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Title:Egwene the Chihuahua (Silly Story)
Posted By: Lanfear
Posted On: 10/23/99 11:59:17 PM

OOC: This is placed directly after PoD after Egwene has become Amyrlin and taken over the WT. It's posted with the assumption that Cyndane is Lanfear. *G* Tell me what you think.

Rand al’thor, Lord of the Morning, Prince of Dawn, Car’a’carn, the Dragon Reborn, looked up as a figure approached him.
"Rand al’thor, you Wool-head, don’t you know it’s dangerous to wander around in Tel’aran’rhiod? And you’re here in the flesh too, why I ought to…"
He wondered if she ever noticed how often she contradicted herself… actually, he didn’t care. In his head he muted her to a buzz, much like he did with Lews Therin….he thought he might enjoy Lews Therin’s ramblings to hers. He wondered if…
"Rand al’thor, are you listening to me—ahwowwowahwowowwowwow!"
Rand nodded with satisfaction and made the change permanent. He hoped Egwene didn’t notice she had shrunk about five feet and had grown sharp, perky ears. Only her brown, bloodshot eyes had stayed the same. Her yapping had been reduced to… well, yapping.
He studied his work with considerable amusement. She still managed to raise her chin and sniff, but he supposed there was nothing to be done about that.
Distantly Rand noticed. She was still yapping? She really was starting to act like an Aes Sedai.
Doing his best to resist the urge to kick her—just once, mind you—Rand wove a gateway back to the real world, leaving her and her yapping behind him.

Egwene sniffed loudly. Rand was even ruder than she remembered! Looking at her like she had suddenly turned into a chihuahua or something… and grinned, grinned! He deserved to have his ears boxed—or bitten off!
Glowering angrily, Egwene disappeared and reappeared in her office in the White Tower, the Amyrlin’s stole appearing around her neck. Outrage turned to shock as she spotted the woman fishing through her papers. Short, with silvery hair and brilliant blue eyes, garbed in black and red, the woman’s regal bearing more than made up for her shortness. Not only was she more dignified and better than Egwene, she was also stronger in the power. Light, she’s probably smarter than the hall and I put together! She’s-- Realizing what she had been thinking, Egwene stopped abruptly and tried to shake away the feeling of Deja Vuu. She had never felt less than anyone before… had she?
The woman smiled at her with genuine amusement—amusement! Egwene started to tell the woman that she had no right—"Awowowowowowowow!"
The woman’s amusement turned to rich laughter. "You are quite an amusing little creature… but I have better things to spend my time on. Be gone!"
The command in her voice was so strong that Egwene was out the door and heading past the Keeper’s desk before she could think. Whirling around, she prepared to tell the woman just what she though (or had she done that already?), when…
Irritation flashed across the pretty woman’s face and a boot came crashing towards her. She yelped and whined like a puppy as she came awake, hugging her bruised ribs.

OOC: Hehehehehe I’ve always wanted to do that….