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Searching for Family

Searching for Surnames

Aston, Bibb, Brake, Brandon, Busick, Carney, Dennis, Dunlap, Fitzhugh, Fowler, Greene, Harris, Hatcher, Head, Hopkins, McElroy, Meade, Medcalf/Metcalf, McCune, Mooreland, Peterson, Rushing, Shaw, Stokes, Warfield, Warren, Winters

Also: Bowling, Brewer, Cope, Grubb, Philpot, Seabourne, Truett, Vaughn

"Let society come and show our children worlds far away, let them learn and grow and know of other ways...but give them roots. A tree blown away without roots is so much dead timber: can't leaf in spring, can't tower above in summer and look at that world strong and anchored, can't greet that world in colorful proud glory in the maturity of its season." -Jan Philpot

Especially interested in early families of Middle Tennessee,

A Few Family Links and a Word from our Sponsor

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