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Date: 06/9/99 04:36:11 PM
Name: Phoenix

Subject: My Story-

[Director's Note: This is a LONG story! But if you're a Star Wars fan, and a WoT fan, and a Dragonmount regular, then this is for YOU!]

A short time ago, in a web site close, close by...

(Begin dramatic music)


(Pretend this is all yellow text scrolling by)

Episode IV

The Wheel of Time turns, and ages come and go, leaving memories that fade to legend, and legend fades to myth even myth is long forgotten by the time the age that gave it birth comes round again. In an age called the third age by some, a wind arose in a web site called DRAGONMOUNT. The wind was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning. At this web site, a war rages across it. The WHITE TOWER has stolen plans for a new DEATH TER'ANGREAL and unless they can be stopped, the evil Forsaken will use it to destroy Randland. Hoping to reach the Tower before it is too late, an Aes Sedai representative is traveling up the river Erinin as fast as she can. Little does she know that she is being pursued by one of the dread Forsaken...

(end scrolling)

The ship sailed quickly up the river Erinin, the captain going as fast as he dared with all the rocks around. Kathana Justinia Trevalaer paced back and forth on the deck. She looked up and saw one of the warders, AshGaidin looking at her.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"They're following us. I know it!"

"I would not worry too much about it, Mother. We are on a diplomatic mission from Caemlyn after all."

Kathana frowned and checked her hair. It was still in place: two buns over either ear. "If you say so Ash. But if they use that Ter'angreal, then we're all in trouble."

"Excuse me Mother," said a very hesitant voice. Kathana looked up to see C3P-J0e Gaidin standing before her. "I am terribly sorry to disturb you, but a ship is approaching from the south. It bears the markings of the Shayol Ghul Organization."

Kathana sprang into action. "Get the Greens up on the deck! All warders to their posts!" Just then the ship lurched as a large fireball flew from the sky and blasted out a sailing mast.

"Oh dear," moaned 3P-J0e.

AshGaidin had his sword in hand in a heartbeat. "Quickly Mother, go into the front of the ship. We'll hold them in the back." With that, he went running towards the back of the ship where trollocs and halfmen were running out of a Gateway that had appeared.

Kathana started to run towards the front of the ship when she had an idea. Stopping, she looked around at C3P-J0e. "Where is RU-Lone-Wolf?" A squeak at her side answered her. She looked and saw her beloved Lone Wolf there.

Addressing both of them she said "Get out of here. Go to a row boat and get help." She took out a series of papers and also a blank sheet of paper. She scribbled something on the blank sheet. "Here, hide this." She folded the note very neatly and put it in his pocket. "Now go!"

Hesitant to leave her, Lone Wolf moaned a sad sound. "Come along Lone-wolf," said J0e. With one last look Lone-wolf and J0e headed towards a row boat.

The last figure to emerge from the gateway was a terrifying sight. Dressed all in black, with a flowing cape and stupid-looking-wannabe-Vader-helmet stood the Nae'blis. Demandred looked around the burning ship. The plans for the ter'angreal were on this ship. His dark lieutenant D'Spyre approached him. "Master, we have not found the plans, but have managed to find him." He gestured towards AshGaidin who was being held by three trollocs.

Demandred approached him and lifted him by his neck. "Where are the stolen plans?!?" It was not his actual voice, but the voice of James Earl Jones. [Director's Note: Did you think we'd let Chris Stilson do THAT voice?? I don't THINK so!]

"What plans?" Ash lied.

Demandred's eyes blazed with the sa, red flashes and small flames blazing all across his pupils. "This is an Aes Sedai ship, so where is the Amyrlin?"

Ash defiantly said nothing and was silent. With a toss and a touch of the True Power, Ash went sailing over the side of the ship into the water. [Don't worry, he didn't die like Captain Antilles did in the real SW movie at this point. He got up and lived a happy life after the story was over. Anyway....]

Demandred continued on. "D'Spyre, tear this ship apart! I want those plans and I want the Amyrlin alive!"

