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Weird Sleepover

It was a bright morning at the tower. Yawning and sitting up in her bed, Silver tries to scratch an itch in the middle of her back. She could hear people stirring outside her door in the hallways of the White Tower. Ah, what a lovely morning this is. Today is the perfect day to try to fly. Silver has it stuck in her head that she can fly like the birds or any other flying animal. She checks the many plants that are blooming in her room, to see if they are not to dry or wet. They are fine. She needed to keep them in full bloom for her vicious pet butterflies. They tend to attack people Silver does not like and follow her around like lost lambs. She walks swiftly to her closet and pulls on a pale blue dress. Most of her dresses were blue, not because of her Ajah, but because she liked that color best. It is also the dress that she thinks is lucky and will help her to fly better.

"I shall prove it to everyone that I can fly, just like you guys." She tells her butterflies.

Outside her room, Silver tries to walk calmly to the Tower Gardens, but excitement overcomes her and she starts to run. Running through the halls she spots Morgan Sedai.

"Hi Morgan. Bye Morgan." She runs on, leaving Morgan looking after her with a blank look and her face.

She was very close to the doors to the gardens now. She sees them and starts to slow down a bit, but not much. Flinging the doors open, she runs out rather crazy looking like. Seeing a big group of fellow sisters she slows down to a calm and graceful walk and smoothes her dress. She would not want anyone to think her crazy, now would she? She nods in acknowledgment to there brief 'Hello's'. When they were out of sight and she was to her regular flying grounds, she starts stretching. She did about ten minuets of stretching and then some short sprints to warm up. Now she was ready to begin. She suddenly realizes that her butterflies have gathered in the garden as an audience. With the thought of someone watching her, she blushes. Well, enough of this. She jumps up and down flapping her arms in the air and starts to run as fast as she can. After she builds up speed, she jumps and flaps her arms very wildly. She fails and falls to the ground in a heap. For hours and hours, she tries over and over again. She soon gives up and goes back to her room looking ever so gloomy. Many of her fellow sisters looked at her with pity in their eyes. Poor Silver had not succeeded today. Back in her room, she pulls some fruit out and starts to nibble at it. It was her favorite kind of fruits, Kiwi, but even eating that did not cheer her up. She undoes her dirty dress and puts on a brilliant red dress that she also liked a lot. Then she lay down on her bed for a little nap.

In her dream, she was a bird flying in the air so close to the sun with its warmth comforting her. She started to fall and fall and fall until BANG! She fell out of her bed to the sounds of someone calling her name. Moving to the window, she looks down.

It was Dalinarius. Her mood brightened a whole lot.

"I will be right down, just move out of the way. I am going to fly out." He looked at her with horror. He of course knew about her belief that she could fly, but did not expect her to try.

On the count of three, she jumped out of the window with her arms stretched out. Dalinarius was prepared and wove an air cushion under Silver so that she would not hurt herself.

"Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Silver squeaks with glee as she falls down from her jump onto the air cushion. "That was fun, Dalinarius. Can I do it again?" Silver asks him with excitement in her eyes.

"I.. do not think that would be... um... wise." He answers her, with concern written all over his face.

"Sweetie, you should learn not to write on your forehead. It is a bad habit." Silver takes out a tissue and tries to rub it off. Slowly but stubbornly, it comes off.

"So... um... well... Letís go walk in the garden." He brushes her tissue away and they start walking.

"Now I have an issue to discuss with you, Silver. I think it is too dangerous for you to be jumping out of windows and trying to fly. Blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah." She tunes him out because she has heard his little no flying speech so many times. After a while she wanders away from Dalinarius towards the Warders practice grounds. She sits on a cold stone bench and watches them practice. It then became break time and Morganís warder Ladon walks over to her.

"What is wrong, Silver?" He asks also with concern written on his face. What is with men and things written on their faces? She takes out her tissue again and rubs it off.

"I have been trying to fly but I cannot seem to get off the ground." He also knew of her dilemma, but also did not strongly agree with it. He nods understandingly. "Do you know how I can get myself to fly?" She asks him eagerly.

"I am afraid I do not. Ask Ranges maybe he would know." He waves Ranges over.

"What is the matter?" He asks with question marks written on his head. Rolling her eyes, Silver yet again takes out her tissue and wipes them off.

"I want to know how to fly. Do you know how? Do you? Do you? Do you?"

"Um... Hummm... I donít think I do. I would go ask maybe someone who might know how the birds fly." Silver thinks for a moment. Who has birds? Hummm. She snaps her fingers. I know. Maybe Sathinar, he is around pigeons a lot, maybe he can help. Silver opens a gateway to the Black Tower and steps through leaving the two warders with more questions written on their faces.

At the Black Tower, she finds her way by following the trail of pigeon feathers to where Sathinar was sitting on a stone happily eating a pigeon.

"Hello Shampoo lady. What the matter?" Sathinar did not have anything written on his face. Wow. Amazing, a man with nothing written on his face. Wait a minute, back to the story at hand.

"I will give you another pigeon if you can tell me how to fly or know who can tell me." He thinks this over.

"Ok, I donít know how you would be able to fly but you could ask...Joníatha. He should know. He knows lots of stuff." He says looking at the pigeon in the cage Silver held. He mouth started to water with hunger.

"Yes, he is all-knowing. He has helped me out a lot. Like when I could not get into the boards one time or when I needed someone to proof some posts I was planning on putting up. I think that is worthy of a pigeon." The pigeon looks at Silver and cooos. She hands it to Sathinar and he takes it out and starts eating it.

