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Long overdue for turning into a proper website...
Yep..I agree. This place could use a major overhaul..but I'm lazy, I also agree. I'll see if I can kick myself around a li'l during study leave to get some work done on it...In the meantime, here's the site as it is. Blank, and all :P

To all disc friends (and strangers, if you are). Welcome to my page. I know it's rather bad right now, and I know it could use a lot of work...I've had a few tips of what to do with it, and I'll be putting them into use as soon as I get off my lazy butt. In the meantime, though, please feel free to enjoy what's here.

A picture of me! A few of you have asked what I look like underneath all that fuzz...Well, here's your chance!
Funny things happen on the disc all the time :P -- last updated 23 Apr, 2005, 19:01 GMT. Thanks to Schlaft and Fnarr for poking me to do it.
Better pictures I've taken with my cam with better looking subjects posing (if such can be said to pose).
A picture of Langrisser of Silence, done by Lazzlo. He's done pics for several other people, all of which are great.