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A Guide To Dragonmount Terms and Ideas


Accepted- Not as new as a Novice to the White Tower Organization, yet still not a full member. They can flirt and take Lovers, but not Warders. See 'Aes Sedai', 'White Tower' and 'Lovers'.

Aes Sedai- The highest level in the White Tower, also the popular name for all the ladies in the White Tower Organization. Guys are called Warders or Lovers. Very few reach the level of Husband. There is no generalities among Aes Sedai; the Organization is broken into seven Ajahs, each one with its own peculiarities, such as Red Ajah's fondness for grapes, flimy dresses, Ender Wiggin and Phoenix and the Green Ajah's fascination with Men in General and Mint and Special Teas. See 'Organizations', 'Warders', 'Lovers', 'Husband', 'Ajahs', Ender Wiggin', 'Phoenix' and 'Tea'.

Aiel- Organization with the same aims and ambitions as your local gun club. They use female members called Maidens to entice men to give the Organization money to buy more spears and knives by playing group games called such names as 'Maiden's Kiss'. Do not mistake members for a popular drink. These are Dragonmount's spear lovers and are provoked easily. See 'Maidens'.

Ajahs- Clubs within the White Tower Organization. There are eight of them: the Red, White, Blue, Green, Gray, Yellow, Brown and Rainbow Ajahs. The Red Ajah believes in female superiority and demonstrates this on Ender Wiggin, their hostage. The Green Ajah believes in free love, free Mint Tea and Special Tea and in communal living. The Brown Ajah believes in the power of chocolate and they study old books from the Age of Legends called maga'zeens, with titles like 'laygirl' and 'Husler for Wome', believed to contain all the secrets of the Age of Legends. The Blue Ajah has a fondness for birds and bird seed. The Yellow Ajah imitates the Green and Red Ajahs. The White Ajah is into Novice rearing and childcare. The Gray Ajah is into Accepted rearing and discipline. The Rainbow Ajah has only one member, the Amyrlin Seat and she's just a really messed up Brown sister at heart. See 'Amyrlin Seat', 'Ender Wiggin', 'Mint', 'Tea', 'Chocolate', 'Novice' and 'Accepted'.

Amyrlin Seat- Dictator and Organization Leader of the White Tower. Our current one is Kathana Sedai of the Brown Ajah, meaning she is addicted to chocolate. In her case, this is in the form of chocolate pudding and she abuses her authority to gain access to unlimited chocolate pudding cups. Recent rumour suspects that her Warder, Joe Gaidin is the true chocoholic among the two, though Warder Organization and the Amyrlin Seat both flatly deny this. See 'Warders', 'Chocolate', 'White Tower' and 'Ajah'.

Asha'man- The highest position in the Black Tower, also the popular name of all of the male members of the Black Tower Organization. The female members of the Black Tower Organization are called Warders or Wives. Asha'man are reported to be quite arrogant towards others, temperamental and very rarely, insane due to food poisoning from chickens. See 'Black Tower', 'Warders', 'Wives' 'Dedicated', 'Solider' and 'Chickens'.

Band of the Red Hand- An military-orientated Organization similar to the Army. Members pledge to be never caught red handed during a mission. They wander the world without a real destination, helping others Role Play in Dragonmount. Their actual purpose of existence is a tight Organization secret.

Black Tower- A farm where the Asha'man train. The official name of the Asha'man's Organization, its function is to train men in using saidin, swordsmenship and chicken catching. An often understated fact is that the Black Tower provides most of Dragonmount's chickens. Some Asha'man have special Warders called Wives that make food for them and clean their rooms, though Wives are quite rare. Most Asha'man are bonded as Warders to Aes Sedai. See 'Organizations', 'One Power', 'Chickens', 'Wives', 'Warders' and 'Aes Sedai'.

Breaking- Large periods of disruption in Dragonmount, sometimes accidently, sometimes deliberately and sometimes both. There have been three or four such Breakings at Dragonmount at the time of this record. Any disruption less than a week is not considered a Breaking and is viewed as normal in the community.

