HTML> 10 Reasons Why DM's Message Boards Are Down
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Date: 06/6/99 12:03:54 AM
Name: Callandor (No longer Jar Jar)
Subject: TEN reasons why we are using this board...

Top Ten List...By me...Of course...I just wanted Demandred to read this...Then if he did, I wouldn't post anything just to annoy him....
But i am posting a top ten list...

#10. Demandred betrayed the Dark One and gone over the Light to polish Pheonix's boots and Pheonix got a shock and hit the erase button for the boards.

#9. Due to a census taken, many people at DM felt the 'new' boards 'sucked' and wanted to use the old one, so they posted a lot of 'Spider' stories and caused the board
to crash.

#8. The Cleaner of the Tower (yours truly) cleaned too many times and dusted through the program lines and accidentally cleaned the new boards.

#7. Pheonix was on a power trip and took offense at certain articles recently published about him and to get revenge, (by the way, the article was about cookies) he wanted to wipe out the White Tower Board, but screwed..

#6. Pheonix was on a power trip (sound familiar?) and wanted to be more powerful than Bill Gates, so he made a new 1.04 version of the Board and he took it down. But certain factions did not like his idea, and well... They screwed up and no more boards.

#5. (I'm getting stuck... Should have put five reasons) Anyway... Shayol Ghul decided to take over DM and remake everything in their image, so now Jon'atha and Pheonix are on their way to save the boards.

#4. An idea proposed by the Cleaner (me) of the Black Tower took shape, (It did not, so don't blame me) which was that all Asha'man would go crazy and flood the boards. Well, someone did go mad... and... you know...

#3. You don't know? Well... Another reason is that the pudding maker went haywire and seeped into the server containing the data for the Boards...

#2. Jon'atha accidentally deleted it (and blamed it on you know who) when he was house cleaning his ICQ...

#1. This is suppose to be good... I'm trying... I needed something to happen so I could post this, so I sent a virus into Pheonix's computer and there went the Message Boards...and I get to post this...and I managed to blame it all on Pheonix..I'm I?

Ha..the end...Take all in jest... Except the #1 reason... It's true... Yeah, right.... That was sarcasm.

Beat THIS LIST DEMDANDRED! (or can i call u Demmy?)

Jar Jar Binks Fan
Cleaner of the Black Tower
Worst Male Channeler Ever
Bonded to someone soon
Silly Story Writer
Top Ten Reasons Writer
Generally, working to become a Dedicated Cleaner