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Title: Taking over Randland
Posted By: Gryndyl
Posted On: 10/27/99 2:36:49 AM

Gryndyl stood on the steps of the imperial palace at Arafel, the city had fallen to the shadow bring the Nation with it. Gryndyl frowned, there had been no challenge in taking this land, which had for centuries stood against the blight, but now, with a swift attack and a force of less than 30,000 trollocs, the land had succumbed to the shadow. Gryndyl turned and shadowwalked from the Palace into Demandred's private chambers.
Looking around, Gryndyl was surprised to see a poet reading his badly written staccato lines while the Nae'blis watched.
"It's like evil...dig...evil...yeah...." the poet ended his verse and Demandred, death as he was sometimes known, began to snap in a mellow appreciation of the poet's art.
Gryndyl coughed softly and the Nae'blis turned and greeted his humble servant, "Hey Gryn... What's the haps cat? Sit and dig on this crazy speaker that I found." Dem noticed the concern on the part of the fade. "Why the long face, cat, who gots you in downsville daddy-O?
"Actually," Gryndyl began as he slowly took his seat. "It's this Arafel thing. I'm bummed. I lead an army of trollocs out of the blight and into the heart of the city and... nothing. Not a word from the outside, no armies trying to stop us, no Aes Sedai, no wolf kin, nothing, it was all too easy."
The lord Demandred thought for a minute before looking at the fade and uttering his wisdom. "Bummer man...Uncool in the extreme even."
"My thoughts exactly," Gryndyl said, "So, I was thinking, this was so easy, and I need a challenge, Do you mind if I just take over the rest of the world, see if anyone notices?"
"I would like to say yes my eyeless friend...I really would...but I can't, unless...Have you cleared this with the Dark One?"
"No, he won't let us talk to him unless he talks to one of us first."
"How about the others, the rulemakers of this land?"
"Actually, no...But I did tell Aldazar, and he said it would be fine, so I think there should be no problem, he seems to be the final word in these parts."
"Well, if he says it's ok, then it must be, alright hep cat, get gonesville, let me know how it goes." With that Demandred turned around and shouted for his poet to begin again.
The first strains of the Poem rang in Gryndyl's ears as he left the chamber.
Gryndyl's first stop was Illian, he entered the palace through a side door and ran the royalty out of the city. He then declared the land as the Dark One's and left for his next target, Tear.
Walking through the front gates of the Stone. Gryndyl expected some form of resistance, from the Aiel, instead he walked by several who had been talking about honor and maidens. None of them noticed as he passed except the one that was called Jenner, he looked up and waved, "Nice kid," thought Gryndyl as he passed.
Gryndyl entered the main chamber and tripped over a sword that some fool had stuck in the middle of the floor, Gryndyl cursed as plucked the sword out of the ground and tossed it away in anger. He saw several Aes Sedai sneaking out of a door, they were holding a large container of chocolate pudding between them, they stopped as they saw the fade and hid the stolen container behind them. "What," one of them said, "we have nothing, be on your way."
"and don't tell Mother; she might get mad." the other piped in. then both of them broke into a run down the hall.
Gryndyl shook his head as he headed down the hallway. He got to an ornately carved door at the end of the hall, and came face to face with the Dragon Reborn himself as well as the Amyrlin seat.
Phoenix jumped to his feet as he set eyes on the Fade. "Away from here, foul Shadowspawn!" he roared as he channeled a sword of fire and strode to confront his new enemy.
Gryndyl looked at him casually and said, "Before you kill me, I thought your guest might be interested to know that I saw two of her minions leaving her room with a vat of pudd..." Gryndyl's words were cut off as Kathana knocked him over and ran out of the room shouting. "Dear god, not the pudding anything but the pudding!"
Jarron looked at the fade and seethed. "You may have gotten rid of her but I shall kill you, a lot!" he began to advance once again on the Fade, the sword glowing with fire.
"Ok,well before I die by that rather large sword, I was told by an Ogier that I met, that you might want to know that some girl named Jhaenara is being chased by a horde of ovulating Greens and that you may want to help her." The Sword disappeared in a flash and Jarron looked at the Fade for an instant before running out of the room and dashing through a Power-made gateway shouting "I'm coming, girl! Hold on, it'll be ok, just hold on!" And like that, Gryndyl was alone in Tear.
With Tear behind him, the rest of the Nations fell, one by one they all came under the shadow. Gryndyl finally came to the last bastion of the Light, Tar Valon.
Gryndyl walked into the Novice quarters and posted a sign on the entrance door. The sign read simply, "Naked Warder practice." The sign was barely up before he heard the first rumbling from down the hall and then he saw them, a sea of white filled the wide hallway. Gryndyl had only a second to escape before he was trampled by a sea of girls looking for a glimpse of the fabled warder flesh.
Gryndyl walked down the now empty hall of the novice's quarters, shaking his head at the young girls' reaction, 'Times must be tougher than I thought here' he mused to himself as he came to the door of the Accepted quarters.
He had opened the door and found a group of Accepted women talking and whining about how with all of the chores that the rest of the Aes Sedai have just given them, that they would never get to watch and ogle the Warders the way that they should. Gryndyl listened for only an instant before piping up, "You should strike." he told the nearest girl.
She looked up at the Fade with a confused expression, "Strike?"
"Yes, strike. You should stop working until you see naked warder flesh like the Novices just got to do. It's the only proper thing."
The look of confusion was replaced with a look of sheer anger. "The Novices what? Alright girls, we strike!" The other girls in the hall raised their voices in agreement. Gryndyl began handing them all signs stating 'No Work Till We get a Peek!' The Accepted girls marched out of the hall into the warders practice ground holding their signs and singing protest songs. Gryndyl watched them with an amused smile on his face. "Women," he muttered to himself. Gryndyl noticed a door was closed in the Hall. He crept over to it and slowly opened it. He quietly peered in and saw a young yet white haired Accepted reading her copy of 'Finer Warders Monthly'. He had heard of this girl. She was called Lasir and she was alone. He crept up behind her silently until he had his mouth at her ear, then he spoke. "It can't rain all the time!!!" He watched in glee as she winced in agony. "Boo, gotcha!!" he said as she curled up into a ball muttering, "It won't stop....aauugghhh!" Gryndyl laughed to himself as he left her room.
All that remained were the Aes Sedai, but luckily Gryndyl had asked his Ogier contact about this too. He had placed mint tea in cups down the back entrance to the hall and out of the city. He opened the doors to the Aes Sedai quarters and stopped at the sight that he beheld. A line of ageless faced women were on their knees sipping the tea and following the trail out of the cups out of the city. Gryndyl was speechless, he just stared as the female procession crawled by his feet.
'Odd, just odd,' he thought.
He walked the halls of the Tower for a while and then he claimed it too, for the shadow and sighed at the conclusion of his quest.
Demandred looked up from his desk and his cup of tea to see Gryndyl's scarred face before him.
"It is done master, the world is ours, what do you want me to do now?"
Dem looked at the Fade, pondering this revelation. "The whole world, all of it?" he asked not believing what he had just heard.
"Yes, all of it. No one seemed to notice, I just did it."
Demandred looked at his Tea, searching for the answer to what had just happened. He slowly looked up and spoke. "So ya wanna play stones then?"

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