Kathana hid inside the hold. She was hiding in between two boxes. Saidar called to her, but she could not risk taking the source just yet. If only she knew how to make a gateway! Damn RJ for not letting Aes Sedai know how to make one until the later books!

Suddenly the door to the hold opened up and light streamed in. D'Spyre walked down the steps. "Here Amyrlin Seat, here! Come to D'Spyre! You don't want me sending Bobby the Gholam after you now do you?"

Kathana took that as her cue. She jumped out of her hiding place and embraced Saidar. She lashed out with Spirit, but the flow was cut immediately. Wondering how he saw her weave, she saw D'Spyre smile. Lanfear then emerged from the shadows, allowing the Folded Light to dissipate. "We got you 'Hun' " Kathana felt a pang of fear as she saw the light of Saidar around Lanfear move over to encompass D'Spyre as well. Her last thought before the stunning blow that knocked her out was a prayer that J0e and RU-Lone-wolf would deliver that message.

"What do you mean 'row faster!'" complained J0e. "I'm going as fast as I can! I don't see you helping. Some lookout person you are!"

Lone-wolf ignored the comment. They came to the other side of the river bank and could still see the burning ship in the distance. Lone-wolf sighed. "Yes Wolfie, I know," said J0e. I hope she's okay too. Where should we go now?"

Lone-wolf answered by hopping out of the boat and started to walk west. After a moment J0e followed. "Why are you going that way? There's nothing but under-developed farm land there? It's the Two Rivers." Getting no response other than Lone-wolf not stopping, J0e mumbled "stubborn warder."

D'Spyre and Lanfear brought a now conscious Kathana before Demandred. She discovered that she was shielded and had a gag of Air in her mouth. "We found her, Master. She has no trace of the plans on her."

Demandred turned his dark gaze to Kathana. "Where are the plans, Amyrlin?"

Kathana felt the Air gag go away. "I don't have the plans," she said, privately upset that the Three Oaths forbid her to lie. This could be tough. "I am on a diplomatic mission to Caemlyn."

Demandred's eyes blazed and he seemed to become darker. "You are an Aes Sedai and a Lightfool! Take her away!" D'Spyre bowed and Lanfear replaced the Air gag before walking Kathana away.

Demandred breathed very heavily, his anger getting even hotter. D'Spyre looked at him and said "Some Halfmen saw two warders rowing away on a boat.

"That's it!" exclaimed the Nae'blis. "She hid the plans there. Follow that boat!"

Several days later, J0e and Lone Wolf approached a road that headed west. Lone-wolf's stomach grumbled. "I'm hungry too," said J0e. "If only we could have some food."

"I've got some food for you!!!!" came a voice from behind them. J0e and Lone-wolf turned to see a skinny looking peddler approaching them on a horse drawn cart. He pulled the cart to a halt right next to the two warders. "The name's Sathinar and I've got lots to eat! Want a pigeon?" The skinny man pulled out a dead bird and took a bite. After chewing and swallowing she said "Mmmm-mm. Nothing beats that. It takes like chicken!"

Lone-Wolf gagged and J0e spoke up. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am CP-J0e, human-warder relations (and 3D WoT artist) and this is my partner RU-Lone-Wolf."

"Yeah, yeah, nice to meet you." replied the peddler. "Hey, I'm going to Emmond's field but first I have to stop at this back water farm. Want to come along?"

"We would be delighted to," said J0e. And so the three set off towards a small farm that raised sheep and tabac.

Ben T-Gaidin stood underneath the hot sun and looked around. He was chopping wood right then and beginning to feel his years. Gray hair had long ago set into his once dark hair. He took a moment to rest then and looked around. To his dismay, coming out of the woods was a peddler! He grinned with the thought. A peddler in these parts? How odd. Maybe he and his nephew could pick up some useful supplies.

"Jarron!" he called towards the house. "Jarron, come out. A peddler is here!"

Out of the house came his tall, gray eyed, dorky looking nephew. [Director's note: A good cross between Rand and Luke, wouldnít you say? :-) ] Jarron alíSkywalker walked up to Ben and gazed at the peddler.

Ben looked at him and said, "I'm going to finish up chopping wood. You go see if you can hire one of those two servants to watch the sheep while we go away for Bel Tine."

