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Title: A Letter (My 2nd DM Silly Story)
Posted By: Markieta O_Beirne
Posted On: 9/6/99 5:56:18 PM


A Novice's Point of View

Markieta sat in her bed in the Infirmary, writing another letter. Hopefully, she would be able to write this one only once. The last was destroyed by the Amyrlin Seat herself! Thankfully, Markieta had made a copy. Glancing around to make sure no Aes Sedai were watching, Markieta began writing.

Dear Friend,
Well, I am still here at the White Tower. I considered running away, but it was too much trouble. The risks of tripping over a booby trap rigged by another Novice or a pack of drunk wards are too great. Not to mention all the Sedai worried about running out of Mint Tea or Chocolate Pudding!

I have plenty of time to write, because I am in the Infirmary. Nothing serious. I just got run over by a strange man in the garden. He was foaming at the mouth and chasing a pigeon. Before I hit my head on the path, I heard someone yell, "Sathy, don't dare eat that pigeon!" Strange, isn't it? Of course, many things at this tower are strange.

Funny things do happen, even in the Infirmary. My bed is beside the window, so I see most of what goes on. I can also see most of this ward and the check-in desk, so I know exactly which Aes Sedai come in to have hangovers Healed. Some are in almost every day!

There's one Dedicated I see a lot, in the garden. I think his name is Arik. He's a little...strange... He wears pink ribbons in his hair a lot. And, she seems to walk around in a cloud of chicken feathers. However, he came into the Infirmary one day. (He is bonded to Siuan Sedai, a Yellow Sister.) He came over to say "Hello." when he was waiting for Siuan Sedai. I had just received my meal, but was not hungry. It was a chiken breast. I offered it to him, thinking he was fond of chicken. I thought he would hit me! He picked up the tray, and threw it out the window! I believe it hit someone on the head! At least, someone yelled!

Oh, here comes the craziest Aes Sedai of all. I have not been able to learn her name. I believe someone once called her Inpsee Yellow. I'm not certain though. Every three hours, round the clock she comes into the Infirmary, and does the strangest thing! She starts dancing and throwing flower petals around the ward. At least, I believe she intends to throw flower petals. She often gets other things mixed up with them, however. In fact, yesterday, I got hit in the face by a dead grasshopper. Once, it was a live caterpillar. She sometimes sings, but only when the other Aes Sedai are not there. The songs she sings are, um...well, racy!

Well, I must go now. If the Aes Sedai catch me writing this, even though I have no one to send it too, all sorts of unpleasant things will happen! So, farewell for now.

In the Light,
Markieta O'Beirne
Novice of the White Tower
Writer of Unsent Letters