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Owensboro, Kentucky's
20th Annual
International Bar-B-Q Festival
May 8 & 9, 1998
These photographs were all taken on May 9, 1998 by Kevin Pearl*
Photos may take a while to load


"Houston, we have a problem"  We're stopping in Owensboro for burgoo!
This is Bell South's Space Shuttle Simulator.

The Volunteer Center of Owensboro-Daviess County asked people to
sponsor little rubber duckies in an Ohio River Duck Derby.

*This is the one picture I didn't take.  It was taken by an over-zealous
chef who takes pictures as well as he cooked chicken.  Mmm-Mmm Good.

Our Lady of Lourdes stirs up the burgoo.

Blessed Mother's burgoo boys.

Blessed Mother's Cooking Team.

Fraternal Order of Police.  Overall Winners of the Governor's Trophy!

I wish you could smell the smoke.  My eyes water just thinking about it.

The Hillbilly Choo-Choo.

This burgoo has been cooking for about 24 hours.

"I can't believe I cooked the WHOLE thing".

It seemed like miles and miles of bar-b-q.

"I love cooking but I hate cleaning up".

"Pizza?  You've got to be kidding.  This is the Bar-B-Q Festival"!

Check the complete list of winners from the Messinger-Inquirer.
Visit the International Bar-B-Q Festival's web page.


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