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Title: The Amyrlin...
Posted By: Arik_Korpin
Posted On: 8/7/99 12:24:48 PM

(The Amyrlin)... walks by the novices quarters. There has been rumors of some journal... a journal of DEATH that will cause an outrage and dismantle order if it is released to the general public. This, she must find!

Silently lurking by every room, she can hear the sounds of scribbling, feather quill on rough paper, ink... the writing comes to a halt. A novice leaves the room... it is now or never.

Slipping into a filmy dress... er... slipping into the room, she starts to firmly search the interior, which consists of a chair... No, nothing there... aha! There, on the floor! A box... she opens it. It contains loose papers, ink still fresh... the journal... she reads through it...

Later that day, screams could be heard from the Mistress of the Novice's study. And in HER study, the Amyrlin was sitting, enjoying a bowl of chocolate pudding and some randomly chosen warders. Once again, she had saved the world... only no one knew. THIS... was why she was the Amyrlin...

(Uh..... I had no time to write it really good, sorry *l*)

Btw, an excellent description of a novices view on the everyday situations of DM. How confusing it must be... *l*
Remember, if it gets too much, I can offer my comfort. *receives evil eyes* Ok, ok, never mind then! *mutters*