Flower Petals

Sometimes, nothing hurts more
than loving another person.
- Unknown

Pain. Ache. A longing, wish, need to help. We too are victims of sexual violence, for we have been forced to watch our friends, lovers, and children struggle because someone touched, raped, and violated them. I created this website because I knew I was not alone in my feelings of anger, frustration, and trauma. We all need support if we are to be there for our friends and understand what happened to them.

Like flower petals we struggle to help the injured rose bloom, trying to prove ourselves better than an act of violence.

My name is Oceania, I am eighteen years old. A close friend of mine revealed to me her own story of sexual violation a little over a year ago, and I have dealt with coming to terms with this on many levels. I am now to the point that I can accept her pain and understand the role I serve her in her life as she blooms. I created this website to help you come to grips with what's happened, and learn what you can do.

This website is just getting started, so I don't have much yet. Please check often for updates. Also, though this site is specifically designed for friends of survivors, survivors and anyone else who cares about rape and sexual violence is welcome here.

A Rose's Name: defining words and terms

Blackbird's Cry: warning signs of sexual violation

Blades of Grass: facts about sexual violence

The Ocean's Shore: the friend's reaction and support

The Thorn Within the Rose: support for lovers of survivors

Within The Sparrow's Nest: support for family members of survivors

Shelter From the Storm: how to protect your loved ones from sexual violence

The Sun Within the Rain: media support

Water in the Desert: tips on how to cope as a secondary survivor

All the Trees in the Forest: statistics

Fighting the Current: what to expect if going to court

Water's Fall: dealing with feelings about your loved one's attacker(s)

Petal Marks: poetry by myself and others

The Forgotten Stream: transgendered issues regarding sexual violence

Other Petals in the Pond: links to other websites

Reflections in Water: awards this website has received

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