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~Welcome to Cloudy's Darkness~

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Welcome fellow searchers of this electronic sanctum.
You have arrived in Cloudys Darkness. As you will be able to tell from my links, I am interested in the darker side of this existence. Whats on the other side of this life, whats after this mortality that curses us. That quest is probably behind my unceasing interest in vampirism. I am always in search of answers, but my questions are never ending.
You will find a link to my pic page which contains a picture of me and a few of Princess Maddison. A wonderous creature who entered my life 4 years ago. Its good to have a fellow traveller, for a little while at least till she finds her own path. An all consuming passion is my love of poetry. Reaching into yourself and feeling the depth and form of your thoughts as horrid or peachy as they may be. The link has my verse as well as poems from friends and other well known wordsmiths. I am a member of The Poetry Empire, this is a webring of oustanding poetry and writing sites. Please go there and enjoy the depth of others minds.
I have also included a friends page....those who see in us what others do not.
Take care out there and dont believe them when they tell you...'you just can't think that'...


Lilith was a mythological woman who was the first wife of Adam. She refused to be subservient to Adam so she was banished and made to leave the garden of Eden.
Come and look at the information I have gathered on Lilith and the many pics I have found.

Come feast your eyes on some of the most delicioulsy wicked Vampiresses you are ever likely to see.

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i am the voice inside your head
i am the lover in your bed
i am the sex that you provide
i am the hate you try to hide
i take you where you want to go
i give you all you need to know
and I control you....



~ Welcome to the Darkness - Nasty site, I love it.
* The Vampire pages of Labich - Great poetry, reading and Art.
~ Pictures of Lilith.
* Pathway to Darkness - A great Vampire site.
~ My pic page.
* Poetry of mine, friends and the well known. Entrance to 'The Poetry Empire' webring.
~ Friends.