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Title: A Letter Home (my very first DM silly story)
Posted By: markieta
Posted On: 8/7/99 12:06:07 PM

A Novice's Point of View

Markieta looked around as she walked through the Tower. Good. No Aes Sedai were waiting to pounce with a chore. She hurried to the Library and sat down. Pulling out a pen, and paper, Markieta proceeded to "write a letter" ignoring the fact that she had no one to send it to. At least she could write her feelings. In some ways, it was like a journal.

Dear Friend,
I have been at the White Tower, in Tar Valon, for around two months now. Things are much different than I expected. Everyone behaves SO much differently than I thought Aes Sedai and Warders would.

First, there's the Amyrlin Seat. She's very young. Now, that's not a bad thing in itself. But, she sometimes seems very strange, for someone who is supposed to make even rulers tremble, that is. Not that she can't make people tremble! I don't mean that at ALL! She can certainly quell a novice with a look. No, it's something else...

There's this stuff called chocolate pudding. Perhaps you have heard of it? Well, it seems the Amyrlin is addicted to it. She gets very testy if she doesn't get it. I guess I never thought that the Amyrlin would be the type of person to have an addiction.

Then, there's the Warders. I haven't met very many of them. Granted, some of them behave exactly as I expected. However, some of them are WOMEN! Not that I'm saying a woman can't protect someone. It's just...I never thought that would be allowed. It seems strange. And...some of them have...very close relationships with their bondholders. Especially those bonded to the Green Ajah members.

Speaking of the Green Ajah, have you ever heard of Mint Tea? It seems most of the Ajah is addicted to it. I don't think it's quite the same as other teas, either. Sometimes, it seems to make them drunk! Just the other day, I had to clean up from an Ajah slumber party. Let's just say, I'd never seen such revealing lingerie...even in Arad Doman. I think some of the Warders were there too. At least, I saw one leaving, and there were signs of others.

I know you've heard about the Aes Sedai calm. Well, imagine an Aes Sedai with a hangover, who's trying to hide it. The day after that slumber party was...trying, to say the least. Oh well. I guess it shows that the Sedai are more like humans than they seem to others.

Then, there's the Black Tower. I haven't quite figured out what's happening with them. Some say the two Towers are about to go to war. However, several of the Sedai hold the bonds of Asha'man, Dedicated, or Soldiers. So, I don't know what will happen there. I do know the Black Tower men aren't quite as fearsome as you would think. However, there is something strange... Did you know that the Black Tower has a chicken problem? I didn't either, but one day, I saw an Asha'man in the White Tower. He was covered with feathers. I don't think I was supposed to say this, but he kept saying "Bloody Chickens..." under his breath. It was very strange.

I'm rooming with a very nice girl, named Lasir Ca'Ras. She only has one eye. Sometimes I worry about her, though. She tends to start ranting about prophecies in her sleep. She has the Talent of Foretelling. However, she is very nice. I'm just glad she's my roommate though. Her first week, she dyed all the noble's novice dresses pink! It was pretty funny, but I'm glad I'm not of noble birth!

Well, I have to go. I hope I don't get caught by any Aes Sedai on the way back to my room. I don't think they would approve of this letter. What do you think?

In the Light,
Markieta O'Beirne
Novice of the White Tower