"But I was going to go to Edmond's Field and pick up some new sling shots with FryGuy!"

"You can play games with your friends later. Right now you have work to do. Would you rather chop wood?"

Jarron sighed and mumbled a "no." Ben grinned. He went out and met the peddler and servants half way. "Hi there," he said to the trio.

The peddler just stared cold daggers at him but did not respond. "Uh, can we buy stuff from you?" said Jarron.

The peddler continued to stare pure hatred. One of the servants spoke up. "I think he quite hates you sir. He has been going on and on about the Isle. I think he is a madman."

Jarron was perplexed. "Well, I don't know why he's mad at me."

J0e shrugged. "Well, allow me to introduce myself. I am CP-J0e, human-warder relations and this is my partner RU-Lone-Wolf."

"Nice to meet you," said Jarron. "Well," he sighed "Would you and your friend here like to be hired by us to watch some sheep while we're gone for a few days?" Jarron asked gesturing towards Lone-Wolf.

J0e answered with a quick "YES! We have not eaten in a few days and all Sathinar has here is pigeons."

"Well we'll give you something to eat."

Ben called over to the group. "Jarron, if you hired them, take them into the barn and set up some cots for them. Also, make sure they get a bath and dinner."

"Alright Uncle Ben!" the boy called back. Then he addressed the warders. "Go ahead, I'll meet you at the barn." He turned to the peddler.

"Look boy," said Sathinar, "I know you don't like me! You have something personal against me! I'll get you! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!" With that, he turned around and walked his cart towards the forest.

Jarron shook his head and went to the cabin where Ben was. Ben was grinning at himself in the mirror. "Hey Uncle Ben, now that we have some hired hands, can I go to the warder academy?"

"Now Jarron, we talked about this. You can't."

"Why not?"

"Because I said so."

"But you also said..."

"Shh!" snapped Ben.

"What ab-"

"I said 'Shh!' I have a whole bag of 'Shh' with your name on it.'


"SHH! Don't make me say it again. Knock-knock"

"Who's there?"


With that, Jarron walked out of the house. This story was becoming too much like a Mike Myers film for him. He walked over to the barn and was amazed to see J0e tied up and gagged. Running over there quickly he said "What happened?"

"It's RU-Lone-Wolf! He keeps going on about his mission. He tied me up when I told him that we should stay here."

"Well, where did he go?"

"I think he went to see somebody named Obi-Wan Connorobi."

"I wonder if that's the old hermit out past Sand Hill. Let's go find him before Ben gets my hide."

Slayer felt the Power rush through him as he scanned the ground for footprints. With his Power-enhanced vision, he could see quite clearly the tracks of the two warders. It was only a matter of time before he found them. Demandred would be pleased with him.

Jarron and J0e rode on Belaís back. Up ahead, they saw Lone-Wolf jogging. When they caught up to him, J0e exclaimed "Where do you think you're going"

Lone-Wolf pulled out some nice papers and shook them in the air, giving J0e a look that seemed to say "Duh!"

"Well, you should have asked Master Jarron if it was okay if you left!"

Lone-Wolf growled.

"Look," said Jarron, "we should get back home."

Lone-Wolf stomped his foot.

"What is all this bickering?" came a voice from the woods. They looked over and saw an old man step out from the brush.

"Who are you?" asked Jarron.

"I am Obi-Wan Connorobi." said the old man. At the sound of the name, Lone-wolf jumped up and smiled. If he had a tail, it would have been wagging.

"Oh, well this seems to be a friend of yours."

"Odd," said Connorobi. "I don't recall ever owning a warder." Suddenly, a wolf howled loudly nearby. "Come, let's go to my hut. It is too dangerous to stay here at night."

Back at Connorobi's hut, and after a full meal of...well whatever hermits eat, Lone-Wolf produced his letter from the Amyrlin Seat. He read it out loud.
"Asha'man Connorobi,
Years ago you served the White Tower and Dragonmount doing some stuff. Well, we need your help again. This faithful flea bag of a warder here has some papers that must be delivered safely to the Tower. See that they get there. Help me Obi-Wan Connorobi. You're my only hope."

