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(All characters are posted as received but for possible spelling corrections. The name and email address of each char's creator is listed after the description. If you'd like to use one of these characters for your story, email the person listed.)

A Brief Note
Explanations for things like Lotor's family background and such are always open for interpretation. The way they are explained in one story doesn't set them in stone. It's all open.

Lotor: Everyone's favorite blue-tinged prince-turned-king, Lotor is handsome, crafty, and brave. He is extremely skilled with a sword and well trained in the arts of war. Lotor is fierce in combat and ruthless when it comes to something he wants. He is also, unfortunately, extremely stubborn and full of pride which often results in his defeat. Somewhat impatient, Lotor has a low tolerance level and a dangerous temper for which he is renowned.

Though Lotor was obsessed with Princess Allura of Arus and believed they were destined to be together, after his exile, he appeared to cease his pursuit of her and married Ysandra, the princess of a nearby planet. Whether he married her for love or for property is unknown. They now share a son, Tirion, who is the next heir to the throne of Doom.

Lotor consciously tries to be a better father to Tirion then Zarkon was to him, though it is often a struggle. Under enough pressure with trying to rebuild his newly acquired empire, he had little patience to spare for a small child. Still, he is determined that his son will grow to be a great way or another...

Ysandra: Ysandra is the princess heir-apparent of the planet Tarune, a relatively prosperous world not far from Ursan. Like all of the people on her planet, she is small and slender with pale skin and dark hair. She is pretty in a delicate china doll way, but nothing extremely awe-inspiring. Most would think her simply a shy, gentle, quiet woman who obeyed her husband and tended sweetly to her family -- a mistake that could often be quite dangerous.

Despite Lotor's previously constant taste in women, Ysandra neither looks nor acts like the princess Allura. She is certainly strong willed but equally as strong tempered, with a physical strength that her small size would not suggest. Her innocent face hides a slyness that consistently catches people off guard and a glimmer of deviousness that can keep her one step ahead of whatever anyone else is planning. She is not a very warm woman or one that cares overly for the well being of others. She tends to have her own plans that she will not allow others to disrupt.

It is uncertain how she feels towards her husband. In public they behave amiably enough, though things tend to be different when people aren't watching. She is somewhat ambivalent towards her son, Tirion, as well, showering him with affection one moment and ignoring him the next. It is often thought that she would have preferred a girl.

Creator: Liz

Tirion: An odd mix of both father and mother, Tirion seeks only to find his own way to do things. He looks much like Lotor from hair to eyes to ears to bluish skin, though his coloring is much lighter and, like his mother, he is more slender and his features more delicate. The prince is quiet and somewhat reserved, not really one to talk much, though he has no qualms about voicing his opinion. He is somewhat compulsive, an outlet perhaps for the obsessiveness passed down from his father, leading him to do anything and everything as neatly and perfectly as possible.

Unlike his father, Tirion does not often let his temper take hold of him, having an extremely long fuse. When the fuse reaches its end, however, he can do little to stop from acting on it since he tends to let things build up far too long. He usually chooses to expend that energy in more productive ways -- studying or training with Lotor. He spent some time at an off-planet academy, though it was not the same one that Lotor attended, offering a slightly more rounded education. When at home, Tirion spends most of his time on his own or talking with his father when the mood strikes.

Tirion respects his father and admits to a certain amount of confusion towards his mother who has always been unpredictable around him. Women in general he is uncertain about and he harbors a faint resentment towards Princess Allura, whom he has never met but of whom he has heard about many times in his conversations with Lotor. He accepts his future as heir apparent but sometimes wonders what exactly he will one day be ruling, considering the state of the 'empire'. Tirion wants to restore the kingdom to power, but whether he intends to do that by following in his father or grandfather's footsteps is unknown.

Creator: Liz

Raven: Raven is the daughter of Lotor and his queen. Raven is an evil minded "demon" to many. With her raven black hair, Raven is a true fighter for her family's name and her title as a princess. As a child, Raven received magical powers from touching a special ball that was used by Haggar to contact evil spirits. After touching this, Raven lost all of any good inside of her body and mind. In the glowing ball, the spirit of Haggar trained her to use her abilities and secret trades of many wizards and witches. When in doubt, Raven always runs to the ball to recieve a message from Haggar.

Growing up, Lotor ensured his favorite daughter the best education, clothing, attention, and everything else you can think of. At an early age, Raven was able to handle a sword. This helps her when she is ever in battle or threatens another. Her fuse is very short as her ancestors, and she prefers battles to peace. She has a bird called "Emmeray". The bird is swifter than as it seems a ray of light. This is her favorite companion. One day, she plans to stand at the right hand of her brother and serve him as Haggar served her beloved grandfather whom she cherishes.

Creator: Emmeraid

Lark: Lark is the daughter of Lotor and a pretty slave Natalia. Lark was raised as a princess, but mainly ignored. Her plain brown hair is her only prize in her opinion. Raven despises her and constantly tried to kill her as a child. Lark dies at the tender age of 16 to end her short and woeful life. This happened when she took her life after falling in love with a member of a newer Voltron Force. After finding out he never would or could love her, she took her life jumping off a cliff. Many say Raven drove her to do it.

Creator: Emmeraid

Dayton: Dayton is another of Lotor's daughters. Nothing much is known about her since she was omitted to a type of convent at a young age. She is only known to be approached by Raven who seeks her wisdom of many generations. In her dark cloak, Dayton tells a sentence with the answer. Nothing else is known of her.