Chickens- There is absolutely nothing special about Black Tower™ chickens. They're just normal, finger-licking chickens.

Children of the Light- Whitecloaks, as called by everyone except the Organization's homepages, are dedicated to harassing people and poking their noses into everything. This is where Phoenix sentences people who try to flame or successfully flame at Dragonmount to, for a punishment of a year's membership. Apparently this Organization's meeting hall is located on the beach and many people at Dragonmount beg to be 'tortured by the Light'. See 'Whitecloaks'.

Chocolate- Official stimulant of the Brown Ajah. See 'Mint' and 'Ajahs'.

Cookie- Phoenix's favourite food, this is the only means that the White Tower has

of controlling him semi-willingly. The Dark One also supposedly has a

weakness for cookies, hence Its orders for cookie hunting and baking.

Dragon Reborn- Titled used exclusively by Phoenix. Entitles him to god-like powers, including ability to add pages to Dragonmount, desirability by all females in the Dragonmount community and ability to start threads on Star Wars without fear of being flamed. See 'Phoenix', 'Flamed', 'Star Wars' and 'Threads'.

Empress- The Organization Leader of the Seanchan Organization, she is the second most beautiful woman in all of Dragonmount. Her guards protect her from attacks from the White Tower, who is jealous of her beauty. See 'Seanchan'.

Ender Wiggin- An ordinary ex-Asha'man, now Warder with an extraordinary mission: to be the slave of the entire Red Ajah, catering to every whim of the Reds. It is reported that he eats grapes frequently and forced to endure beautiful women in flimy dresses. Yellows and Greens believe this is a result of the Red's No Bonding philosophy. All rescue attempts have failed, including Therva Sedai of the Yellow Ajah bonding him. See 'Ajahs' and 'Asha'man'.

Flamed- When Phoenix gets angry, people combust into flames, hence being 'flamed'. Phoenix's Dragon Reborn powers prevent himself from being flamed. This protection extends somewhat to Staff. See 'Dragon Reborn', 'Staff' and 'Phoenix'.

Freelanders- An Organization that preaches freedom of expression, but unlike the Green Ajah of the White Tower Organization, they do not openly act out their beliefs. They are lead by a Gleeman. You do the math. See 'Organization' and 'Gleeman'.

General Help- Second lowest of the Staff categories, this is yet the most important one. General Helpers ensure the upkeep of Dragonmount and the minor details that Phoenix or the other Staff don't have the time or expertise to deal with. This is also the largest growing of all of the Staff categories. They are also used to blame for Breakings or any disruption to Dragonmount. See 'Breaking'.

Gleeman- Organization Leader of the Freelanders and Man Who Brings Glee to the Multitudes. He does not use Mint Tea or any stimulants whatsoever, nor does his Organization condone their usage. See 'Mint', 'Tea', 'Chocolate', 'Freelanders' and 'Organization Leader'.

Husband- A very rare rank among Warders and Lovers in the White Tower Organization. Husband entitles the gentleman almost equality with his Aes Sedai. This is also considered a semi-permanent title. See 'Lovers' 'White Tower' and 'Warders'.

Incarnations- One Power and Evil incarnated, hence the name. They stand below Phoenix and have almost all his Dragon Reborn powers, except the sexy powers. They supposedly are the bosses of the Role Playing at Dragonmount, but no one ever seems to see them around. Researchers suggest that the Incarnations really don't exist, but experiments have proven that speaking the Incarnations' names brings attention and results. Their names are: Saidar, Saidin and The Dark One. It is whispered though that there are more Incarnations: Open Rose, The Flame and the Void, Shai'tan (pronounced D'eye-al-Op), Father of Lies, White Blossom and Taint. Some even add Kathana Sedai (The Amyrlin Seat) and Joe Gaidin to this list, though that is purely speculative. See 'One Power', 'Role Playing' and 'Kathana'.

Kathana Sedai- See 'Amyrlin Seat'.

