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The (Un)Official Dragonmount Funny Stories Page!

Here are stored many of the humourous stories
written by Dragonmount members about other members (and themselves)
and theoretical daily life at what we affectionately call DM.

Some are told from the first person (mostly biographies
of characters; see the About Me link), other in
third person (Silly DM Stories™) and yet others as
Silly DM Plays™ with large casts of (un)willing actors/actresses.

Now that the introduction is done, click on the swirly-things
to view of some (well, most of) Dragonmount's best comic writers!

One petite warning: There are some swearing, sexual hinting
and drinking of alcoholic beverages in some of the stories below.
Readers, just be aware of this and don't email me complaining,
because I did warn you and you clicked on the story and scrolled
down all by yourself. Thank you. You may now click and read. :)

Inn Winner

Our first award! Thanks to the Manetheren site!

Vote for your favourite author and story for the Golden Dragon Award!

Blackthorne/Rose Crimsonthorne

'All In A Day's Work'

'Dragonmount Life Adventures-Part Deux'

'The Creation of Dragonmount' aka 'The Dream'

'The Breaking of Dragonmount'

'Lord of Chaos Day(April Fool's Day DM-style'

'Summer Adventures At Dragonmount: The Dream'

'Reality Bites (Even At Dragonmount)'

'The Guide For Dragonmount Newbies'

Arik Korpin

'A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Amyrlin...'

'The Amyrlin Strikes Back!'

'Star Wars at the Tower'

'The Amyrlin...(Reply to Markieta's First Story)'

Lone Wolf

'Stard's Last Stand'
Editor's note: Title is temporary

'A Bedtime Story'
Editor's note: Title is also temporary

'Revised 'Stard's Last Stand''

'Something Amusing...'

'Yveva and Matalina'


'Mission: Improbable'
An on-going story

Kathana Justinia Trevalaer, The Amyrlin Seat of Dragonmount

'A Day in the Amyrlin's Life'

'The Sequel to 'A Day in the Amyrlin's Life''


'Kathana's First Story'

'The Wheel Breaks...'

'Wheel Trek: A WoT/Star Trek Cross-over'

'A Birthday Present to Joe Gaidin'

'A DM Carole'

Alanna Sedai

'The Day After the Slumber Party'
Editor's note: Title subject to change

'The Pudding Saga'
Editor's note: Uncompleted


'An Aiel Addition to Alanna's Second Story'

'Twas The Night Before Christmas'

Narell Sedai/Onadine

'Narell's Response to Kathana's Sequel'

'The Trials of a Red Sister' *sigh*
Runner-up to Kathana and Lone Wolf's story in the Aiel Contest at DM

Editor's note: titles subject to change

Silver Sedai

'Weird Sleepover'


'A Day in the Life of Lanfear'

'Egwene the Chihuahua'

'Spork Awards'

Demandred, Nae'blis of Dragonmount

'The Story of Demandred's Trenchcoat'

'The Night Before Christmas, DM Style'


'Callandor, Secret Agent Man'

'Callandor at Tar Valon'

'Callandor's Trailer'

'10 Reasons Why DM's Boards Are Down'

'Dragonmount Jedi'
Part One

'Jedi Armour'
Part Two

Dreda Sedai

'A New Recipe At DM'

'Civil Servants in the White Tower'

Phoenix, Dragon Reborn and Lord of Dragonmount

'Wheel Wars -Episode IV: A New Thread'

'Wheel Wars -Episode V: The Darkfriends Strike Back'

Jeni al'Terra

'You KNOW You've Been At DM Too Long When...'

'Ben and Sera's Honeymoon'

Markieta O'Beirne

'Dragonmount: A Novice's Point of View'

'A Letter'

Yveva Sedai

'What's In A Name?'
Part One

Part Two

Part Three

'The War of the Chicken'
Part Four

'The Greatest Game'
Part Five

Dallah Elhelan

'Just For Laughs...'


'Musical Chores'


'On Getting Rid of Gholams'


'Band of the Red Hand Silly Story'


'An Incarnation Silly Story'




''A Little Fall of Rain' Spoof'


'Taking Over Randland'


'JoeGaidin and the WoT Game'

Group Stories

Kathana and Lone Wolf's Untitled Story
Winner of the Aiel Contest at DM

Lanfir and Nymphia Sedai's 'Revenge' Story

Lanfear and Taimandred's Summer Anime Story

Markieta, Arik and Phrygiana's 'Higher Order of the Noisemakers' series

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Here's a link to where Yveva Sedai is gathering all DM
members' biographies for their characters. Go and read them!
There's some character pictures as well! If you are a DM member
and you haven't submitted your bio yet, go there and just do it! *g*

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