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*NEW*  "The Prince Formerly Known as 'Prince'"  *NEW*
Just kidding. ;) I apologize to Prince fans everywhere. Anyhow, this is a picture I did a bit ago of a youngish Tirion. I'm always tryin' to capture him properly -- and I'm still fairly happy with how this turned out.

*NEW*  "Through the Looking Glass -- The Next Generation"  *NEW*
Well, this isn't completely new. I put it up when I last updated my 'Strange Reflection' fic, seeing as it was the scene I'd just written. ;) Anyway -- try comparing it to its much earlier version, found below in the 'Hideously Old' section. Oy...

Silly Stuff:

"World Conquering For Dummies"
Another pic inspired by a conversation. Oh, we all love Lotor -- but you have to admit that he ain't the smartest cookie in the jar. Still...there's something to be said for persistence. ;)

"Age of Aquarius"
This idea came up after a conversation about the description someone gave of Lotor's hairdo in a fanfic when she called it a "vampire-hippie" style. Sorry about the quality. It was a huge pic and had to be shrunk waaaay too much. Anyway...The truth about Lotor's college years? You decide...

"Trick or Treat?"
Why do the I get the feeling the emphasis of these two would be on "trick"? ;) Anyway...These are just the two little cartoon characters that go with the Halloween banner. I had to shrink 'em down so much for the intro page, they're a little hard to see now. Which is why they're here. *G*

"Cute Happens."
I did these the other day and thought they were cute enough to finish. Haven't thought of what to do with them yet (if anything). S'a picture of Ti and Lotor for those in the back of the class. ;)

"A Little Time Off"
Well, this isn't exactly new. If you stopped by at all recently, you probably saw it as my Away notice while I was out of town.

Hideously Old Stuff:

"Star Gazing"
~Choke! Gasp!!~ I accidentally...drew....Allura...please...kill

"The Truth as We Know It"
He's always had Arus in the palm of his hand. You know it and I know it.;)

"Decision of a Lifetime"
A pic done over Christmas. All you fans of English class out there: Cheers if you can pick up on the symbolism. ;)

"Through the Looking Glass"
This is the color version of the picture that goes with my "A Strange Reflection" fic. You can see the sillohuette on the title page of the piece.

Holiday Banners:  
Here are a few of the little pics I've done for the site on holidays. I'm rather fond of them and they can only be put up once a year. Poor things. ;)

Valentine's DaySt. Patrick's DayThanksgivingChristmas

"Can I Keep 'im?"
Another pic by Samara. In "Prince of the Fallen", Tirion picks up a passing snake -- This picture has him taking it home with him to keep as a pet.

"Like Father Like Son"
Yay! This picture is by the ever-so talented Samara and is a cartoon of Tirion thinkin' of his pop.

"Lotor's Dream"
Also by Tamysan and of Lotor and Allura. I'm betting this is a reoccuring dream.

"Wedding Bells"
A pic by Tamysan of Lotor and Allura. Welllll...this would make him happy...but I think he could find someone better. ;)

A drawing by Saint Erythros of Derayad, a character from her story "A Faerie Story".

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