Connorobi thought a moment and leaned back against his chair. "Who is she?" asked Jarron. "She needs help!"

"Yes, indeed she does," said Connorobi almost to himself. "Perhaps you can help her too. I understand you've become a pretty good warrior yourself."

"Where did you hear that?" asked Jarron.

"Not important, dear boy. We hermits hear things. I just know that you've become a decent warrior: almost like your father."

"My father? What happened to him? Do you know?" asked Jarron, curious as a kid on Christmas day.

"Well," said Connorobi carefully. "Your father was a great man. But then he was betrayed and murdered by a named Demandred, who was a pupil of mine before he become evil."

"The Source?" asked Jarron. "What's that?"

Connorobi smiled. "Well, the Source is what turns the Wheel of Time. It is divided into 2 parts: male and female. A very small minority of people can touch the Source and channel it and do cool stuff. Females that can do so are called Aes Sedai and males who can are called Asha'man. I was once an Asha'man but I was gentled when I started to go crazy recently."

"Gentled? Crazy? I don't know if I like this," said Jarron.

"Well, you see young Jarron," continued the old man, "men who channel will eventually go mad. That's because the Dark One tainted the male half of the power 3000 years ago when the Dragon imprisoned him. A way to prevent a man from going mad is to cut him off from the Source or gentle him. Men who are gentled usually die cause they want the Power back. So far, I'm okay. I am still a recent gentled Asha'man."

There was a moment of silence. "Which reminds me," said Connorobi. "I have something here for you. Your father wanted you to have it when you were old enough, but Ben wouldn't allow it. He thought you might be too happy and out grin him."

Connorobi then produced a fine looking sword with a heron etched into the blade. "This is a heron-marked sword. Only the greatest of sword fighters had the right to carry it. In the Old days, before the Dark Times."

Jarron accepted the sword and swung it about. "Wow. This is great. Thank you. But I need to get home now. Ben will be mad if I'm gone too long."

Connorobi frowned. "It's too dangerous. Demandred probably sent somebody to track the warders here." He motioned to the two warders who had fallen asleep.

Being from the Two Rivers and being stubborn, Jarron put his foot down. "I need to get home," he said. "Sorry. I'll visit every now and then. Bye!" With that, he walked out the door.


Connorobi was waiting at the front door of his hut when Jarron returned several hours later. "What happened?" he asked.

Jarron's eyes were filled with tears. "Somebody came and burned the farm. Ben was hurt, but heíll be okay. He just grinned and told me to go get the person who did that to him."

After a silent moment he continued, sounding very determined. "I want to come with you to the White Tower. I want to learn to be an Ashaíman, like my father before me."

Connorobi nodded gravely and said, "Come, we will go someplace where we can find somebody to help us go there."

The Spring of the Morning Inn was a large Inn, very popular with the local crowd. It was this place that Connorobi led Jarron and the two warders. As they walked in, Connorobi warned them, "We must be careful. You will not find a more wretched place that is filled with scum and villany. Watch out for the green tea."

Inside, it was a packed house, with people of many nationalities there. A gleeman entertained people in the corner. He was telling people, "Support me! Join the Freelanders!"

The innkeeper, a lady named Blackthorne, saw the group and waved her hand to get their attention. "We donít serve their kind here!" she said pointing to the warders. "Theyíll have to wait outside."

"Why not?" asked Jarron.

"Well, well... Oh bloody ashes, okay. They can come in." She went then to deliver some salt and lemons to a group of people at a table.

Connorobi and Jarron approached the bar and when the innkeeper returned, she asked for their orders.

"Iíll have some Mint Oosquai please," said Jarron.

"Wait a minute," said Blackthorne as she wiped her hands on her apron. "Are you of age? Let me see some identification."

Jarronís heart sank.

"You donít need to see his identification," said Connorobi. As he said that he waves his hand subtly and looked the innkeeper right in the eyes.

