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Title: Yet more prose
Posted By: Jheran
Posted On: 7/23/99 5:45:43 PM

The Aiel had just ate and would need dessert soon,
Their only hope was Alanna and her spoon.
Pacing back and forth, their stomachs did growl,
The thought of no pudding made them want to howl.

Clutching his spear and donning his veil,
Jhera thought to seek the M'hael.
But the M'hael was busy with things on the fly,
Co he would have to trust Alanna Sedai.

Cinnamon and segade were a low price,
But for the Amyrlin's pudding he would have to pay thrice.
He thought to take the tower by storm,
But did not want to meet Joe Gaidin's big sword.

If the Amyrlin knew, what would she say?
Most likely Alanna would do penance to pay.
But she was a bright gal she would not get caught,
Or the pudding conspiracy would all be for naught.

Wanter of pudding
Society Leader of the Sovin Nai
of the Dragonmount Aiel