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Title: My silly story...well...only a trailer..*g*
Posted By: Callandor
Posted On: 5/22/99 5:16:54 AM

Which means it ain't complete... I'm just posting what seems cute... Like in the Star Wars trailer.... ^_^ And it still isn't too late to tell me which characters you like so you get to meet up with them...:) But most of the characters have been taken up... So... And thanks to all those who have supported me in this really big project and those who gave me ideas... You know who you are... Very big THANX!

And Now... The trailer...

Arik Korpin stared at his palate in disgust. Chicken again, he thought. Maybe I should go for a walk. He left his study, this time through the main door, but decided against it. The Dark One take me, but it’s more fun to go out via the balcony. Slowly, he let himself out through the balcony, but lost his grip and fell down. Down and down he plunged, but just before he hit the ground, something stopped him and grabbed him and he landed with no more than a bump on the rump.

Rubbing his bump with his right hand, he looked around, trying to see who his rescuer was.

"Next time, I’ll try a rope instead of trying to climb out through the crevices," he said wistfully, rubbing his aching butt. Something knocked him down. Arik groaned. He sat up, staring into his attacker, ready to seize saidin to defend himself and lost it as he stared into a green face, lined from the years, tufts of white hair around the scalp, huge eyes and large tufted ears. A baby ogier, Arik thought. It must be, those ears...

IG-88 walked past the White Tower message board, past the NPC novices and found to his dismay a message saying that the board was under the second breaking. Undeterred, IG-88 walked on to the next board, namely the Black Tower message board. Again it/he/she found the board down. (For simplicity I’m gonna use the male pronoun...) He stared at all the boards as he realised that all the boards were undergoing a second breaking. He overwrote his internal programming, and began swearing in all six million languages. He took a while to finish, but when he was done, he discovered a message board that was operating. It was prone to randomly moving the postings all over the place, but it was functioning and everyone was using it.

He scrolled down past the irate complaints over the board, the angry rebuttals that came, the silly stories, searching for information on any jobs that he could do. Finally, he saw one.

"Okay then," Leia whispered back, getting the hint. (Being the heroine, she had a lot of experience in the ‘monsters can appear anywhere and when someone tells you about one, listen to him/her/it!’ ) "My name’s Leia, you wouldn’t be by any chance to be Luke or Obi Wan or Han?"

"Umm, no... Never heard of them... I’m Callandor, pleased to meet you, Leia."

"Oh drats. So anyway, you’re a hero right? You’ll get us out of here in one piece, right?"

Callandor shifted his feet uneasily, not looking at Leia. Whistling. And generally feeling Out of Place.

"Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Look at me! (faint melody of Geri Spice’s new single (not that I like it, but well... It’s a silly story) Okay... On second thought, don’t look at me." Leia sighed, she hated being the heroine, it was a risky and low paid job... The things she did for George Lucas... She sighed again. Then she noticed that Callandor’s whistling was getting louder. "Stop whistling! The monster!"

Startled, Callandor stopped whistling. But it was too late. And out of the shadows, a large monstrous figure arose out of the inky blackness... Its comb was red, its body was white, with splotches of purple near the bottom. Its yellowed clawed feet somehow retained its original color. And its sharp piercing beak gave Leia shivers. Callandor positioned himself in front of Leia, clutching his Heron Mark™ Unbreakable™ Cuendillar™ broomstick.

"Fear not, oh fairest of the ladies I know, I shall defend you with my life," Callandor said heroically. (Basically everyone could be a hero, it just depended on the current testosterone level. Right now, Callandor could have gone to Shayol Ghul and faced the Dark One. Why? Because Leia was pinching his butt. (HEY it’s my story... Heh Heh...))

The Rooster of the Black Tower, mutated beyond belief, took a step forward, ready for battle with this erstwhile hero. To make things worse, the walls of the garbage compartment began closing. (Yep, like in the movie...Heh Heh...)

Wrapped in the Void, ready to channel, Hawkwing heard it. He heard it before he heard the footsteps. A heavy wheezing breath being drawn into lungs that could not work. He spun around and saw something in a obsidian mask, the dark globes of polished blackness where the eyes should be stared at him. Completely dressed in shiny black armor, except for the chest, which had a plate sticking out and it, was in funny colors. Hawkwing had never seen those sigils before. He could not for the life of him figure out what House this person was from.

The stranger did give him time to think. Holding a metal cylindrical shaft in his right hand, he held it out in front of him. Hawkwing imitated him, except that his hand was empty. Seizing saidin, he stood ready to channel the flow of Fire that would make the Heron Mark™ blade appear. With a snap-hiss, the lightsaber flashed out. Green blade humming and glowing in the semi-darkness. Cool, Hawkwing thought, and channeled, and the sword appeared. The stranger appeared startled, but he swung his lightsaber at Hawkwing. Parting the Silk met lightsaber downward slash, and as power-blade met laser-blade, sparks flew out and both blades sizzled from the different fields.

Jabba was really having a bad day and all he wanted was the food he had been smelling since he arrived. Stupidly ramming into Chissa’s still active wall made from Air, he made a really loud ruckus. Kathana Justinia Trevalaer, The Amyrlin Seat came out of her study, disturbed by the noise. Holding the Spoon with one hand and petting an ewok with another, the Amyrlin made a formidable figure; one to make thrones tremble (with laughter), which Jabba did.

"Ho! Ho! Ho!" Jabba laughed loudly in his booming voice. Smelling the remnants of the chocolate pudding on the Spoon™, he charged uselessly into the wall. "Gombea foota puddingerly!"

"You know, Mother, I think the slug said something about ‘pudding’." Chissa said, still staring at Jabba.

"Chumpawanba!" said Wicket as he grabbed the spoon and began licking it.

"Okay, furry thingy. I may have seen Episode 4, 5 and 6, but there’s no way I’m gonna take that kind of language from you. Now either give me back my Spoon™ or I’m calling Sathinar." Mother threatened the ewok. "And I need someone who knows how to translate Huttese!"

Chissa stared in rapid astonishment as the ewok first shuddered in horror, then it returned the Spoon™, and then a golden metallic entity stepped out of the depths of the Hall.

"His Excellency, Jabba the Hutt, bids a good day to you all and requires some pudding in exchange for his protection. He assures that if he gets his pudding, he will call off his Gamorrean soldiers in attacking the Black Tower."

"Did he say all that? In that language?"

"No, not really, your Seatness. He said that if he doesn’t get his pudding, he’ll blow up the Black Tower."

"Whadya mean Black Tower? This is the WHITE Tower."

"If I may say so, Hutts are notoriously color blind."

"So you mean to say right now a bunch of pig-like soldiers are headed this way?"

"No, your Seatness, Gamorreans are not color blind."

"Oh Light! Tell him he gets his pudding, but only one bowl."

Okie... Done... To all those who have read what I wrote (not the trailer)... You may notice that it's not all here... I'm trying to do spiffy editing here...:)

To all those who have read the trailer... Thanx and may you walk in the Light... Except for a few Darkfriends I know... Hehehe

Please do give to me comments so that I can improve upon it...

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