Lovers- A rank of almost Warder class among the males of the White Tower Organization. Most Lovers are tall, handsome, excellent swordsmen, sensitive, have ICQ, beautiful eyes and leave within a period of a month. The few Lovers who stay longer often become Warders. See 'Warders', 'White Tower' and 'Organization'.

Maidens- Female members of the Aiel Organization. Often found in groups playing games with males or using sign language to flirt with fellow Aiel or devise cunning plans to get money from Wetlanders, the name for anyone who's not a member. See 'Aiel' and 'Wetlander'.

Message Board- Threads woven together to make a Pattern used for various purposes, but mostly for Role Playing. See 'Role Playing' and 'Threads'.

Mint- A herbal stimulant used most commonly in the teas prepared by Green Ajah members of the White Tower Organization. Green Sisters claim Mint Tea is essential for obtaining the maximum for channeling, whatever that means. In mass amounts, it can cause laughter, euphoria and sharing of Warders and Lovers. See 'Ajahs', 'White Tower', 'Tea' and 'Organization'.

Mistress of the Ships- Organization Leader of the Sea Folk, she is the most beautiful of the Dragonmount female population, partly due to the fact that the Mistress is elected to her position yearly by a panel of Masters of the Blade. See 'Sea Folk'.

Nae'blis- The Organization Leader of Shayol Ghul Organization. He lives to serve the Dark One, literally. See 'Shayol Ghul'.

Novice- A newbie to the White Tower Organization. See 'White Tower'.

Ogier- An Organization of large, organic-loving critters with big ears, big noses, big mouths and hair everywhere! Oh, wait a moment, that's rabbits... Well, same diff.

One Power- Mental energy available only to the members of the White Tower, Black Tower and No Organization Organizations. Aes Sedai use a type of One Power called saidar, Asha'man use saidin and No Organization people use whatever One Power type they can get.

Organizations- Smaller communities akin to support groups within Dragonmount, usually exclusive to a type of people. The Organizations at Dragonmount are: White Tower, Black Tower, Wolfbrothers, Shayol Ghul, Children of the Light, Freelanders, Warders, Seanchan, Ogier, Band of the Red Hand, Sea Folk and Aiel. No Organization is a special Organization for people who don't need support groups, like Phoenix and the Incarnations and various other Staff. See all Organizations listed above.

Organization Leader- Simply the boss of an Organization, though it is a Staff category. Some Organization Leaders have special titles, like Amyrlin Seat for White Tower, M'Hael for Black Tower, Elder for Ogier and Empress for Seanchan. See 'Organizations' and 'Staff'. They are blamed for all the crashes and lacks of updates on Organization Pages.

Organizational Help- Staff members created by Organization Leaders in order to place the blame for their failures on somebody else. They are often forgot by other Staff Members (including their Organization Leaders) and have a thankless job, unless they whine like Blackthorne and Yveva. See 'Staff' and 'Organization Leader'.

Phoenix- GOD. See 'Dragon Reborn', 'Asha'man' and 'Staff'.

Role Playing- No one is quite sure where the Role Playing starts and stops at Dragonmount. This is the chief domain and responsibility of the Incarnations, a group of Staff members. We really don't Role Play; we Play ourselves. See 'Incarnations' and 'Staff'.

Sea Folk- The true Wetlanders. Their Organization is based on a love of the seas and the ship they live upon. Their female members are alleged to be the most beautiful of all of Dragonmount, much to the anger of the White Tower, who try to squish these rumours into pancakes. See 'White Tower'.

Seanchan- An Organization alike Sea Folk in the way of their love for ships, except they love to chain up Aes Sedai as well. They wear weird clothes and have weird accents, like they have food in their mouths. Naturally, the White Tower tries to squish this Organization as well as the Sea Folk. See 'White Tower', 'Aes Sedai' and 'Sea Folk'.

