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National Federation of the Blind
of Kentucky
Computer Users Division

Jenny Tyree Jenny Tyree President,  Jenny has worked in the computer field for the last mine years.  Jenny is an expert in JFW 95,Word A. S. A. P., Word Perfect for DOS, and experienced in PC troubleshooting. Jenny also has connections to other experts in the computer field.
     Jenny is married and has a seven year old boy.  Her hobbies are music, swimming, theater, and playing cards.

David Raynes David Raynes Vice President,  David has worked with computers for about four years now, at first as a hobby and now learning as much as he can. His specialty is in the internet and some troubleshooting.
     David is married and has a daughter.  His hobbies are electronics, reading, music, and his three dogs.

Kevin Pearl Kevin Pearl Second Vice President, Hobbies; Web design, finding useful info on the web, travel and history, I like, anything "high tech" and strawberry ice cream. I dislike; "busy-bodies", bing unemployed and liver.

Glenn White Glenn White Treasurer, Age 36 from Louisville, KY. Born and raised in Madisonville, KY. Graduated on May 18, 1997 from Madisonville Community College with an Applied Science Associate Degree in (C.I.S.) Computer Information Systems. With a G.P.A. of 3.0. Is currantly attending the University of Louisville working on his B.A. in (C.I.S.).

John GlissonJohn Glissom Secretary, Secretary/National Federation of the Blind of Kentucky, President/National Federation of the Blind of Murry, Chairman/Statewide Independent Living Council, Board Member/Charles McDowell Rehabilitation Center for the Blind Advisory Board, Board Member/Center for Accessible Living Advisory Board, Chairman/Americans With Disabilities Act(ADA) Action Network of Western Kentucky.
Assistive Technology Consoltant-Performs evaluations for indivdual who are blind of visually impared to determine the assistive technology needed to maximize daily functioning in the home, work, and social settings. Provides resorce information for obtaining recommended assistive technology and referral information when mecessary for training. Provides training when approprate. Master of Science. Human Resources, Murry State University 1990.

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