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 Site Update: Parnell Genealogy 5th Rev. Ed., by Cathy (Parnell) Vance, published April 2006

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Site Information Update!

UPDATE on two pages- 15 March 2006

If you have a problem with something on the site please contact me by clicking on my name after this message. I will try and repair or change whatever you have found that is wrong. Some of the links on the right side navigation bar have not been activated yet. I hope to have them finished and working within a short period of time.

I have followed the guide lines set up by The National Genealogical Society while redoing this site. I believe it is very important for researchers to follow the guides set, by the society and hope you will visit the National Genealogical Society site and read the suggestions about genealogy research, placing your information on the Internet, and all the other great information they have.

Remember that any information you find, whether it is on this site, or another, should ALWAYS be checked for accuracy, also remember to .............. Cite The Source!


For your convenience here is an example of the source citation for this page. Change the URL to reflect the page of this site where you are when you find the information you are adding to your data. You will find the page url on the address bar of your web browser.

Parnell Genealogy 5th Rev. Ed., by Cathy (Parnell) Vance,
published April 2006, from
on (the date you got the information) Webmaster: Cathy (Parnell) Vance

I'm Cathy (Parnell) Vance. My cousin Sharon (Parnell) Sholes and I work together on our family genealogy and you can contact either of us with your questions. Sharon lives in CA. and I live in FL. but we love to get together, whether it is for a research trip, a fun trip, or just to be together. You will find a link to e-mail us on the bottom of this page.

We hope you will benefit from the information that we have placed here, and that you will share your genealogy information that may be helpful to other researchers.


Our research has focused on the PARNELL line in Kentucky and Illinois, and has included collateral lines that may be helpful to you. To find out if we have information on a person you are looking for, Check out the SURNAMES under FAMILY ROOTS

The progenitor of our Parnell line in Kentucky is John Parnell and wife Candis (Mays) Parnell. John was born 1 January 1790 possibly in Tennessee, he died 27 October 1871 in Casey Co., Kentucky. John and Candis lived on the Adair/Casey Co., line. John's parents are unknown, you can find out about his children by reading the information found under. FAMILY ROOTS descendants of John Parnell

In the past many people have seen my last name VANCE and have asked for information. For anyone that my be interested my husbands Vance roots, his line goes back to Abner VANCE of Virginia. You will not find much about the VANCE line on this site, but I have researched it and will be happy to share information I have if you are interested. Feel free to contact me. VANCE e-mail



The first message board is the one we use for this site. It has not been as active as I would like but I decided to leave it for awhile, and see if it will become active. Click on the view message board below to post and view messages.

The following message boards are off site, they are very active boards so be sure to check them out. Be AWARE that ALL messages posted to Genforum, My Family become the property of the sites, and they CAN collect and sell the information posted on the boards they supply. I am not trying to talk you out of using the message boards, they are a great resource, but you need to be aware that your information CAN be collected and sold without your knowledge, or permission. Remember, NEVER post information or give another researcher any information  on people that are still living.

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The List Bot mail list we were using is no longer available. I have included mail list information, for other lists available to PARNELL researchers for your benefit, please take advantage of them by posting the surnames you are working on, or by taking the time to help someone else that needs help. There is a PARNELL list at Rootsweb. For information on how to subscribe/unsubscribe or contact the list owner please go to the following site. PARNELL SURNAME LIST

Remember the more you get your information out for others to see, the more likely it is that you will find information you are looking for. Mail Lists are a GREAT way to do that. Use them!
Follow the same rules when sending a request to a mail list as you would if you are sending a request using a lookup site.
Some basic rules for lookups are.....Place the word LOOKUP in the subject line along with the name of the document or book you are requesting the lookup from. Include the First and last NAME of the person you are looking for information on, in the BODY of the message, NOT in the subject line. Include TIME frame, PLACE, and other pertinent information such as spouse and children. Lookup volunteers do not have time to read about your ancestors so keep it to the point.
Remember to always send a THANK YOU to the person for taking the time to look for you.


Genealogical societies are a great resource. Be sure to join your local society and the society in the area where your ancestor lived. There are also some great web sites that can be beneficial to you. I have placed links to some of them on the navigation bar. Click Here

William Parnell Family

Family Roots




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Genealogical Societies

Helpful research sites

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