"What do you think youíre some kind of Ashaíman, trying to pull the old Ashaíman Mind Trick on me? Hon, that wonít work on me. But Iíll give you the drink for the effort." Connorobi just mumbled to himself and then began talking to a tall dark stranger.

There was a tap then at Jarronís shoulder and he looked over to see a tall man, with long brown hair, halfway down his back. His brown eyes were fuzzy from drink. "Iím Torim and Iíve got the death sentence in five countries. You better be careful!"

Jarron, not knowing what to say, said the only thing that came to mind. "Thanks, Iíll be careful."

"Youíll be dead!" screamed the man.

Connorobi stepped between them. "This oneís not worth it," he said.

With a scream Torim launched himself at Connorobi. The old man smoothly drew a heron-marked sword and cut the offending manís arm off. Torim screamed and ran out of the Inn.

After a moment, Connorobi leaned over to Jarron and said "Darksmoon here is the co-owner of a very fast horse collection." Jarron then saw that the tall, dark figure was a very hairy man with golden eyes. "Weíll see if it will work for us."

They approached a table and a man was sitting there. He had cocky look on his face and he stared at Connorobi and his friends. "The nameís Sam díma Shadar. Iím captain of the Millenium Falcon Transportation Team. Darks says that youíre looking for transportation to the White Tower."

"Yes," said Connorobi, "we are. We need fast horses and no questions asked."

"The horses are fast enough for the old man," said Sam. "It will cost you though. 10,000 all in advance."

"10,000!" screamed Jarron.

Connorobi put a hand on Jarronís arm to reassure him. "Tell you what. Iíll make a deal with you. Weíll roll dice for it. If Jarron here can roll one of your dice and get The Dark Oneís Eyes on the first try, then weíll pay you only 5,000. If he doesnít, then youíll get 20,000 when we reach the Tower. No tricks, no channeling. Just your dice and a quick roll."

Samís eyes lit up. He knew the tiny odds of rolling that hard number. "Roll Ďem kid," he said as he handed over some dice.

Jarron didnít know what was going on but he tossed the dice. They tumbled for a moment and seemed to turn in impossible ways. Finally, they landed showing the Dark Oneís Eyes.

Connorobi smiled.

"How?" bubbled Sam.

"No tricks there, Sam," said Connorobi. "Where shall we meet you?"

Sam frowned. "Horse stable 94. Meet me there in 10 minutes."

The Millenium Falcon Transportation Team was a group of gray horses all lined up in a row. They were made to carry a single rider or together carry a large, bulky carriage.

Jarron saw them and said, "What a piece of junk!"

"They made the Sand Hill run in less than 5 minutes," said Sam. "Theyíre fast enough. Now shut up and get in."

Jarron and Connorobi walked into the carriage followed by RU-Lone-Wolf. CP-J0e stopped a moment to greet Sam. "Hello, I am CP-J0e, human-warder relation-"

"Get in the carriage."

"Y-Yes sir."

Another minute passed and then the six of them were off a quick pace, headed for Tar Valon.

Demandred and Ishamael stood in a dark room at the top of Shayol Ghul. Lightning flashed upwards towards the sky and the screams of people being tortured (like Serak Morhein) filled the eternal night sky.

"What is the latest word?" asked Ishamael.

"Slayer traced the tracks to a farm and then to an old hut," said Demandred in his deep voice. The sa raged again over his eyes. "Nothing was there and he is now trying to pick up the rest of the trail."

Ishamael frowned. "I think it is lost then. Donít worry though, we have the Amyrlin Seat. She will answer our demands or else!"

Demandred nodded. "Let us test this new teríangreal right now. BRING IN THE AMYRLIN!" he bellowed.

Two people escorted Kathana in: Kaos and Rahvin. "Now my little Amyrlin pet," said Demandred. "We will test this new teríangreal on a location that you will give us. Give us the name of the Dragon Reborn so that we might kill him now, or else weíll destroy your precious White Tower with our new Death Teríangreal. It is the ultimate weapon in Randland and can only be destroyed with balefire!"

Kathana sniffed, giving a true impression of an Aes Sedai. "The Tower is protected by powerful weaves. You canít harm it."

