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The Back Story

("Voltron", "Lotor", "Zarkon", etc. are all owned by World Events Productions with whom I am in no way affiliated. No copyright infringement intended)

The Fall of Doom

The galaxy had long suffered under the tyrannical grip of King Zarkon. Only the planet Arus, once destroyed by the evil king, stood to challenge him.

After a seemingly unceasing onslaught of attacks upon the planet Arus, Galaxy Garrison finally rallied its forces to combat Zarkon and his relentless hordes. With the help of the mighty robot Voltron, the army of the Alliance fought back the Doom legions. The Drule elders, having seen that Zarkon was destined to lose, forsook the planet Doom early on, refusing to send reinforcements. Defeat was imminent.

Zarkon disappeared, presumably with the assistance of the witch Hagar, leaving his son, Prince Lotor, to take the brunt of the Alliance's wrath. Unable to escape, Lotor agreed to surrender on the grounds that he would be spared. The Alliance readily agreed, anxious for the fighting to end, arresting Lotor and the remaining Doom commanders.

Lotor was later released with the signing of the New Alliance treaty. With Zarkon gone, he was now the king of Doom, though that meant little considering the state of the planet and its inhabitants. By order of the treaty, all enslaved planets previously under Doom's control were set free and put under Galaxy Garrison protection. The planet Doom itself was placed under Alliance control and Lotor was exiled to the outer edges of the galaxy.

Those Drules still loyal to the Doom crown joined Lotor on the planet on which he chose to settle. None have seen them since.

Doom's Rebirth

New generations mean new beginnings for every bloodline -- Perhaps even for the Royal Family of Doom.

Lotor and those that chose to follow him settled on the planet Ursan, far from Arus and the remains of Doom. There they endeavored to rebuild on the ruins of the civilization that lived there before them. Eventually, Lotor married the princess of a neighboring planet and, not long after, they had their first son -- Tirion, crown prince of the empire's remains.

And now, the rest is up to you.

~Join the Family~

About now you must be wondering why exactly this page exists. So, let me explain. I was originally intending to make a Lotor fanpage of my very own but, while I was fiddling about with ways for how to set it up, I came up with a slightly different idea.

Basically, I thought it might be interesting to explore a little past the television show as I've seen many fanfictions do. It seemed like it would be fun to incorporate Lotor, but then branch out from him slightly. And, what better way to branch out then with a family tree?

I wanted to get different perspectives on this because, though I'll be writing some of these myself, I'd love to see what other people have to offer along the same lines.

And finally, the point...

Here's the proposition: As you can see from the back story above, I've set up a sort of skeleton history (obviously ignoring the new Voltron 3D series...sorry, V3D fans!). It lays out a basic idea of what happened in the past, but leaves most of the details and whatever happens after up to the imagination. Which means its up to you.

Who better to explore the new galaxy then the children of Doom? Lotor's family will be as extensive as people want it to be. Create your own child or children and fit them into the universe as you see fit.

To specify, this is a page for fanfiction created about Lotor's new family (or friends/enemies, etc). Arus was left open ended, so whatever you'd like to have happened there can. Deal with Allura and the Voltron force however you want. Did Lotor finally give up on Allura, or is he still planning to win her heart? Why did he really surrender to the Alliance forces? Have the Doom people changed their ways or are they rebuilding their empire in order to take revenge? Likewise with Zarkon and Hagar. They disappeared, but it's up to you whether they stay that way or whether they return. You can handle Lotor anyway you like, as well, as to what kind of father he is. Would he try to be the best he could be or would he just wind up being like his own father?

Initially, I had thought to keep some sort of organization by making my queen and crown prince characters static -- but then I decided that there was no reason for people to have to work around them. I'd like everyone to have as much freedom as they want, to create the royal family however they'd like. However, if you would like to go along with the family line I've set up (this goes for the lines set up by others, as well) then just email me (or whoever else) and we'll discuss. Just remember that before using characters or places created by other fanfic writers, you should ask the author's permission.

Other than that, run wild! The children or other characters you create can be however you want them to be. You can write about them as little tikes, or as grownups. Good, evil, or in between. It's all up to you.


If you'd like to write a story (and I hope you do!) I would appreciate if you could send along a quick email with a basic description of your child/children/main characters so that I can put 'em on a character page. That way everybody will be able to keep track of who's out there.

On a side note, when writing your stories, please keep in mind that Angelfire, like most web providers, has rules about adult content. Fics don't have to be squeaky clean, but please avoid the extremely graphic stuff, 'kay?

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