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The Lighter Side of Doom

And now, after minutes of painstaking effort and a day or so of dauntless preparation, The Management proudly presents...

The Lighter Side of Doom

It's not easy being cheesy.

So...Not up for writing a long piece? Wanting to avoid anything serious? Suffering from writer's block like someone who shall remain nameless?'s me, I admit it. Geez.

Any of this sound familiar? Then check your brain at the door and sit yourself down here for awhile. This page is reserved for Voltron silliness of one kind or, cartoons, jokes, parodies, whatever you feel like contributing.

Come know you want to...everybody ELSE does it...

(Nice Lil Disclaimer Thingie: NONE of these are my characters. The Beast, Lotor, The Tick, and that random Smurf are all the property of their respective creators and are innocent victims in all of this. They are only guilty of being blue.)

"I was on my way to conquer a nearby solar system when I had to stop and refuel my starcruiser. I was out of cash, so I tried to pay by credit card. Unfortunately, the refueling station didn't take Arusian Express. I was so embarrassed...and the whole mess made me late to the conquering. My father was furious."

"So, the next day, I called Viza..."

VIZA: The Universe's Best Way To Pay

LOST: Our beloved blue cat, Kitty.

REWARD: Whoever finds Kitty will be spared when the invasion fleet comes through...or given a quick death. Depends on the planet.

Answers to Kitty, Cova, Coba, Schnookums, or "Hey, look! It's Haggar's evil blue cat! That old witch must be around somewhere!"

If found, contact Haggar, c/o Planet Doom

Buying the right brand of chains and manacles: $600

Finding rechargeable laser whips: $800

Constructing robots to guard the slave pits: $1000

Stopping a slave revolt before word of it reaches the king?


There are some things money can't buy.
For the rest, there's


More coming soon.

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