Demandred and Ishamael looked at each other. "Blood and ashes woman!" screamed Ishamael. "Tell us his name or weíll blast Tear out of the water!"

"No, not Tear!" said Kathana eagerly. "Thatís my home town."

Ishamael waked closer to her so that she was right in his fiery eyes. "Then name the boy."

Now, at this point in the story there is bad news and good news for Kathana. The bad news is that she could not lie. The good news is that she didnít know the flaming boyís name. But Ishamael would not hear that. He wanted a name. So she gave him a random name off the top of her head. "alíThor. Rand alíThor," she said.

"You see Demandred," said Ishamael. "She can be quite helpful. Now letís blow up Tear."

"WHAT?!" cried Kathana.

"Youíre far too trust worthy," said Ishamael. "But donít worry, weíll find him soon enough." Both he and Demandred began to laugh that evil-'I think Iím a genius' laugh.

When Demandred had recovered, he walked over to a large globe sitting at the very top of Shayol Ghul. It was labeled "Death Teríangreal." He put his hands on it and it began to turn black. Suddenly, black flame shot out from it and arched into the sky. Miles it flew across the horizon before zeroing in on the southern shore of the continent. It began to soar down towards Tear and the searing flame landed right on top of the Stone sitting in the middle of the city. The Stone though, was too tough and it bounced off harmlessly.

"Blood and bloody ashes!" screamed Ishamael. "The bloody Age of Legends weaves are protecting it! And now we canít use the Teríangreal for a few days! Get her out of here!"

Kaos and Rahvin took Kathana back to her prison cell.

Demandred stood there, the sa strangely quiet in his eyes. "I am going to find those plans myself." Thatís all he said and he turned and left to make his preparations.

Many days passed and Sam brought his passengers along at a swift pace. Along the way, Connorobi was teaching Jarron about the ways of the Source. "You must imagine a flame in your mind and feed all of your emotions into it. When you have become one with that void, you can do anything."

Jarron was closing his eyes trying to picture a flame in his mind. "Does it control your actions?"

"Partially, it is more of a guide. And you will be able to control weaves. In time, you will come to learn it."

Sam snorted loudly. "The Source is overrated. It will get you into trouble."

Connorobi examined him closely. "Are you aware that you have the ability to channel also?"

"Be quiet, old man. I know who I am. Itís none of your business!" replied Sam. "To me, thereís no better substitute for luck."

Connorobi nodded. "In my experience, there is no such thing as luck."

After a few more days, they came to a deserted city called Shadar Logoth. It was nearing dark and they needed a place to stay. "We will camp outside the city," said Connorobi. "We will be safe here."

They set up camp and the sun went down. Eventually they all went to sleep and J0e took watch.

Jarron dreamed that night. He dreamed he was walking in a dark city with fog everywhere. In his dreams he then saw in front of him a beautiful woman with rolled up hair over her ears. She looked familiar, but he could not put his finger on it. "Heeellllllppppp meeeeeee," said the woman in an errie voice.

"Who are you?" asked Jarron.

"I ammmm Kathannnaaaaaa, the Flame Tarrrrr Vaaloooonnn. I am the Amyrlin Seaaaaaaaaat."

"Why are you talking like that?"

"Oh, shut up boy and come rescue me before I slap you! Iím here in Shadar Logoth!"

"Yes maíam," replied Jarron. He woke with a start then and saw that it was just after midnight. He went over and woke Connorobi. "The Amyrlin Seat! Sheís here!"

"Oh dear," said J0e.

Sam had woken with all the commotion. "What are you talking about kid? What Amyrlin?"

"THE Amyrlin Seat. Sheís being held captive and we need to rescue her!"

"Look kid, I ainít in this for you or her. Iím in it for me. Iím staying right here and not going into any evil, possessed city! Right, Darks?" Darksmoon howled.

"Very well," said Connerobi. "I will go with Jarron in there. You stay here with the warders." Lone-Wolf made a whimpering sound. "Oh, and weíll take Lone-Wolf too."

Sam crawled back into his covers. "Fine by me. See if I care."

Connorobi, Jarron and RU-Lone-Wolf went into the dark city. "If you see any fog Jarron, donít touch it! It will kill you!"