Creator: Emmeraid

The Royal Family of Kaileth

Queen Merla:Twenty five years older and wiser, years during which she has found love and peace she never thought possible during her "evil" days. After the war with Zarcon and the subsequent exile of Lotor, Merla could have become embittered, but for the mutual love she has with her husband, King Consort Jiane, and her infant niece, Princess Elshet.

Creator: Eliza

King Consort Jiane:A human fighter pilot who was shot down on a deserted planet, and subsequently found by a colonization effort led by Queen Merla. He is nothing like Lotor, both physically and mentally, he is a burly man, totally honest and open. The only thing which occasionally troubles him is his wife's darker side, which he can neither accept or deal with.

The nobles of Kaileth could not accept a human commoner as their King, and were appalled when Merla lifted the ban on men on the home world. In compromise, Jiane never officially became fully King, and retains the title of King Consort, although his is the commander of Kaileth's military

Creator: Eliza

Prince Hirim and Prince Benjal:Hirim, the older of Merla and Jiane's twin sons, looks exactly like his father. He is burly with black hair and almost-white skin. The only outward manifestation of his mother's heritage are his pointy ears, but as his long hair tends to cover them, so he is often mistaken for fully human.

Benjal, however, shows no human genes. He is almost seven feet in height, slender, and he wears his dark red hair long, but tied back to display his pointed ears. Benjal is sensitive and reserved, and so is deeply hurt by the racial prejudices he often encounters at the Alliance Academy, although he never lets this show.

Both young princes are twenty years old and have been attending the Alliance Academy, to please their father, since age ten. Hirim shows great aptitude as a pilot, and Benjal has become one of the most accomplished swordsman in the galaxy. The two are almost never separated, despite their different tastes.

Creator: Eliza

Princess Yeleth:After Hirim and Benjal were born, Merla miscarried three daughters. The people of Kaileth blamed it on her marriage to a human and a commoner, and threatened rebellion unless she annulled the marriage to Jiane and married a nobleman of her own kind. Finally, after five years, Yeleth was born, and a tenuous peace was achieved on Kaileth. The princess was raised as the next Queen, and given extensive training in both alchemy and science, in preparation for when her talent should develop. Eventually, when it was decided that something in her human heritage prevented her from the hereditary gift of telepathy, Yeleth had to accept that she would never be queen. She tries not to be jealous of her cousin, but cannot help being bitter over the bond Elshet shares with her mother. At fifteen Yeleth is already one of the most beautiful women on Kaileth; her deep red hair curls around her pale, heart-shaped face, and her eyes look human-accept the irises are golden.

Creator: Eliza

Derayad:Lotor's half-sister by their mother IRANIS. Banished from the Unseiligh court for murder, she is condemned to ten years living in the mortal plane. She rather likes her brother, although she considers him "soft" and absolutely hates the notion that he would, even in his younger days, have considered marrying a Seiligh spawn (i.e., whatshername, Allura). Under her mortal seeming, she is a sorceress and a crystalmancer. Without the mortal seeming, her Unseiligh "true" form shines through, almost too bright for mortal eyes.

Creator: Saint Erythros

Aneiron Sor'Brannan Jander:A member of Higher Faerie; he is a Sidhe, a Shining One, and in general someone you probably shouldn't mess with. He's Derayad's "parole officer/guardian angel." He's very fond of children. Under his mortal seeming, he is merely Aneiron. When he lets down the mortal seeming, the Veil, his heavenly nature, the aura of Higher Faerie, shines through, too bright for mortal eyes -- hence the name "Sidhe" or "Shondarin" -- "Shining One" or "Child of the Saints."

Creator: Saint Erythros

'Ursan'-Painting by Caspar Friedrich

Ursan: Ursan is a small planet on the outer edge of the galaxy, one of six others in the Helia Cluster. Though it had been settled at one time, the previous inhabitants have since died out, leaving the ruins of their civilization behind. There are no definite seasons on Ursan and the temperatures are generally low, often cold, except for a stretch of time early in the year. This almost constant winter is most likely what killed off the first residents of the planet who did not have the technology to provide for themselves. Despite the cold, the planet has an abundance of hardy wildlife and trees for those who have the ability to gather and use them wisely. Lotor settled on Ursan because it was the only one uninhabited, and also, coincidentally, the farthest possible planet from Arus.

'Tarune'-Painting by Caspar Friedrich

Tarune: A fairly prosperous planet, Tarune exports grains, fruits, and vegetables of all varieties to the surrounding cluster worlds and somewhat beyond. The people of Tarune are fairly mild, mostly farmer stock with an educated upperclass and a strong monarchy. They have no real military, aside from a volunteer militia that comes together when needed. Because of this, their export shipments are often the target of pirates and hijackers, leading to sometimes substantial money loss. Tarune is in the market for better defenses against these losses, a possible reason for the planet's princess to marry a king renowned for his military prowess.

Kaileth: Homeworld of the Kailethians, the center of comerce and power for Queen Merla's empire which dominates the Quartz system of the Cerulean quadrant. According to tradition, no man was ever allowed to set foot on Kaileth, even boy children were to be sent away the moment they were weaned. Lotor was the first to break this rule, and later Queen Merla revoked the law in order to allow her husband and sons to live with her in the palace.

Each of the royal houses governs another planet in the Quartz System, although they all pay tribute to Kaileth. Mulg, the homeword for House Chaing, was destroyed by Lotor during one of the final battles. House Chaing resides on Kaileth on the charity of the Queen.

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