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Title: silly story (same as on main board)
Posted By: DredaSedai
Posted On: 5/28/99 8:42:00 AM

First of all, if this is bad, I apologize. Actually, I don't have a lot of confidence in it at all. It's totally spur of the moment becuase I am REALLY bored at work. In fact, the only task I've been given in the last day and a half is to 3-hole-puch a stack of twenty pages and put it in a binder. ARGH!

Dreda sat at her desk, looking at the piles of seeds set out in front her. She ate one, thought for a moment, wrote something down on a piece of paper and took one from another pile. She stopped as someone knocked on her door.

"I'm so frustrated!" Alizanth (Sorry if I spelled it wrong!!) said, bursting into the room.

"What's wrong?" Dreda asked her Blue sister, still studying the seeds.

"The Blues are supposed to have the biggest network of eyes-and-ears, but how are we supposed to see or hear anything when Sathinar keeps eating our pigeons!?" She answered with despair.

"Funny you should mention this. I've been working on a way to make Sathinar leave our pigeons alone." Dreda said slyly.

"Really? What are you doing?"

"Well, I'm trying to figure out which bird food tastes the worst and then I'm going to feed it to our pigeons. I'm hoping that it will make the pigeon meat taste bad and therefore Saths won't eat them!" Dreda finished triumphantly.

"Interesting," Alizanth regarded Dreda. "How long have you been eating this bird seed?"

"Oh, only the past couple days. It's weird; I thought I would hate it, but I've been so hungry lately that I'll almost eat anything."

"Maybe you should see a Yellow if bird seed is appetizing to you."

Alizanth was begining to wonder if the double bond Dreda had with Hawkwing was beginning to affect her.

"I will, as soon as I figure out how to keep Saths from eating our pigeons." She sighed. "If all else fail, we could paint our pigeons green. I don't think that he would want to risk another makeover, so maybe he would avoid what looked like Green Ajah pigeons."

"That sounds like a good idea. Especially if you'll stop eating the bird seed."

"Oh, I'm done with the bird seed. I've picked the one that tastes the worst, the best and mediocre. I'm going to feed the each bird seed to a different pigeon, and then cook them for Sathinar for lunch. I'll tell him that I'm working on recipes or something and he has to tell me which one is the worst and which is the best!"

"Sounds strange to me. Are you sure you only got a 52 on the insanity test?" Alizanth asked suspiciously.

"Yes, why do you ask?" Dreda questioned, while popping another handful of bird seed into her mouth.

"No reason," Alizanth said, moving to leave.

"Will you go ask Sathinar to come here for lunch at 1:00? I really want to see if my theory works." Dreda asked excitedly.

"Sure, no problem" Alizanth said, backing out the door.

Dreda went over to the pigeon cages and fed each bird thier bird seed. She then tied a string around each bird's claw to indicate what bird had gotten which seed. A little later, she stopped each bird's heart with the One Power. She didn't have the heart to smoosh their heads in. She then cooked them in a light butter sauce. Just as the birds were ready, Sathinar walked in.

"I didn't know where your rooms were, but I just followed the delicous scent." Sathinar breathed deeply. Dreda tried hard not to giggle. His hair still had a greenish tint, and the curls were still there.

"I'm trying out a new recipe, and I thought you would be the best person to test it on." Dreda explained.

"Give me the pigeons!!" Saths demanded.

"Here." She gave him the plate and watched anxiously as he devoured all three birds.

"So, which one did you like the best?" She asked after he licked the last bone clean.

"The first two were pretty much the same; very very good. The last one was pretty bad. I only got it down because of the light butter sauce." He grimaced, remembering the taste.

"So I should toss that recipe?" she asked hopefully.

"Yes, unless you want to poison an enemy." he said.

"Thanks, Saths. You really helped a lot. Have a good rest of the day!" She walked Saths to the door and closed it behind her.

She gathered up the winning bird seed and poked her head out the door. Seeing no sign of Sathinar, she ran to the dovecotes to feed the Blue's pigeons her magical seed. Soon, the Blue's network would be up and flying again!!!

Dreda Sedai
Blue Ajah
Saver of Pigeons
Bonded to Asha'man Hawkwing