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Title: BotRH silly story...because we are family! :-)
Posted By: Duko
Posted On: 10/7/99 10:24:45 AM

First of all, before you read this short little story that I've written, I'd like to say that I too believe that the Band is the best damn org here at DM. And we are like a family, we're all friends, we all get along together, we joke around and we all do truly care about one another. Everybody at once now.... AWWWWW. hehe, now on to the silly story about us being a family. Just read it, it's kinda long, I wrote it like from my point of view, and remember, I'm a little kid!

Daddy Assatur and Mommy Ehlana and two of their 3 sons were outside marching through the woods, when they saw 2 Whitecloak kids coming towards them. Assatur and Ehlana's sons Duko and Khaavren screamed and asked Mommy Ehlana if they could kill them. Mommy Ehlana said sure, 'Go kill them, sons'. So Duko and Khaavren ran towards the Whitecloak kids and killed them. Duko and Khaav then began heading back towards Daddy Assatur and Mommy Ehlana, but out of nowhere Khaavren threw a mudball at Duko. Duko began crying and ran to Mommy Ehlana saying, "Khaav threw a mudball at me, the mudcrawler threw mud at me." Mommy Ehlana just slapped Khaav on the wrist and told Duko to stop whining while Assatur laughed the whole time. Duko finally said, "Mommy, can I have a horsey someday? Please? It's always been my dream to have a horsey." Mommy Ehlana sighed and said, "We'll see, maybe Santa Claus will bring you one for christmas." Khaav laughed and said, "You do know there is no such thing as Santa Claus, don't you Duko?" Duko began crying again and said, "No, say it ain't so!" Mommy Ehlana covered Duko's ears and told Khaav to stop being mean to his little brother and to be nice.

About this time, Uncle Aldiran stopped by the family, Duko's older brother Odilon stopped by with him. You see Odilon was never around the family of the band because he was always "scouting" the surrounding area, if you know what I mean. Odilon is 17 and he likes to "scout" young women that is. Or so he says, but I doubt if he ever gets to talk to them, he usually just looks at them. Uncle Aldiran was a different matter. He is always too busy to do anything with the band family and always makes excuses to see his family and never does anything with them. He barely talks with them.

He says something occaisionly on the command board to the family, but not much then either. Anyways, Mommy Ehlana and Daddy Assatur had their hands all over each other and were really getting into it. Odilon said, "Aw, Mom and Dad, stop it!" Me and Khaav just tried to ignore them. Uncle Aldiran led us away and said, "I'm going to babysit you guys, I supppose." Odilon said, "Screw that. I'm going to go "scout". Ehlana and Assatur went to their tent to "talk" about "tactics," or so they said. I asked Uncle Aldiran if I could have a horse; he said sure. Khaav began playing in the mud and I got a horse, but Uncle Aldy tied me to the horse, slapped the horse's butt and I never saw the band family again, but I did get a horse finally :-)

And that's the end to my really long and silly short story. Sorry if it's not funny enuf! :-) I tried.

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