Jarron nodded and they continued on. As they got deeper into the city, Jarron felt the hairs on the back of his neck bristling. Suddenly a large dark shape loomed before them. The sound of a heavy breather could be heard. Jarron and Connorobi stood ready. Up above in a shattered bell tower they saw a woman tied up to a pillar. Jarron saw that it was the Amyrlin.

"So, it is you, Connorobi," said Demandred. "The Amyrlin was a fool to trust you with her papers."

"Go get the Amyrlin with Lone-Wolf," said Connorobi. "Iíll handle him." Jarron nodded and ran off towards the bell tower with his warder companion.

"The circle is now complete," said Demandred. "Once I was but a learner but now I am the Master."

"You canít win Dem," said Connorobi confidently. With a flourish, he drew his sword. Demandred calmly drew his black sword. It too was marked with a heron.

Quicker than you would expect for an old guy, Connorobi threw himself at the dark figure. Demandred calmly parried the attack.

Jarron raced towards the top of the bell tower. As he ran thick fog began to gather. By the time he was climbing the tower, he could see that the fog was thick on the ground. That might be a problem later when I come down, he thought.

When he reached the top, there was a locked door. "Blood and ashes," he cursed. Lone-Wolf motioned to move out of the way. He pulled out of his belt a thin wire and inserted it into the door. With a few sqeaks, the lock clicked and the door pushed open. Inside, Kathana was tied up to a pillar facing out onto a large balcony. Jarron rushed inside. She saw them and smiled. "Iím Jarron alíSkywalker. Iím here to rescue you!"

"RU-Lone-Wolf!" Kathana cried.

"No, I said I was Jarron alíSkywalker!"

"Not you, woolhead. The warder!"

"Oh, yeah, him," mumbled Jarron. Jarron then suddenly noticed that the fog was coming in through the doors behind him. "Quick! We have to get out of here."

"How are we going to do that?" asked Kathana.

Jarron looked around. "Come here and hang onto me," he said as he walked to the window. He pulled out of his pocket a long rope (that all farm boys carry) and threw it onto the edge of a balcony on a nearby building. Kathana and RU-Lone-Wolf grabbed on and they swung down to a clear area. They began to run towards the edge of the city.

Demandred and Connorobi dueled back and forth. Connorobi noticed that he was slowing down and soon Demandred would land a hit.

"You are weak, old man. Youíve been gentled! HAHAHA" laughed the dark figure.

"Beware Demandred. If my blade lands true, then you cease to exist. If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine."

Connorobi noticed then that Jarron had just ran by. The boy stopped and looked at the dueling men. Connorobi knew it was time. With all of his effort, he swung his sword at Demandred and knocked the Death Teríangreal out of his hands. It went flying and landed near Jarronís feet. With that blow however, he let down his defense and Demandred cut him in half. Before the corpse could hit the ground, it has vanished.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" The scream from Jarron was enough to wake the dead. Before anything else could happen, the fog bellowed up and they were trapped. Demandred could not be seen. The fog was all around them. "I donít like this," said Kathana.

Suddenly, a large blast of white fire shot out and destroyed some of the fog. "Youíre all clear, kid! Now destroy that thing and letís go home!" Sam had come to the rescue. He could channel!!! The fire that he used to destroy the fog... Jarron cleared his mind and he saw the weaves of fire. Not knowing what he was doing really, he pointed at the teríangreal and a thick bar of white light flew from his hand. It blasted the globe and as fast it began, the globe vanished. He had destroyed the death teríangreal!

Running with his friends, they came out of the evil city. The fog did not bother them anymore for some reason. When they exited the city, there was a large group of Aes Sedai there. "Mother!" said one dressed all in green. She had her blonde hair up. "Youíre safe!"


"Mother," said Chissa. "With all due respect, we already do!"

The journey back to the Tower was a safe and uneventful one. When they arrived, a large banquet was held in the Tower grounds. Jarron, Sam, Darksmoon and the two warders were given medals.

Randland was safe...until the next Episode where the Darkfriends Strike back...