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Title: Musical Chores
Posted By: Phrygiana
Posted On:9/18/99 10:25:53 AM

This is actually a repost from the old novice board from yesterday, but I thought everyone might enjoy it! *BG*

Phrygiana sighed and pushed her hair out of her face. She thought to herself that she should have brought a better hair holder than just a ribbon. The kitchen was hotter than usual, or so it seemed to her, and sweat was pouring down her face. She crouched down to her hands and knees in front of a huge pot that had been tipped over to its side and filled with soapy water. She would scrub this pot clean if it was the last thing she ever did!

Summoning all her courage, Phryg stuck her head into the great, cavernous mess. She rubbed her scrub-brush through the pool of soapy water and started to tackle the crud on the walls of the pot. From the inside of the big metal space the sound of the brush was maginfied ten-fold. It made a rasping, scraping rhythym that made Phryg smile in spite of herself. Pretty soon she caught herself humming. With her head stuck in the pot that simple humming made the most magnificent sound. It reverberated off the pot's walls and came back to her as a loud and joyful sound. Phryg needed some joy in her life these days. Her roommate had been raised to Accepted and her two other best friends as well. To top that off she was hanging in limbo, not knowing how badly she was to be punished for the worm prank (damn that DM site! *g*) and that horrible Floyd flooded her basement and porch and knocked down trees all over her town and caused huge amounts of damage everywhere she looked and had the power out for 13 hours and made a huge mess and . . . (oops, that's real life, not DM. I get the two confused *g*)

Pretty soon the rythym of the scrub brush started to match up to the song she was humming. And then, Phrygiana began to sing . . .

(to the tune "O Tannenbaum"):

"I scrub the pots
I scrub the pots
And when I'm done they'll give me more

My feet are sore and so's my back
The Aes Sedai all think I'm cracked

I scrub the pots
I scrub the pooooooooooootttss!
And when I'm done they'll give me more!"

She smiled and laughed to herself, feeling another one coming on.

(to the tune, "Jingle Bells"):

(verse)"Crouching on the floor
Head stuck in a pot
Scrubbing's such a bore!
Hey! This one's still hot!
Burnt chocolate pudding skin,
Peeling it's a feat.
Light! this must have been
That @#!!$%*#?!! Amrylin Seat's!

(chorus)OH! Scrub the pots
Scrub the pots
Scrub them til they shine!
And I'll have more to do
If Alosha hears me whine!
Scrub the pots
Scrub the pots
Scrub them til they shine
Yes, I'l have more to do
If Alosha hears me whine!"

By the end of that song Phryg was singing at the top of her little soprano voice. She punctuated the song with a laugh and kept on scrubbing as she tried to come up with another one.

The Singing, Pot-scrubbing Novice
Getting At Least One Chore Done

Title: . . . and for my next number . . .
Posted By: Phrygiana
Posted On: 9/18/99 3:58:02 PM

After finishing her last song, Phryg grinned wide and sang an entire scale, from as low as she could sing to the very top of her range, as loud as she possibly could. What great accoustics!!!

She launched into another one:

(to the tune "La Cucuracha")

"I scrub the pudding
I scrub the pudding
Pudding dripping from the rim
I scrub the pudding
I scrub the pudding
Cleaning for the Amrilyn!!"

Me me me me me me me me meeeeee!