Shayol Ghul- The only Organization with most of its members in other Organizations simultaneously. Their purpose is to worship the Dark One (Fact: The Dark One is only Incarnation with Its own Organization) and supply all of Its needs, which extends from the Amyrlin's Chocolate Pudding and the Green Ajah's Secret and Mint Teas, to Phoenix's Cookies and the souls of a thousand Asha'man. Their Organization Leader is called the Nae'blis, who organizes his Organization members in the Dark One's tasks. See 'Chocolate', 'Mint', 'Tea', 'Cookie', 'Asha'man', 'Ajahs' and 'Nae'blis'.

Staff- Also known as Staff Members, these people are specially chosen by Phoenix to temporarily borrow his Dragon Reborn powers for the greater good of Dragonmount. Their numbers vary, seeming to increase with every Breaking, but they can be classified under the categories of Incarnations, Organization Leaders, General Help and Organizational Help. See 'Incarnations', 'Organization Leaders', 'General Help', 'Organizational Help', 'Dragon Reborn' and 'Phoenix'.

Star Wars- An obscure religion whose members are often persecuted and teased. Members come from all Organizations (though the Black and White Towers seem to have the highest concentrations) and believe in an imaginary power called the Force, in which only special people in a priest-like role called Jedi Knights can use. It is important to notice that such prominent figures like Phoenix are active members of this religion, yet avoid stigma. Perhaps Star Wars may one day become the official religion of Dragonmount. See 'Phoenix', 'White Tower', 'Black Tower', 'Organization'.

Tea- Aes Sedai liquid aid for concentration. The Green Ajah uses this liquid brewed from Mint leaves to serve and question guests, leaving a Special brand for Green Ajah ceremonies like bondings and sleepovers. See 'Aes Sedai'. 'Ajahs' and 'Mint'.

Threads- Components of Role Playing, as well as components of the One Power. It is unknown if they are the same thing. Only Phoenix and few other Staff know the secret method of combining threads to make a message board. See 'Role Playing', 'One Power', 'Phoenix', 'Staff' and 'Message Board'.

Warders- In the White Tower Organization, Warder is the second level for a man. He is bonded to an Aes Sedai after being her Lover for a period of time. Some Warders are lucky enough to be one of the few to reach the highest level, that of Husband. In the Black Tower Organization, the level of Warder is simultaneous with the title of Wife and is obtained easily by women. However, the duties are greater for the female Warder than her male counterpart. There is rumour that this may be a separate Organization, though no proof is seen at this time. See 'White Tower', 'Black Tower', 'Lover', 'Husband' and 'Wives'.

Wetlander- Name for anyone who's not Aiel in the Aiel Organization. The only true wetlanders are Sea Folk members. See 'Sea Folk'.

Whitecloaks- See 'Children of the Light'.

White Tower- The place where the White Tower Organization operates out of and the name of an Organization at Dragonmount. Members are called Aes Sedai (though newbies and semi-newbies are called Novices and Accepted respectively) and wield a magic called saidar to mostly try to control Dragonmount's populace and Phoenix. The Black Tower alone keeps them from this and the fact that the White Tower Organization is divided into clubs called Ajahs that plot and plan against each other, so nothing really gets done. This is one of the most favourite Organizations at Dragonmount simply for this 'no work, all play' attitude. Their Leader, the Amyrlin Seat is the worst of them all. See 'Amyrlin Seat', 'Aes Sedai', 'Accepted', 'Novice', 'Phoenix', 'Black Tower', 'Ajahs', 'One Power' and 'Organization'.

Wives- A title given to female members of the Black Tower Organizations that is interchangeable with 'Warder'. Wives work hard and are well deserving of the love and respect given to them by their equals at the Black Tower. They are, however, not seen by the White Tower Organization as being the equal to their Husbands. Instead, many Wives are kidnapped and brought to the White Tower supposedly for their own safety and good. See 'Black Tower', 'Warder', 'White Tower' and 'Husband'.

Wolfbrothers- The few non-channeling men smart enough to run when Aes Sedai

approach them

Wolfsisters- Non-channeling women smart enough to follow the fleeing men called

Wolfbrothers, seeing a great opportunity in the void of no Aes Sedai, especially those of the Green and Red Ajahs.