Well it's been a long, long time since this page has been worked on! There is a 3-way split CD out now on Hello Records featuring Fang, Dr. Know, and The Hellions. There are 4 new songs from each band and it's well worth picking up.

For those of you outside of Texas.....Fang played their last 2 shows EVER in TX this past weekend. The final gig was at Emo's in Austin on May 20th. The show was fucking packed and it was a very intense scene. There will possibly be videos available of the shows in Dallas and Austin soon.

Look for some new releases coming up very soon on Hello Records! They will be re-releasing The "Spun Helga" and "A Mi Ga Sfafas" LPs on one CD! But wait! that's not all!! Also on the CD will be an unreleased full length recording from the late eighties. "Pissed Off Budah" was to be the follow up to "A Mi Ga Sfafas" but was never released. It has been remixed this month with re-recorded vocals from Sammytown and guitar tracks by Jim Martin Of Faith No More! It'll be on this increbible triple CD, which might even contain MORE bonus tracks as well!! All for one low price!

There will also be a 3-way split CD featuring some brand new Fang material along with tracks by Dr. Know and The Hellions!

Go here to visit the official Hello Records website.