn!


I enjoy doing anything fun like dancing, rollerblading, skateboarding, listening to the radio, playing the piano, ANYTHING that has to do with computers, and any kind of outdoors activity. The clubs in Richmond were awesome when I lived there, but I haven't been to one in quite a while :( I really enjoy riding my motorcycle most of all, but haven't been able to in a while since we moved to Northern KY and had 2 kids. It's kinda hard to fit them in the saddlebags!! I have a 2004 Honda VTX 1300 Classic in orange. She's a beautiful bike and I have some pictures of her up posted in my new picture section above. My biggest hobbies are modeling, painting, photography, computers, and motorcycles.

What I Look Like:

I have blondish brown hair, blue eyes, and am tall (5'9) and slim (155 lbs). I am pretty athletic, but not a muscle woman or anything like that. I have a link below to LOTS of pictures of me, so go ahead and look...My hair has grown out quite a bit, and it is now way down my back. The older pictures on the site show me with shoulder length hair. The way I have kept it since my first day of Kindergarten when on the way home on the school bus a girl put chewing gum in my belt line length hair. I cried over my hair so much that my mom would never let me grow it out very long again! Funny thing is, about 20 years later, that same damn girl tried to rob me one day when I was visiting back home during the Woolly Worm festival. Guess she never did change her evil ways!!


First and foremost, THANKS to all my friends and family whose votes help me to win the Miss American Models Bikini Contest for the month of December in 2005. I am still interested in modeling, as it is also a hobby of mine, and am currently looking for paid opportunities in Kentucky/Ohio. If you would like references or experience information, please e-mail me by clicking on the button below.

I am willing to consider all offers. If you are interested, contact me! Check out my online modeling pictures and my MySpace site below in my favorite links.

E-mail Me!

I have my own search bar now from Google, so if you need to look for something, you can do it right from my page!!!

Sites I'm featured on: Webtalent, Kentucky Models, Millennia Models, American Models, and Legstar Productions (Their website is currently down)

Thanks for visiting my webpage! Come back anytime!

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