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Title: T'was the night before Christmas
Posted By: Jheran
Posted On: 8/4/99 5:33:04 PM

T'was the night before Christmas
And all through the Stone,
The Defenders were sleeping,
The Aiel had gone home.

The angreal were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes the Lord Dragon soon would be there.

The High Lords were nestled and snug in their beds,
While visions of riches and estates danced in their heads.

Tedosian wore pajamas, Alteima a slip,
Both dreamed of taking Tear from the Lord Dragon's grip.

When in the heart of the stone there arose such a clatter,
Wieremon said, 'Let the Defenders see what's the matter.

The Defenders got dressed in their bright burnished mail,
Some took the stairs, some slid down the rail.

What to their wondering eyes should they see,
Eight of the Chosen laughing with glee.
A voice filled the air, with laughter and dread,
'It's the Dark One,' one of the Chosen said.

The Power was used and fireballs came,
The Dark One yelled and he shouted and called them by name.

Now Lanfear, Demandred, Rahvin and Be'lal,
On Asmodean, Moghedien, Sammael and Graendal,
To the top of the ceiling, to the top of the wall
Hit it with lightning; I want it to fall.

Off to the side the Forsaken did see,
A Gateway widen and they began to flee,
Because here came the Dragon, and did he look pissed.
He took Callandor and then he did hiss.

'Demandred, you tricked me and that wasn't nice.
Now you will die on this cold winter night.'

The sword began to glow and did it glow bright!
In the eyes of the Forsaken was good wholesome fright.

He shot them with fire and clubbed them with air.
He tore down the Stone but he didn't care.
The Forsaken were dead, a job quite well done.
But the Dragon had lost it, he wasn't quite done.

He called down the lightnings and people did fry.
Not a soul near did he leave alive.

He opened a Gateway and fled into the night.
Screaming, 'Ilyena, forgive me!
Damn my soul to the Blight!'

Society Leader of the Sovin Nai
of the Dragonmount Aiel