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Got this idea and thought I'd give it a shot -- see what came of it. If it works, maybe I'll try it again. Anyway, here's the deal: Take a nice long gander at the picture above. Got it? Okay. Keep readin'.

So, you ask, what's goin' on here? Where is this place? Who's that girl? Why is poor Prince Tirion flat on his keister?

Answer: That's up to you.

For any who are interested, write up a scene or story about what you think is happening. Be it farse or tragedy or horror or melodrama -- it's a free-for-all. 'Course, Tirion is an existing character, but if you're familiar with his character at all, you should be just fine writing with him...even in a weird situation. ;)

If you're interested, drop me a line and, when it looks like I have all of the submissions I'm going to get, I'll post them up for everyone to read.

Cool? Cool.

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