Opening another gateway to the White Tower, she steps through. This is so fun. It was dusk now and she must hurry. She walked fast towards where she thought she would find Joníatha. He was sitting a desk taking calls about problems about why they could not get into the White Tower board. He looked relieved to see a friendly and familiar face.

"Good evening, Silver Sedai. How may I be of service?" He gets out of his seat and bows deeply. Silver smiles warmly.

"I am searching for someone who can tell me how to fly, and I thought you would be the person to come to." He looks to the ceiling with 'this Aes Sedai must be nuts' written all over his face. Silver again takes out her tissue and wipes it off his face. Men! Why me! She laughs at this. You canít live with them and you can't live without them.

"I don't think I know the answer to that." He falls over at the thought. "Oh no, I... don't... know the answer. Oh Creator, why, why, why, why donít I know the answer?" He starts to sob hysterically. Silver backs away slowly and walks back out of the door.

And he thought I was nuts? She shakes her head. Maybe the all-knowing Amyrlin will know how I can fly. With that, she skips toward the Amyrlinís Study. KLUNK! Silver bumped into someone. It was Arik, sneaking through the night again with a chicken in his arm.

"Ahhhhh! You scared me, Silver." He shivers. "I thought you were my sister, Ciara. She wants to probably put more pink ribbons in my hair." He shivers again. "Do you need anything Silver?" He asks.

"Yes I was wondering if you know how I could fly. I mean, you do have many chickens."

"Ahh... I do not know how to fly. Sorry. I would go to ask the Amyrlin; she is smart in her own way."

"That is where I was headed. Bye now." Silver then starts to skip again to the Amyrlin's Study.

At the Amyrlin's study, Chissa sat at a desk writing stuff on a bunch of papers. Silver could hear a few people in the Amyrlin's study with her but could not hear quite what they were saying.

"May I help you, sister?" Chissa inquires.

"Ah... Yes, I would like to see the Amyrlin on an important matter."

"Here are some forms that I will need you to fill out." She hands Silver an inch stack of paper. No, not paper work. I hate paper work. Oh, the agony and bad memories. She shivers at the thought. It took Silver an hour to fill out the forms. She hands them back to Chissa.

"Thank you, and have a nice time." Chissa announces her and she steps into the study. What Silver sees shocks her. There sitting on the floor is the Amyrlin, Sam díma Shadar, Kagato, Ben T-Gaidin, Hawkwing, Yveva Sedai, Morgan Sedai, Ladon, Ranges, Dreda, Belle, and many others from the White Tower and Black Tower. And the weirdest thing was that Morgan had hummingbirds with her, Ranges had a hawk with him, and Kagato had a vicious bunny with a violet ribbon on its head. That is not the half of it. All of the guys wear wearing dresses?????!!!!! It seems that they were having a Drag show/Slumber party. All over the place was chocolate pudding and the Amyrlin and everyone was eating it. Boy, what I have to go through just to learn how to fly.

"Hey Silver." Everyone greets her. Many seemed to be either drunk or just on a chocolate pudding high.

"Come and join us for a while." So Silver decided to join them maybe some would hint that they knew how to fly.


Meanwhile Dalinarius was still walking through the garden. He has not yet noticed that his Aes Sedai had wondered off. "So, as I conclude, it is not healthy for you to run around the gardens trying to fly." He looks around him for Silver. "Silver? Silver? Silver, where are you? Silver!" He yells in vain. What happened to her? I hope she has not jumped off a cliff again. He then runs to the Amyrlin's study to ask if she knew where Silver went.


Back in the Amyrlin's Study, everyone was having the best of times. Silver was sitting on the floor with her hair all done up and makeup on her face, drinking some spiked chocolate pudding. Sitting next to her were all of her sisters. And on a makeshift stage were all of there warders and a few Warders and men from the Black Tower who were not bonded. Certainly by the end of this party they would be. Either by Lanfir or by another Green. Everyone was trying to decide who looked better in a dress: Kagato, Sam, or Hawkwing. Silver was swaying toward choosing Kagato because he looked mighty fine in his violet dress with black high-heeled shoes on, and to top that off, her had a bra on his head. Plus he was holding his cute, but vicious looking bunny in his arms and it had a violet ribbon in its hair. Soon everyone put their votes in and three Aes Sedai went to go count the votes. They were Francesca, Mellyn, and Therva.

Minutes later, the count was in. Francesca got on the stage with an envelope in her hands. A drum roll started from out of nowhere.

"The winner of the contest is..." She opens the envelope and everyone hushed and moved closer. "is... Kagato and his cute bunny." Everyone cheered and ran up to him and hugged him and gave him flowers. This would all be so very interesting to onlooker's eyes. At that very moment, there was a knock on the door and Dalinarius stepped inside.

"Dalinar!" Silver exclaimed with glee. She ran up to him, very clumsy like, cause she was a little drunk, and jumped on him and hugged him. He looked at her in surprise.

"Ah..." He looks around at all of the guys. "Am I... interrupting... something?"

"No, no, not at all. Kagato just won the contest for best dressed guy." Dalinarius nods his head, gets up from under Silver and walks over to Kagato to congratulate him. All the greens looked at him and smiled at each other. They walk silently over to him, grab him and drag him to a dressing room.

An hour later they walk back out with a new Dalinarius. He was wearing a bright blue dress with sparkles all over it, and there were matching shoes on his feet. In his brown curly hair were lots of blue ribbons tied into bows. He looked terrified, but he fit right in. After about a half an hour he finally got comfortable and started to enjoy the time that he was spending with Silver. Silver liked his new look, yet she does not think he would like her thinking that.

The party went on till dawn and then everyone helped clean up and then left.