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Hittin Bottom Auto Club

We are a small local auto club based in Hardin County, Kentucky. Our mission is to serve as a positive role model for the community's youth. The Hardin County chapter was originally developed by Clyde Polk six years ago. Since our creation we have much of our time donating to differant charities.Some of our most popular charity events include: six consecutive years of Toys for Tots,Crusade for Children, and we were an addition to the Mutiple Sclerosis Society during SuperAmerica's walk in 1997. We sponsered a Halloween booth at the Towne Mall in which we provided trophies to the three best costumes, and we took two truck loads of furniture and clothing to the Louisville Salavation Army for fire victims. Our most recent contribution was a charity car show benefitting the Hardin Coalition for Youth. Speaking of car shows. We have another show coming up this fall.If you would like more info on the show please click the last link on the part that says members cars.

These are the members cars and descriptions(just click the link)

First is the pres. Clyde Polk
Next is a pic and info on Clyde's Astro V
Now its Tabbi's 84 Monte
Rob's Mustang
Mike's Falcon
Kenny's Elantra
Chris's Cougar
Jeremy's 92 Tracker
Mike's 85 Camaro
Paul's S-10
Ricky's Cutlass
Jeff's Ford Truck
Adam's 77 Malibu
This is info and a copy of our flyer for this years upcoming show