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Title: The Higher Order of Noisemakers (Silly RP)
Posted By: Markieta O_Beirne
Posted On: 9/8/99 4:36:56 PM

Arik Korpin crept silently through the Tower. No, not the Black Tower! The White Tower. The one that's actually a tower, not the farmhouse one. Ever since Sathinar converted most of the Black Tower into a luxury resort for chickens, Arik had been spending more and more time in the White Tower.

Silently, Arik crept through the dark. At least, except for when he tripped over that drunk warder...then the silence was rent with a shout of "Blasted chic-er-warder!" He quickly ran away, when a filmy-dress clad Red stuck her head out of a nearby door.

When Arik stopped running, he found himself in the Novice Quarters. A feline grin swept over his face. Just where I wanted to be... Suddenly, he stopped. What was that??? There were strange...noises coming from one of the rooms. Curiosity getting the better of him, he crept closer...

"I call this first meeting of the High Order of Noisemakers to order!" Phrygiana said. "Shnargpht"

"Shnopt" Markieta politely replied. She was lovin' her new roommate. At last, there was another Novice with her delight in strange noises. "Glovstih."



Just as they were getting into the scene of things, they heard a knock on the door. Grumbling, Markieta got up to answer the door. Outside, stood a Dedicated. On closer inspection, she realized it was Arik, or at least, she thought that was his name. Shocked that he was in the Novice Quarters, she just stood there.

OOC: Okay, Arik, take it from there. Just talk to Phryg or me if you have any problems. Everyone else, ICQ me at 47767399 if you want in on this! We'd gladly let you join!

Markieta O'Beirne
Novice of the White Tower
Co-founder of H.O.N


Title: The strange noises
Posted By: Phrygiana
Posted On: 9/9/99 2:33:40 PM

And it sounded something like this:

*snarphthpt* *growlgthz* *snogpht* *frizgpto* *whongptooo* *gleegnk*



Title: Reply to the H.O.N. thingy
Posted By: Arik Korpin
Posted On: 9/10/99 1:40:13 PM

Arik was situated in the Novice Quarters. There was nothing unusual about this. In fact, it was more usual than unusual, yes, it was even very usual. There were lots of new novices these days, and he had to keep an eye on them all. See that they did their things right, and didn't slunter away.

Suddenly, he heard a giggling from one of the rooms. He first suspected it came from the closet nearby, but then he heard louder noises, and was able to trace them.

Slowly, he walked over to the door and knocked gently on the woody surface.

Now, these noises had not been normal noises, oh no... These noises were almost.... Yes, almost silly!

The door opened and he heaved a sigh of relief to see it was a novice and not a warder like the other times.... He shuddered... Warders had no place in these quarters...

"Well, hello there" he grinned. "I couldn't avoid hearing the noises coming from this direction and I figured I had to check them out... Oh, yes, I do have a lot to check out, yes..." He laughed a bit and couldn't quite manage to stop. In the end, the novice spoke up...

OOC: I think I need ONE more post.... then I'm ready for whatever you want to do with me *lol*



Title: Great googglymooggly!
Posted By: Phrygiana
Posted On: 9/10/99 2:07:32 PM

Phrygiana wasn't sure where it had started. It had probably been one of those odd noises she had a tendency to make when she started crying too much. I always began with a *sniffle* and eventually moved to a *snort* and then flipped completely into a *snargpht* And then with Marki there the whole thing had gotten completely out of hand. It was too funny to resist. The *shglarfph* and *zhweeng* were flying in every direction.

And suddenly, there he was. A handsome man she had never seen before standing in the doorway in a mad fit of laughter. This was a most unexpected development. Phryg yelped *yoightp!* and jumped behind Marki, bent over with laughter. They had been caught! Oh, perish the thought! Oh, the humanity! She hoped Marki would think of the right thing to say.

Silly Novice
Co-founder of the H.O.N.


Title: Confronting the...handsome stranger? (Silly RP)
Posted By: Markieta O_Beirne
Posted On: 9/10/99 8:31:15 PM

Marki was startled when Phryg jumped behind her. It was just a handsome stranger after all. What was wrong with that? Didn't she know that was a common thing in the Tower. The real question was how he escaped from the Green Quarters.

"Are you looking for your sister? I haven't seen her, but I am sure she can be found..." Markieta said, as the Dedicated stopped laughing.

A horrified look passed over Arik's face. "Light, no! I was just the Novice Quarters, when I heard some strange noises coming from your room! I was wondering what was happening."

Markieta laughed helplessly. "Oh...that was our meeting."


"Yes. You see, Phryg and I...Oh, by the way, I am Markieta and this is Phrygiana...Well, we've decided to start a special society, called the Higher Order of Noisemakers, or H.O.N. Anyway, we were having our first meeting."

Markieta looked at him, as interest began to dawn. Could this handsome stranger want to join?

OOC: Okay, there you go, Arik! Take it away. Ask to join, and have us tell you you'll have to go through an initiation. Oh, and have fun!

Markieta O'Beirne
Novice of the White Tower
Co-founder of H.O.N.


Title: Crunchy... er... crazy novices...
Posted By: Arik Korpin
Posted On: 9/11/99 8:41:46 AM

Arik raised an eyebrow. He was getting good at it and it brought him a smile from the two novices. "Higher Order of... Noisemakers...? What is that?"

"Well" one of the novices started to explain... "It's all about making weird sounds!"

Arik mused about it for a moment, when suddenly she exclaimed a loud "schnigldeflpt" and began to giggle. He was used to novices giggling around him and it sounded like another nice game...

"Well... Higher Order of Noisemakers... Hmm... How many members are there?" By this time, he was grinning like a fool.

"Oh, only two," she told him "but we might have more coming in soon..."

It was clear that she was hinting at something, staring into his eyes and clapping her hands fanatically, which was a bit unsual...

"Well, can I join then?" He winked at her.

"Sure! But first, there is an Initiation..."

"Well I like the sound of that..." This was too good to be true!

OOC: The things I do... and I don't even know why... *sighs* Ok, so what happens now? *g* *w* *lol*



Title: Arik's Initiation (Silly RP OOC: *WEG*)
Posted By: Markieta O_Beirne
Posted On: 9/11/99 9:41:36 AM

Marki smiled widely. "Well, Phryg, it looks like we have a prospective member. Shall we tell him what the initiation holds?"

Arik began to look slightly nervous, as Phryg didn'g answer, only going into another fit of "shnaplokigurs" He looked to Marki.

"Okay, if you want to be a memeber of H.O.N. you must do this. Tomorrow, you must punctuate every sentence you say, no matter who you are talking to, with a silly noise. At the end of the day, you must stand in the gardens, outside our window and serenade us with a song, also full of silly noises. Are you up to this challenge?" She watched his face, grinning in a slightly evil way.

OOC: Okay, Arik, there ya go. You can decide if you want this to carry over into any IC posts or now. Regardless, you need to do it. Also, you have to actually put the song into your next post. Have fun!

Markieta O'Beirne
Novice of the White Tower
Co-founder of H.O.N.


Title: OOC: aaah my Creator!
Posted By: Arik Korpin
Posted On: 9/11/99 1:57:20 PM

A SONG??? How the BLIGHT!?!?!
Geez now I have to think of a song too... *goes to think* Oh well :)


Title: Hey! You didn't make a silly noise!!!!
Posted By: Phrygiana
Posted On: 9/11/99 7:23:24 PM

Come on, Arik. You can do better than that!